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.. From living to eat...to... eating to live... & love.. & laugh....

Not sure if I'm going to do both blog and diary but think it's easier to connect with everyone through a diary...

Due to start 'Slim&Save' on Tuesday.. buying scales tomorrow so not sure of the official start weight yet but I prefer to go by dress size and inches anyway... (I'd say a 24 to be on safe side..)

I've got my motivation mood board ready for moments of weakness! It has pics of all the clothes that I love but don't buy, images of all the things I'd like to do but don't as I want to wait until i'm thin and a reminder that whilst looking good is important, I need to start looking after my health.. not getting any younger.. so there are photos of my darling nieces on there too!

I've also got my emergency distraction list which are things to do instead of shoving a cookie in my mouth... and the rest is just down to me... as they say the difference between try and triumph is just a little oomph!

Thanks for reading!
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Welcome hun and good luck on ur s&s journey, be sure to keep posting on here, the groups very supportive :D xxx


Feeling great in 2012!
Welcome! :). Lots of baths and posting on here will be the order of the day to keep away from the fridge. I find it really easy when I'm at work but the weekends where temptation is everywhere are more difficult. But by the time the weekend comes round you should be in ketosis and on a roll, and those pounds will fall off. I started in a 22 - 24, and fit in a 14 - 16 now, and more importantly feel so much healthier. In a few short months you'll be there - just focus on that.

Take your measurements, even if you don't post them. I didn't because I was too horrified by my starting weight let alone measurements but wish I had now as it would tell me how far I've come more than just the scales.
Welcome to S&S and good luck with your journey.

I agree thats it is a good idea to measure yourself once a week, it is really motivational to see the cms/inches come down.

Thanks Cupcake....I've even taken a picture of it and put it as the screensaver on my phone for when I am at work!

I think the motivation board will be a real help to me... as I am very self aware and know that I have an extremely powerful, inner 6yr old who just wants to scream 'but I WANT it!'... so should bring me back to earth! (well, that's the PLAN!)
Very best of luck for tomorrow I hope it's an easy day for you stay busy and stick to the plan and you will see amazing results


Feeling great in 2012!
as I am very self aware and know that I have an extremely powerful, inner 6yr old who just wants to scream 'but I WANT it!'...
Good luck tomorrow, will see you in work ready to shout "you CAN'T have it!" if you get the wobbles ;)
Can anyone help me by telling me how to get the cute little ticker at the bottom of my signature... i've created one on Lily Slim but can't seem to copy the URL into my signature.. or perhaps I don't have any posts yet...
Day 1 almost over... and feeling good! Yippee!

Don't want to count my chickens but loving the shakes today (latte and strawberry) and just had the bolognese...
...now I am NOT going to say that I am not hungry (I am!!) but hopefully short term pain... and will go in a couple of days...

Hope all the other newbies are doing ok too!
Good luck with S&S! You sound like you are well prepared which is great. This forum is a really good place to come to record your thoughts and successes, ups and downs. Lots of different people with one thing in common, glad it went well today xxx
Day 2.... and still going strong...

First of all, I need to thank you... what amazing positivity and support! I do believe that any group of women with a common goal can achieve ANYTHING! This proves it!

Almost through Day 2... and today hasn't been the easiest... family anniversary which i always find a little tough, ridiculously bad headache this morning, monthly visitors arrived and found out that I wasn't getting an interview for a job I applied for (BG - keep that to yourself :) all in all, just one of THOSE days!

Normally, these would all have been PERFECT excuses for me to hit the Star Bars and Yorkies... but I've kept going... Hoping that once I get through Day 3 or 4 the hunger pains will go.... but until then... powering through.. thanks to you lot! (and a little bit of effort from me too :)


Feeling great in 2012!
Well done on staying strong, but bad luck on the job interview. Pish, as they say in Scotland. TOTM has hit me on day 2 every single time I have started or restarted this diet apart from this time. It's quite common apparently and for most of us it gives us the munchies when we would usually snack on carbs and of course we can't, but if you can get through the first few tough days you can get through anything. And anyway as you've ordered 3 months of stuff all in one go you have no choice now :). I always keep at least 6 weeks worth of stuff in the cupboard at home just to make sure that I keep going. I know that you're being very good and staying off the scales this week but I bet you'll have a great loss come WI :). See you tomorrow!
Day 3....

Well, still hanging in.... I do think that the hunger pains are lessening... and I know that I am 'just' going into ketosis as someone in work kindly donated a few ketostix (didn't even know they existed!)

Anyway... short and sweet msg today... long day... and too tired zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

....and if anyone is reading this and has any suggestions for filling up your time.... please comment on 'S&S Newbie'... she's looking for ideas to fill her weekend...


Man O Man!!! I am MAJORLY struggling today!!

It is coming to the end of Day 4 and I am so tired of feeling hideously hungry!! I don't know why I had it in my head that after 4 days, this would be gone... but i did... and feel even more hungry than I did at the start.... I drink loads of water, space my meals out, fennel tea for the appetite...

.... and so the demons start...

1) maybe I'll never get rid of the hunger?
2) I can't spend the next 6months feeling like this!
3) this can't be good to be this hungry all the time...
4) what if this is not hunger? Can't I even recognise hunger.. OMG!

... I'm sure these are all familiar to you all but I just need to know that this is not unusual... and they will go... and what doesn't help is I am most definitely a POST MT girl... and that's what I am heading into...


Feeling great in 2012!
Well I have absolutely no idea what POST MT is but ....

1. it will get easier, for sure. Have a read of other people's diaries. Tara had a horrible time in her first week but is rocking this diet now. There are some who don't (like me - yes I know I'm a b1tch ;)) so don't take too much notice of all of them.
2. yes you feel hungry, and yes you recognise hunger, but that feeling will go soon
3. you won't spend 6 months feeling like this. The first week is the hardest and after that it becomes much easier. Your body will adjust to the lower calories
4. What I always say to new people "don't crack, have an extra pack". If you do feel like sh1t and need something else have another pack (not a bar). It's not a huge deal.

Hope you feel better tomorrow xx

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