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Feeling more Cold now

I dont know about you guys but im feeling very cold these days, im probably about 12.8 stones now and dropping towards my target of 12.

I know feeling cold is normal but im seriously shivering all the time, in the house the heating is up to full whack and i feel warm whilst others are roasting.

Has anyone else experienced feeling more cold the closer you get to RTM
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I am definately FAR colder than I ever was before.
Before LL I would be the one complaining about the heating being on, opening windows etc. now I'm the one complaining that the heating isn't on high enough! LOL

Don't forget that Ketosis makes you feel colder as well; once you get back to eating you won't feel it as much :)
Thanks Pete

I was the same actually lol, i moan about heaters now i want them on! The more fat we loose less insulation i guess and the time of year is not helping, but im certainly freezing my chops off
i've been cold since starting - my nose and hands are the worst.
roll on summer when it will be nice to feel like this!
daisy x


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Mate I'm cold ALL the time now. I thought it would get better once I was out of ketosis (as feeling cold is a side effect) but it hasn't got any better. My hands a freezing. Even cracking on some days. :(

Still, could be worse. I could be 8 stone heavier. :D


LighterLife Returner

Yeah, I was shivering constantly the less I weighed...

Once you get enough calories to maintain (i.e not lose any weight) you will get warm again. I was still cold in RTM, even though I was not in ketosis. Only towards the final weeks of RTM when calorie intake was higher did I start feeling warmer...

Well done dude - nearly there eh!
Yep thats me too!
I'm always freezing and have the heating well up............much to my hubbys annoyance, he's always 'mafted' as we say up here.
I've also found my hands are so dry and are prone to cracking too! I go through loads of hand cream.
Yeah I'm constantly freezing too and I have seriously dry skin, especially on my hands xXx
I was freezing to start with, i.e. heating on full & I'd be wearing skiing jacket and gloves inside! But my internal heating seemed to suddenly kick in and now I'm fine!

I'm sure it's because you've lost pretty much all your insulation now, Huseyin! I know some of my skinny friends really suffer with the cold..
Less insualtion for sure, not to mention the fact that now your body doesn't require huge amounts of physical effort just to move around!
It still amazes me how active I can be at work and not even realise it until later on in the day, when before I would have been sweating and huffing and puffing and really feeling like I was working hard :p

as for dry skin, guess I'm the oddball here again, but I had really dry skin to begin with and used to suffer really bad with eczema, since being on LL it has been getting better with each week! Guessing it's the better nutrition.....
My knuckles are dry beyond belief and cracked, its most likely winter weather doing it. But yeah im with you guys with dry skin.

Pete you are lucky :)
Oh man, yes H - I am cold all the time now, and I am not even on the diet anymore - but all our insulation is diminshing (or deminshed) and its COLD!!!

I am now one of those moaning women I used to tease, who are always cold!! I used to be always way too hot - not sure which is better!!! :D

No wait. Cold. Cold is DEFINATELY better!!! :D


...we're sinking deeper.
My boyfriend gave me a warm microwaveable rice 'hot-water-bottle' because indeed the cold is terrible...!! 50 jumpers on me, and a hot rice thing burning my stomach.. still feels better than being freezing. ... :3

Time to invest in full strenth dry-hand cream as well .. -_- LL sucks to a certain extent eh!

Come to think of it........ yes....... being cold is much better than sweating to death!!! I was always way too hot when I was carrying all that extra weight!!!
In summer my hair at the back of my neck would always be wet with sweat........pretty gross really!!!
So I'm with BL on this .........yes........... cold is definately better!! :)


Is back in the saddle!
My best friend is my hot water bottle.

My daughter used it the other night and I went ballistic!!!

Least it fits down the back of my jeans better now.
Yep I have to agree cold is definately better than hot and sweaty, bleurgh!
Yep I agree cold is better, but I was so cold yesterday and Saturday from working in an exposed shop on a pier that I thought I would never get warm again :(

The downside is that my lips are really chapped all the time at the moment. I have the attractive look like the Joker from Batman going on at the moment - from where the mugs/glasses from drinking so much on this diet meet my mouth :mad: I'm contemplating drinking my coffee and soup through a straw :8855:


Is back in the saddle!
Ooo that sounds painful Westie!! Hope you've got something good for them.

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