Gained 2lb's two days ago, and it's still there. why?

Hi everyone,

I don't understand this, I gained 2lb, two days ago, and it still shows on the scales.:sigh::(

I hav'nt change anything with regards to the diet, it's not totm(Im mid-cyle) and I drink 3 Lts a day.

I keep thinking this is'nt going to work for me :(, as the most I ever lost on diets was 1-2lb a week, if that. I really need to lose 3 lb's a week to hit my targets.

Please can someone tell me it will work.

Can I do anything to increase the weight loss?


Bm2lm xx

Hi Bm2lm,
I had a similar problem last week, but stuck with it and by the end of the week, I had lost 3 lbs.

Don't despair, our weight fluctuates day to day - often due to water retention.

I used to weigh every day. When the scales showed a loss, it was a great motivator to keep going. However, when the scales stayed the same or even showed a gain, it was very disheartening.

So, this week I'm avoiding the scales, until my weekly weigh in on Saturday. It's a bit wierd not hoping on the scales every morning, and it's still early days. Hopefully it will stop me being so obsessed about the numbers, and help me to stay focused. I'm hoping for a lovely suprise at the end of the week.
As my CDC says, you can't fail to loose weight on such a low calorie diet.

Good luck, believe in the diet and stay focused :)
back away from the scales big M!! its wayyyy too easy to become addicted to daily weighing but it can be very detrimental to your journey.

try upping ur water to 4 litres as well. those who lose the most quickest r those who tend to drink about 4 litres a day. i know its a struggle but it will speed things up and that is what u obviously want.

unless u r an alien or theres no way u wont be hitting around a stone per month.

sonkie has lost 4 stones in 10 weeks and fatfairnfortyish has lost 5 stones in 14 weeks. there is nothing magical about these people that isnt magical about u. stick to it like glue and the fat WILL melt away.

i know its hard to imagine it happening but then im sure thats what everyone on a VLCD has thought. and dont forget, u r doing an extreme diet, it is difficult to do so u r really earning some a huge weight drop.

just stop worrying what ur weight is doing daily and wait to see what it does monthly. it really will come off and u really will be a little momma :D

have faith in CD and moreso in urself

Thanks girls, it's wonderful to have you lot out there. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx