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Cruise PV For future reference....is coleslaw REALLY bad?

I ate out yesterday at Harvester. Went for 1/2 spitroast chicken, ditched the chips and corn on the cob and had lots of salad instead.

I managed to avoid the pasta salad, potato salad and bread rolls - so far so good - but then for some unfathomable reason I put a dollop of coleslaw on the top of my salad bowl :( Once it was there I was unable to resist - particularly as the meal would have been pretty dry without it.

So, for future reference is coleslaw really bad? or would BBQ sauce have been worse?!

Food being a little dry is one of the few things that I am actually struggling with a little with on Dukan as I do like sauces. Probably need to experiment a bit at home - but how do you manage without something saucy on the side, especially when eating out?
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Most ready made coleslaw in a salad bar has oil/maypand sugar added to it, so it's not a great choice (although potatoes and pasta would have been even worse, so you didn't do too badly)

I tend to carry a few dukan friendly condiments in my handbag for moments like that - some sachets of mustard and balsamic vinegar, some of those little fishes with soy sauce in that you get with sushi...


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I make my own coleslaw (but not at the moment cos I've a glut of runner and French beans, so am eating tonnes of them instead), so it can be Dukan friendly.

In restaurants, I do tend to eat things without sauce or dressing and have got used to it (but carrying those little soy fishes in your bag is a great idea... so long as it doesn't spring a leak! I do tend to pick up sugars, when I have coffee out, so that guests aren't obliged to use sweetener, and I've had more than one of those split in my handbag!)


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I tend to use fat quark/fromage frais, mustard, squirt of lemon juice or vinegar...
In harvester in the loooooong list of sauces there is a chunky salsa which although is a bit salty does help to keep the meal from being too dry. You can also have mustard.

Barbeque sauce wouldnt be good as the commercial stuff is sugary.

Harvester has become an easy place for me to go with my parents, I say no to a 'side' and have extra salad and someone else eats the corn. And if its a pp day they do a steak and half a chicken combo :) bit dearer but it helps when theres more than 1 thing on your plate.


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The Dukan book starts with a whole lot of sauces, he is French after all! I've used a few of those, eg the Hollandaise, which is good with fish, chicken, egg and ham ( eggs benedict, on an oatbran toast). Quark with mixed herbs and squashed garlic is my mainstay, great with prawns.


Having another go....
Dukan Friendly Coleslaw - From Coleslaw Dukan Diet Recipe

Cabbage, finely shredded or chopped 1 cup

Carrot 1/4 medium size, finely shredded
Dry Mustard 1/4 tsp
fat-free yogurt 4 ounces
Lite-Salt 1/4 tsp.
no fat mayonnaise 1 Tbsp
Splenda1 pkg
1. Mix wet ingredients together.
2. Toss with cabbage and carrot.
3. Sprinkle with paprika or dried dill weed
Mmmmmm - thank you. Have been trying a few mixtures of quark'n'spices which have been ok.... and should keep me on the straight and narrow!


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Which brand of fat free mayonnaise would be ok for Dukan, I wonder?
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Be careful with "fat-free" products - always check the carb level as well.

For example, kraft fat-free mayo is 13% carbohydrate, half of that sugar, and very high in salt.

Worse - the sugar they use is actually High Fructose Corn Syrup - just about one of the worst sugar you could chose.


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Far better to make a Dukan mayo... or use one of the home made versions we typed up above.

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