General W/C: 25th September 2006


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Well here we go another week....OMG don't they fly!!

Having my 2 CD packs this week has been lovely and enjoying doing 1200 cals but no loss this week probably since I had such a huge meal at the wedding and of course a huge chunk of wedding cake!!

Sorry no photos of me...well none that I'm going to post up here!!! they were awful of me. :eek:

Got the hospital tomorrow for results and find out date for next operation. Apart from that not a busy week at all in fact I'm quite looking forward to having a rest after running around so much over the last few week.

Have a great week all........Kamilla xx
Morning Wemitts, hope everyone had a good weekend. Really counting down to my hols now so want to have a really restrained week, would love to drop a few more lbs before we go. You sound chirpier Kam, try not to overdo it this week and hope the hospital visit goes well, let us know. Love
Thanks Barb,
Trying very hard not to be negative this week!
2 litres of water down already this morning! Working my way back to what will be my last attempt at CD! So cutting out the carbs and sticking to the 1200 cal plan. Got DH cutting back as well....but he doesn't know it!!! shhh!
Better get DD ready for playgroup then off trainer shopping with DH! YAWN!!!!
Kamilla x
Good morning everyone,
Glad you're feeling more positive, Kam.
Did some work in my (former) dining room over the weekend - it's going to be my Cambridge office/consulting room, and it's looking good.
I have the forms to fill in and send back today, so must concentrate and make sure I get all the answers right.
Also have to get organised this week, as we are going to Spain next Monday for nearly 3 weeks. Hope to meet up with Anja there (will e mail you Anja)
Weight maintentance (or a little loss maybe) going OK up to now. I have started a separate "WeMitt maintenance" thread as I don't think it's fair to put all the "food talk" on here. Oh the joys of dried apricots, bulgar wheat & quinoa - just you wait!!!!
Stay strong if you're SS ing - it is SO worth it.
Ann xxx
having a good day today, done loads today and didnt feel faint or light headed at all, which is a first, i really think my aam is helping me with that, i have worked out my packs now so im having a cappicino as a couple of coffees throughtout the day, a soup and the aam then the mousse for dessert, soi still get 3 packs, i was worried about getting three down me but this seems to be working,

i have sorted out my wardrobe and have lots of clothes for ebay which i am determind to photograph and get listed today, im going to nee the money as all my clothes are huge now :)
Trying Ann...I really am. Last week can stay exactly there in the past!
Oh yum apricots my fav! Have to steer clear though as I could eat a whole pack.
Have a good one.
Kam x
I could also eat a whole pack...

I hope you're feeling better now Kam. They aren't your friends - Friends would never treat each other the way they're treating you. Sometimes you just have to step back & let all the nastiness wash over you. It hurts but they're not worth it.

My diet has gone to pot this week culminating in going 1500 cals over my 1100 on Saturday night. Have got AWT's GL diet book so will have a read tonight & try to plan my 1100 cal menus around that and try to plan a week in advance as I seem to be giving in to temptation more & more often. Still only 10,10 so I'm not worried yet as have only gained a lb but I should be losing not staying the same for 3 weeks... I plan my diet then give in to little things that just put me a little bit over - have to remember that lots of little things add up to big things!

Ann - you'll have to let me know about Spain. Can't wait to go, am having a few probs with my Dad at home... he's gone back to not doing anything at home while Mum's away. 3 Sundays in a row he hasn't got out of bed; he finally got up at 5pm yesterday when I reminded him his stew was still in the crockpot, it had been on 24 hours and he'd forgotten about it! Other issues as well but I won't go on...

Love to all xxx
Hi everyone

Sorry I have been a bit lapse in posting, really busy at work and my shiney new PC at home is brilliant but the dial up connection is paaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnfffffffuuuuuuulllllllllyyyyyyy slow - so need to sort out broadband as I can't have my phone line tied up either just in case my mum needs me.

Completly OT i know, but what internet connection and provider are you guys using at home and would you recommend them - there seem to be so many to chose from its mind bogling.

I managed somehow :eek: to lose 2 pounds last week despite my disastrous weekend - I was so shocked my face must have looked a picture:eek: . Another 3 pounds off and I will be officially overweight:D but as I had another meal last night (hopefully the last one for a couple of months) I am not holding out much hope to make it this week.

