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Fat Fighters Diary

End of week 1.

Well, after running the gamut of emotions this week from the first day of invincibility to the last day of total failure and abject dejection, the end is here.

All the posts to threads i have started and comments to this little viewed but extremely therapeutic blog have been very very much appreciated and helpful, making me reconsider my position regularly on that sneaky biscuit for "only a point" and the butter that you can't live without on the sandwich you usually have 2 of. So thank you all for your support.

I am extremely pleased to reveal that I now weigh 217lbs. Thats a loss of 6lbs for my first week.

I have reached a point already where I feel like a veteran dieter, emotionally ready to take on the challenge that remains. (until later today when the next goodie stares me in the face taunting me and willing me to scoff it. LOL)
Thanks again for all your support, This has been the best dieting tool I have ever used. Friendly, helpful, concerned, genuine eyes watching my every move with heartfelt advice around every corner and after evey bump in the road.:kissass:
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well done on your 6lbs off - almost half a stone in a week :D fantastic! good luck with this coming week, i'm sure you will see your first half stone gone then :D

enjoy your bank holiday.. do you have to work? x


Wants it Gone!
Firstly can I say I love your user name "Fat Fighter" are you a fan of Little Britain by any chance? All I can say is this forum is definitely NOT like Fat Fighters!! :D

:happy096: on your 6lbs loss this week, you must be so thrilled!! Remember, one day at a time but keeping those goals in mind! Here's to an equally successful second week!


I ♥ CD !!
thats fantastic 6lbs well done you
week 2

bit of a ruff day today really after the excitement of the weight loss.

Just posted my blog which made me feel better.

Still want to eat more stuff though and I have no points left. never mind

Thanks for all the comments they seem to make such a difference.

Who knew there were so many people who care.


Silver Member
well done on your loss... keep it up 6lbs is great soon be at the first stone x
hey, just had a read through your blog - totally understand where you are coming from about the arguing w/ your wife.. once she is qualified i am sure you will find a big difference - the training is very difficult and time consuming but once she's into teaching properly, you'll find with planning she has a lot more time to herself / yourselves :)

in the meanwhile, if you ever want anyone to chat to re: your diet, then my email is [email protected] and i can give you my mobile number too if you want to text / ring for a chat :) i would PM it to you but you havent got 50 posts yet so i can't :p

hope you managed to avoid the munchies last night.. i know its difficult but believe me with planning it does get easier :) (says the girl who's put on more than lost in the last few weeks..)

have a good day today anyway.. :) that youtube vid has put a grin on my face anyway i have to say :D x


Is in the Zone

Well done on the 6lbs! That's a fantastic loss.

And love the utube link - Peter Kay is a legend!


What a F**king nightmare.

I ended up eating a chicken burger and some fries costing me 21 points - over 2/3 of my days points for one (admittedly tasty and pretty filling) unhealthy meal.

One meal has made this a tough day to finish inside my allowance.

Gonna do it though.
you musta gone for large did you? Maccy D's can be difficult but a mcchicken sandwich and small fries will only cost you 9.5 (6 for the burger, 3.5 for the fries) and just get yourself a large diet coke or a cuppa or something..

was it a mcchicken sandwich you had or did you go for one of those premiere things?

I worked them out on the calc. 555 cals with 16g of fat(not saturated that is not listed) for the Chicken Premier.

medium fries. 330 cals and 16g of fat (not saturated).

Is it possible that I have more points left then?

I can survive but the guilt may be less in the knowledge that i used less than i thought.?
if you havent seen it already, this is a godsend for eating out:

My Long and Bumpy Journey - Home

according to Noreen, a Premier is 7 points.. so slightly less than a Legend at 8/8.5 depending on what sauce you have.. medium fries is 5.5 :)
so 12.5 points if you had a premier and medium fries. however at quarter to 11 at night i wouldnt advise trying to eat all the points you've still got, as you'll be less likely to burn it off cause it's so late.. you can always save 4 of them for tomorrow though incase you find you're short of points tomorrow :) xxx

I had put down 21 points I think but its gonna be one hell of a big bowl of cereal for supper tonight. lol.

I might even have some chocolate, or a bit of icecream.

God I am so relieved.

There is a show on BBC 1 right now about fatties I am recording it to watch tomoz. its called fix my fat head.
ooh sounds good. Might iplayer it later if poss.. i have my wii plugged in at the moment and although i have every console going, it still takes me half an hour of fiddling to get my telly back on :D will have missed it by then!

enjoy your cereal anyway.. why not make it a bowl of chocolatey cereal.. now i fancy some weetos but i'm completely pointless now until tomorrow.. :p x
turns out i was a legend I had, but the official site says that it only has 2g of saturated fat. making it 9 points max.

Thanks so much for the link to noreen. Awesome.
legend is 8.5 with mayo i think, and 8 with salsa.. so even so only a point and a half more maximum.. still loads better than 21 points! :D

how many do you get a day if you dont mind me asking? x

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