First ever thread of my own...8 stones gone!

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by squidgster, 25 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. squidgster

    squidgster Well-Known Member

    Hello all you lovely Minimins folk!

    Really chuffed today to have reached the 8 stone lost mark! :party0049: Because I'm on no particular diet, my weight loss has been pretty slow, which means it feels extra good when I get to each milestone!

    I've still got plenty to lose, but feel a million times better than I did 18 months ago. Am suffering pretty badly with the dreaded loose/saggy skin which gets me down abit, but I try to think that I'd far, far rather be slimmer with the loose skin that bigger again.

    This is the first summer in yeeears that I would really love some nice warm weather - in recent years always hiding under layers of clothes meant I dreaded hot days! Bring on the sunshine!

    Squidge xxx
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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Absolutely fantastic achievement mate :wow: :clap:
  4. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    Congrats mate..!!

    x x
  5. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Well-Known Member

    Flipping amazing!!!! Tell me how you did it? I think 8st lost is a phenomenal achievement!!!
  6. Carolanski

    Carolanski Back to it!

    WOW - well done! And what an achievement to have done it all by yourself - what a complete star! You are looking fab!

    Carol x
  7. rainbow

    rainbow Well-Known Member

    What in inspiration - well done, you look fantastic x
  8. XlosingitX

    XlosingitX Well-Known Member

    you look amazing what a difference well done xxxx
  9. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Well-Known Member

    That's a fantastic loss!! Amazing! What kind of things do you eat day to day? xxx
  10. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member


    8 stone off is absolutely terrific!!!

    Congratulations and well done!!!:happy096:

    Love Mini xxx
  11. squidgster

    squidgster Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much everyone! When you start out it feels like you're never going to get anywhere near where you want to seems like you've got a mountain to climb! But things change over time, and here I am 18 months later much closer to my goal (whatever that is...) than I thought I'd get! The rest is going to be hard work though, I can tell!!

    I decided just to try and change my lifestyle to a healthier one. I'd never actually eaten that badly, but my weight was down to a lack of exercise and probably eating just too much quantity wise. I bought an exercise bike, on which I did 5 miles every day for the first 6 months or so, and for the past year have been doing 10 miles without fail. I try to eat heathily and sensibly (most of the time!), and always like to know what is in any food I eat (calories, fat, sugar etc).

    I would say I eat quite normally really - I haven't cut anything out altogether...just everything in moderation! I always have breakfast - which is cereal of some kind. Lunch might be a sandwich, or toast, or my favourite at the moment ryvita and houmous! Mmmm! Dinner is whatever is being cooked! I have the odd takeaway, the odd cake and biscuit here and there, and the odd bit of chocolate - wouldn't be able to give it all up completely! If I had been really strict with what I eat, I would have lost weight quicker - but I enjoy food, and didn't want to restrict myself too much!
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  12. debz32

    debz32 Well-Known Member

    FANTASTIC loss Squidge !!!


    Debz xx
  13. IreneH

    IreneH Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. 8 stones is incredible. I bet you feel very different

    Irene xx
  14. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    Thats an amazing loss. What an inspiration! Congratulations!

  15. Jen85

    Jen85 Well-Known Member

    Oh wow! That is so brill, well done! You look fab in your pic. Your such an inspiration!
  16. squidgster

    squidgster Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! :)
  17. clarri

    clarri Well-Known Member

    I have just read your posts and that is such an amazing attitude that you have taken. unbelievable. wwwoooowwww. It just shows what a positive attitude can achieve.
  18. squidgster

    squidgster Well-Known Member

    Another rare addition to my diary, but thought I'd just add that as of today I am no longer considered 'overweight', according to my bmi - which is now 24.5! I'm not quite where I want to be yet, but probably for the first time since I was pretty young I'm considered an 'ideal weight for my height'. Yay!
  19. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Well-Known Member

    WOW - what you have achieved is amazing, you look brilliant in your picture by the way - you must feel so healthy and proud.
  20. champagnechamps

    champagnechamps New Member

    Thats fantastic news... I lost approx the same. Was: 18.1stone Now: 10.2!! It took me 4 years but I've been 10 stone for 3 mths now and yes the saggy skin is a bit depressing but its well worth it.. How tall are you??

    Champs xxx
  21. squidgster

    squidgster Well-Known Member

    Thanks both of you!

    Champs - I'm 5'5". Congratulations yourself on losing all the weight!! How did you lose it?

    Squidge x

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