First fast day over (almost)!

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by gleggers, 20 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Just done day 1 of 5:2 and man it was tough!! Hadn't eaten since 8.30 pm last night all the way through to 6pm this evening, surviving on herbal teas and black coffee. I woke up hungry so that didn't bode well but I survived. Just had chicken stir fry for tea which came in at 432 cals and will have a bag of salt and vinegar ringos at 65 cals once my kids are in bed. The weird thing is I feel almost just as hungry post dinner as I have all day - maybe I should have chosen something with less carbs and more protein? Does this get any easier?
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  3. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Well I lost 2lb after my first week of 5:2 so am very pleased as I'm breaking through that plateau finally. This week I fasted Tuesday and am fasting today. I must say I find fasting soooo hard as I feel so grumpy and all I think about is food!! Any tips for coping with the fast days??
  4. xxxCazxxx

    xxxCazxxx Well-Known Member

    Hi, well done on your successful fasts so far! I think it's definitely easier with more protein and fewer carbs on fast days. It does get much easier to cope with fast days!
  5. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Well-Known Member

    How are you getting on? I find when I fast to have more protein than carbs and to keep busy

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  6. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    Cheers. Well I got through the fast days and then have had a very indulgent weekend which has involved lots of calories on non-fasting days, probably meaning that I won't lose this week. Have decided to have a week off fasting this week and instead have added up my weekly total calories from fasting and non-fasting and averaged them out at 1400 per day which I think I would prefer as fasting makes me too grumpy!

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