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foot hurting when jogging

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ok so ive recently started to loose weight.

but when i go jogging outside, after a short while, the bottom of my foot really starts hurting. so i have to wait about 15 minutes for the hurting to stop and continue running again. then my foot hurts again and so on. (both feet hurt by the way, equally).

i dont know what it is, cramp maybe? because the problem goes away if i rest for a bit.

but what ever it is, its so anoying because as soon as i start getting out of breath i have to stop because of my stupid foot.

so guys, what do i do?

(by the way, the same problem happens wen i go on the treadmill)
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try a diff exercise? x


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Hi there... if you can get hold of a golf ball and run your foot over it when you are sitting down (I have one under my desk) that should loosen the tendon. :) The fact that both feet hurt would show thats its really just tightness. Have you been fitted at a proper sports shop for a pair of trainers?
S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
miss rachy, are u for serios? you look so pretty and thin in your pic, and you wanna loose 2-3 stone???

i would change my exercise if i could find one as good as running. from what i here and what i feel, running/jogging gives me everything i need. makes all parts of the body work and gets me out of breath really quickly so i can feel the calories going of straight away.

basically im not too worioud about my body, i was thin all my life but for the last 4 years i began constantly drinking coke, and had junk food about 3-4 times a week. and now ive got a bit of a belly, my actual body shape is still similar id say.

sam, i will look to your advise and get my self a golf ball. tightness on the tendon you say eh, so will that go away eventually? because i been for a jog this morning, and i want to go again in the night.

and in answer to your question no i have not been properly fitted. i just went out and brought a pair of nice nike astro turfs.

oh and by the way im 18, about 5 ft 5 - 5ft 6, male and my weight is 11 and a half stones, (i thought i was ova 12 stones until i weighd my self the other day).

thankx for your help guys, very much appreciated. especially when my friends just insult my attempts to be fit lol.
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I would get my foot checked out by someone before you start running again, you could seriously damage your foot without the proper advice.

Try going into a shoe shop where they specifically sell shoes for running, the ones that check your foot and how it is placed when you run, I don't know what they are called but they have them here over in Australia. With the right advice they can guide you in the right direction.

If running is an issue then you might need to do cardio ie aerobics or cycling.
S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
dam, this foot problem is not going away. it has gotten a little better, but ive been running everyday...everytime, i run until my foot is killing me, basically when im limping and hurting with pain. and yesterday for the first time i fet muscel pains on my legs, i was happy with that because i think thats a good sign. i only run once a day though, i realised running twice was a bit too much for me right now. but, u gotta make som sacrifices to loos w8 ey.

yes i need 2 find one of thees shoe shops immediatly. (if anyone knows one in the uk please let me know).

this foot pain is so anoying, ideally i want to run 5x as much as im doing now, really be able to push myself, thats the only way i will get where i want to be by summer. and this stupid foot pain is preventing me from reaching this target.

my friend recomended i buy this shock absorbing gel insole for the shoe, so im gnna try that and see how it goes. something is making me doutb it will solve the problem.

yes if anyone has info on these shoe shops, i would be most greateful. thank u.
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It might be worth going to a doctor incase you have problems with your arches? My sister had this problem and they're going to give her special insoles.
S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
ah...i dont know what arches are but it sounds very intresting.

if u dont mind me enquiring, could you explain more about your sisters problem and how similar it is to my situation?

thank you. ive discovered a small trick to deal with the foot pains. when i go running, i wait for my stupid foot to start hurting and then i rest until they stop hurting and start running again. wastes alot of time, but i cant think of anything better to do.
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Your arches are the arched bones at the bottom of your foot. She was having pains on the bottom of her foot, like it was inside.
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i would second the advice on arches - get yourself to a doctor - the pain could be pressure on your feet causing your bones to move and your arches might start to collapse - i have one completely flat foot and one semi collapsed arch (both because of my weight) and believe me if i could turn back time i would have gone to docs for the insoles, as now my feet don't support my ankles and therefore my ankles dont support my knees and so on - means I can't run, or walk a long way without pain all the way up one side of my body, and now I am limited in the exercise I can do pain free.

hope this helps you x
1. When you say "the bottom of my foot" can you be more specific? Ball, heel, inside, outside?
2. You're running every day - how far? And how long have you been doing it?
3. As you're in London you have more options than most of us when it comes to decent shoe shops - Run & Become (at Victoria) or Runner's Need (various locations) are the ones to go to.
S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
ah im sorry to hear that, i guess i should consider medical advise.

