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February Challenge!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by CryLittleSister, 28 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. CryLittleSister

    CryLittleSister Da Boss

    Arctic-BNG - 0/10lb
    CryLittleSister - 0/14 lb
    Jade2012 - 0/8lb

    Anyone who wants to join in, reply with how much you wanna lose amongst all your weigh ins in February :D
    Everybody gets 4 weigh ins, whatever day you weigh ^_^ ill keep editing this post to update the list at least once a week :)
    Last edited: 29 January 2013
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  3. Arctic-BNG

    Arctic-BNG Talks to self!

    I'm in! Need a challenge to galvanise me into action!

    I'll go for 10lbs over Feb, but may amend?

    Arctic-BNG 0/10lbs
  4. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Well-Known Member

    I'm in - 8lb target. Was down 4lb in January and want to double that as I did faff around the first 2 weeks of the month.

    Jade2012 - 8lb
  5. CryLittleSister

    CryLittleSister Da Boss

    Updated :D
  6. Arctic-BNG

    Arctic-BNG Talks to self!

    Might be worth asking one of the moderators to put this thread as a stickie?
  7. hootiemcboob

    hootiemcboob Member

    Can I join? I would like to set myself the challenge of losing 8lbs in Feb.
  8. Slim

    Slim Well-Known Member

    Hi! I soooo need this :D

    4 WIs in feb!! I want to lose 8lbs! That might be ambitious but i've been off plan for a while so I think I can do this :D
  9. wexy

    wexy Well-Known Member

    I would love to loose 8lb in Feb. It's only 2lb a week but think I will find it hard as I managed 3 in my first 2 weeks.
  10. Helen2444

    Helen2444 Member

    Oo I would love to take part in this I hope to loose 7lbs in February.

    Helen2444 -7lbs
  11. LianneJane5687

    LianneJane5687 Well-Known Member

    There's already one of these threads in the off topic room but i put myself down for 5lb :) anything more than that would be a bonus lol
  12. miss_marshmallow

    miss_marshmallow Well-Known Member

    oh im in... i'd like to lose 7lbs

    miss_marshmallow - 7lbs
  13. GrannieAnnie

    GrannieAnnie Well-Known Member

    Count me in please!

    I`d like to lose 8lbs but put me down for 6!
  14. Dianea1

    Dianea1 Well-Known Member

    Right well Jan was a bit of a write off with a STS over the whole month so gonna really try for 6lb in Feb.
  15. mammy carole

    mammy carole Active Member

    Could I join please managed 8lb in my first 3 weeks (Jan)so I would like to lose 8lb in Feb x
  16. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    I'd like to join. I would like to lose 10lb in February. I WI on Tuesdays, so I have 4 WIs this month.
  17. GrannieAnnie

    GrannieAnnie Well-Known Member

    Had my WI today. 1lb off!:)
  18. Arctic-BNG

    Arctic-BNG Talks to self!

    One off for me!
  19. mammy carole

    mammy carole Active Member

    Well due to excessive alcohol intake and hangover food at the weekend for my birthday I have gained 1lb good start (sigh) but still going to try for it need to loose it for my hols in 4 weeks :/

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