Its so weird but I am now finding it really REALLY tough going doing the SS - it hasn't helped over the last couple of week having proper evening meals a few times but I find myself really deeply thinking about food etc not just the occasional whim but all the time - I am so determined not to give up now but its sooo hard at the moment.

Kam ignore your old friends, they don't deserve you - none of them, especially the ones that spoke to you and then ignored you when the other lady arrived at the wedding, at least she is not being two faced. Their loss is your true friends gain as you will have more time for them.

Ann, good luck with you starting as a CDC, your clients are going to be so lucky. Probably cheeky but how much did you have to pay for the training and the set up fees etc - thinking seriously about doing it myself, but haven't broached the subject with my CDC as it will be competition for her so not sure what the reaction would be - do I have to get her to sign something?

Victoria, its lovely to hear from you again, we missed you!!

Isn't it cold today - I am trying to type with my cardy sleeves pulled down over my fingers to stop the air con reaching them - its a fun way of typing;)

Hope everyone is having a good day - Good luck with any up and coming weigh ins.

Feeling much better today! Thanks to Ann & Ailsa for making me see sense!

(And also the scales for dropping back from 10,10 to 10,9 again!)

Love xxx
Debbie - about the "might have to wear glasses" thing. Don't worry even a little bit. I have worn glasses since I was 3 years old, and now regard them as a fashion accessory. I look forward to choosing my new pair each year. Intelligent totti sounds alright to me!!!!!
Ann x
Hi everyone....very quiet on here today! Not much to report! Had hospital this morning, rather large needle stuck in boob! OUCH! got to go back in 6 weeks for another check up. Weighed myself at home lost 2lbs! what a shock but a good one.

Jellybabe ~ Thanks for your very sound advice!

Everyone else hope your all doing fab.

Kamilla x
That's great news about the 2lb Kam! :) Sorry to hear you had yet another 'ouch' at the hospital. Sending you hugs (((Kam)))

It's the last in the current season of LOST tonight. Booo hooo!!! What am I going to do with myself on a Tuesday night without my weekly 'fix' of Sayid, Sawyer and Jack???

I've got my peanut bar set aside already and will be glued to the set from 10pm! :D

How sad am I???
Loving your avatar RD!
Lost....sorry I just couldn't get into it...did I miss something fab? And I was going to call you at 10.02pm!! LOL
Needle was just to check fluid that is still lingering from last op...may lead to another op :mad: :( fingers, toes and anything else crossed please.
RD enjoy LOST!

Kam x
Kam, I'm glad it's over for now.. I know the ouch you are talking off... hope there isn't too much bruising. ((hugs))
Well done on the 2lb!!

Wish i could share your joy.. but i'm thinking this week will be my first gain. :(
I have been really stupid and eaten a meal.. a bad meal too! :rolleyes: I know there are no excuses but life really has gotten me by the short and curlies... ok i know i'm a girl! lol but you know what i mean.
Teen is playing up, been rushing around for a course, dropping off kids, up a the crack of dawn doing the pony bla bla bla... and i forgot my CD bar!!!! :eek: so starving and some 10 hours since my milkshake, i had the shakes, dizzy spells etc, and was driving with 3 kids in the car. We ended up stopping and having dinner - at a chippy! :( :( :( :( I'm so p**sed off now.

For the first time in my life i wish i could put my fingers down my throat. i won't.. don't worry, but that's how horrid i feel.

All this and i've had the wonderful news about being made a mini-mod. I promise from tomorrow i'll deserve the title! :eek:

Graham has tried to help by reminding me of how far i've come and that sometimes life interfere's especially in our line of work. But I'm so mad!
Please please feel free to kick my butt! :mad:
There is no way you are having your butt kicked. You are hard enough on yourself without us lot joining in! So you had a bad day, you are still well ahead of the game, draw a line under it and as Scarlett would say ' tomorrow, is another day'. LOve
Thanks barb. ((hugs))
I really am stupid, but as you say tomorrow is another day. Last week was so good, but the 3 weeks before i've struggled, and really don't want to repeat that.
I'm determined to move on, and i know you guys will hold my hand tight to keep me on track! ;)
I feel bloated, fat, and horrible tonight... it serves me right.