ive purchased some insoles after various people have recomended it to me. i got them of the internet, or maybe ebay.

but they are sorbothane insoles, they were advertised as 94% shock absorbtion and taking the impact of joints and stuff. havent tried it yet but i will put them into my trainers tonight when i go for a run, il let you guys know how it went later on.

as for your questions kate. i dont really know what part the ball is, and it does not hurt in the heal. it hurts underneath my foot, near the front of the foot. literally the whole front side of the underneath my foot hurts.

yes i am running everyday, just around the area. i cant really say how far, because i get that foot problem and i have to slow down to a walk or sit in a bench, so not very far. ideally i would be running striaght for 30-60 minutes if the foot didnt hurt. and i been doing it for about 2 weeks id say. i dont run exactly every day, but it would be something like 5-6 days out of 7 days.

ah thank you for the shops, i must go to one. which specific one would you recomend me?

ok so heres the plan, if these insoles dont work tonight, then i go to the shoe shops recomended by kate, if that dont work i go the doctors, if that dont work then i will buy a cycling machine.

thanks for the much appreicated help guys.
That's an awful lot of running for a beginner and not enough rest in between time, I'd say. Go to one of the shops I've suggested above (any of them, find the one closest to you), tell them you've just started running, explain where the pain is, and they'll watch you run and give you advice without making you buy shoes.

When you run, as your foot hits the ground, does the heel or the front of the foot strike the ground first? It should always be your heel - off the top of my head this could be a possible cause of the problem.

Best thing to do, though, is go to the experts, get them to watch you run, and they will be able to tell you if it's something to do with your gait or your shoes (take the shoes you're using at the moment with you).

Edited to add: if you stand on your toes, the part of your foot that's still touching the floor (apart from the toes themselves) is the "ball".
S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
ive just been from my run, i think the problems got worse, i was able to do 2 of my 'laps' and i couldnt take it anymore. usually even with the pain i can sprint back to my home, but i couldnt even do that today, the problem is that bad.

i feel so depressed now, because i thought the sorbothane insoles would do the trick. ive barly broke a swet today, i feel so bad.

when im sprinting i tend to be on my toes. i think your right kate, my problem may be the way i take the steps. i think i strike the ground flat footed when im normally jogging along, i was thinking about that while i was running and i tried to switch to making the heel touch the ground first, but it made the problem worse.

i really want to be run around so badly, its the only way i can loose weight fast. 4 years ago i used to play around two hours of football in school (upto: 30 mins at break, 1 hour at lunch and 1 hour after school) every single day because me and my friends got picked up late. and that was on hard tarmac, just like the roads.

maybe ive forgotten how to walk and make steps properly? ah i feel so bad. another thing ive noticed today is that bone which is in the front of my leg (just above the foot) is hurting a bit, so it must mean im not taking steps properly right?

yeah my foot hurts mostly in that soft section between the ball and the heel, ah it realy realy hurts there i realised.

yes im going to definitely go to a running shop in the weekend, if i need to spend £80 to buy some decent running shoes, il do it. i guess i will have to take my current nikes and show them.

thanks kate, i feel better that theres one more option i can consider. but i will go running again tomorrow, if my foot thinks this is enough to stop me then my foot can think again. i wont quit that easy.
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didnt realise you were running so often - 5-6 days out of 7 and you've only just started? i would suggest you just give it a rest for 3 or 4 days, to see how your foot fares.. you might find you've just overdone it. Also, pushing yourself when there is already pain isn't going to do you any good!!

i would still say get to a doctors and get it checked out.. if nothing else they can offer you advice on how often you should be running and if you are fit to be running on your foot atm :)
thanks kate, i feel better that theres one more option i can consider. but i will go running again tomorrow, if my foot thinks this is enough to stop me then my foot can think again. i wont quit that easy.
No, your foot is right. If you carry on running on an injury it will be enough to stop you - and it sounds like you already have the beginnings of shin splints (the pain in your shin) which will force you to stop anyway. Pain is your body's way of saying "stop". The weekend is only two days away. Wait.
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shing splints? omg that does not sound good what ever that is. yes i did noticed yesterday that this new pain wasnt from the muscle, it was like it was from the bone. why is everything going so bad for me.

lol i injured my shoudler by doing too much weight lifting so i couldnt do that for a few days, and probably gonna start again tomorrow or day after. so the only thing im doing now is situps and pushups (which i hope is not making my shoulder pain worse, because it doesnt seem to be going away)

ok now im scared so i will not run today, but i will go to one of the running shops tomorrow morning.

i cant believe this is how my exercise is going, shoulder pain, foot pain, new shin pain. ah it justs get worser and worser. an 18 year old male shouldnt be going through this. im not even that huge, you cant realy tell im fat unless you pretty much touch my stomach. infact some people are suprised when i say im overweight, this shouldnt be happening to me. i dont smoke cigs, or any drugs, i dont drink and have never done any of them.

im 'running' out of options now (lol i know thats stupid). those running shops appear to be my last hope. tomorrow could be make or break for me.

thanks for your help kate, uve again made me see sense. i would have ran today if i hadnt have seen your post.
Don't be sad or scared, there's no need. Tell me something though - have you spoken to anyone professional about your training plans? Doctor, personal trainer, fitness instructor at the gym? You're not running out of options if the only option you have explored is making it up yourself - a fitness professional in particular will be able to look at your technique and tell if there's something about it that's causing you pain.

Are you lifting weights every day? If so, are you allowing 48 hours between sessions that train the same muscle group?

I would suggest that if the shoulder pain is not going away, then you should concentrate on working other areas until it does.

I know it's tempting when you're starting a new regime to go wild and do too much - hell, I've done it myself. Try to rein in your enthusiasm just a teeny bit until you've spoken to an expert - but don't lose that enthusiasm. It's great, and you will be fine with just a little guidance :)
S: 12st13lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st10lb(20.99%)
nope i have not spoken to any proffesional, i thought my regime was so simple it didnt need any advise.

i think i realised why my shoulder and neck injury occured during weihgt lifting. your only ment to use your biceps when doing bicep curls. and when i got the point where my bicep could not handle it, i started using my whole upper body (including the shoulder area) to do the lifting. very stupid, but i have learned my lesson.

im feeling optimistic right now, i cant wait to get to run and become tomorrow and get my foot checked out. if it works out then i will do 2 hours of running tomorrow.

am i glad i read your posts, otherwise i would have ran today. i walked to the shops today, and i could feel some pain coming along my foot, and this was just from walking.

well with the weights i was doing it twice a day everyday (once in the morning and once before i ran), about 4 sets....just only bicep curls. but now that you and my cousine brother said about the 48 hour thing, i think i need to miss a day. u know i was stupid when i was younger aswell, i first done weights when i was 11, and i done it wrong for a few years. so by the time i was 13-14 i had serios back pains, it hurt everytime i got up or sat down lol. and yeah u guessed it, same mistake - i didnt ask anybody, i just thought i knew best.

tomorrow i can finally resume my training. yeah i realise im doing a bit too much right now, but i need to loose weight fast. all my mates are at the gym constantly working out and getting nice bodies, and my girl mates are critisizing me saying im too lazy and slowly becoming fat. i think maybe coz i done so much when i was younger, i was put of at this age. ive always wanted to know how it would feel to have fat on my body, and i realise how bad it is now.

thank u so much kate, you are the best. i really dont know what would have happened without your advise. many thanks (again!).
Ha, did you know, I woke up this morning and immediately thought "I wonder what lift he was doing when he injured his shoulder?". And...yeah, you should only be using your upper arms when you're doing bicep curls. There's no benefit to recruiting the rest of the upper body during a curl - why don't you do a range of different exercises to target those bits? You could do shoulder presses (but not until your shoulder is better), tricep dips, chest presses, lat rows - all of these things are going to help build a nice upper body (not to mention squats, lunges etc. for gorgeous legs). It's best to work all the major muscle groups - firstly, that would mean you could still weight train every day, because you could do legs on one day and upper body the next - and secondly, who wants fabulous biceps but weedy shoulders and legs? :)

Did your cousin tell you why you need to rest in between sessions? It's really important, and not just so that you avoid injury either. When you lift weights, what you're doing is damaging your muscle. It's only during the period of rest that the muscle repairs itself and grows, so if you weight train without rest days you put constant strain on the muscle without giving it any chance to reap the benefits - in fact, long term you can weaken the muscle if you train this way.

Here's a tip for you: you can do concentration curls. These isolate the bicep and shouldn't hurt your shoulder. You sit down, lean forward and rest your tricep against your thigh. I'm sure there's a pic online somewhere...hang on...

Even better, there's an Expert Village vid:

YouTube - Arm Muscle Exercises : The Dumbbell Concentration Curl Arm Exercise

I'm glad I've been useful, and I bet the people at Run and Become will be a huge help too. Have a great weekend! :)

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