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Genuine people

some do make good reading though... lol, let's just say we are all human, and even the best of bodies... the owners are still never happy, me, i want my health, and to be of an average weight.. simple's :)


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Raquel where abouts do you live as i live in East Sussex, in Eastbourne. Dont really know the areas too well, been here 7 years nearly.
ha ha ha ha oh no i then think are you meaning my "i wanna lose 26lbs in 8 weeks thread"

im real, wobbly and yes probably a dreamer!
ha ha ha ha
Interesting question!

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this forum - for weight loss support, it is ideal, and exactly what you need when you are trying to do that. But I am very much a warts and all poster, and I sometimes feel like I want to challenge someones posts and because everyone is so "nice" all the time, I dont feel like I can, so rather than say something, I just say nothing. I feel I have to sanitise my comments sometimes.

At the end of the day, it *IS* a weight loss support forum, and exists for that purpose. If we want to debate and exchange views, that may sometimes become heated, then I suppose we need to find another forum to do that.

As far as attention-seeking posts go, I like to see beyond the post, and try and understand the poster, and sometimes, people who come on and post stuff that seems to be attention seeking, well, I tend to assume that they are probably pretty unhappy on the inside, and maybe quite lonely and feel a bit invisible in their real lives, and so they post "attention seeking" comments to let out that extrovert side of them in what is probably the safest environment to do so. Only that can come across as false and not quite "real", because what we see is a facade of the real person, the persona they want us to see, as opposed to the real person behind the post.
Tara, i live in worthing west sussex about ten miles from brighton, :)
i suppose thats the risk you take when using a public forum, not knowing if people are genuine or not. I find a lot gets lost in translation on here, you can't "hear" emotions or tone of voice or sarcasm. And I think it takes all kinds to make the world go round anyway! :))
I'm real!
Smaller than I used to be, but my start weight and my current weight are 100% true.
And I genuinely exist in Northampton. (Skinny Dawn can prove it!)

But I do know what you mean. Sometimes I look at posts, and scratch my head, wondering whether people are for real.
And there are definitely people, who may be genuine themselves, but who seem to feel the need to post things which come across as less than genuine, or as deliberately attention seeking.
I suppose you just take the rough with the smooth.

If you do lots of posting & reading others' posts in a forum like this, over the course of time you come to pick out the people you believe in, and the people you'd almost certainly give a wide berth to if you met them in "real" life!
What an unpleasant post.
Sometimes it helps just to be able to get something off your chest , in the freedom of an anonymous forum.
Slimmers are often at their lowest because of their weight, and to have your opinions questioned is, as I said, quite unpleasant.
Many people will be sat thinking, are they talking about me. And many people who used this forum as a release, will now be unwilling to post for fear of being questioned.
And yes, this forum does edge towards being kind and supportive. Is that a bad thing?
An interesting question Tara - and not put across in an unpleasant way at all as far as i can see.

There have been occassions when i have wondered if someone posting is a 'troll' (someone just trying to wind people up for a laugh). Its possible today is one of those days & i will not say any more cos i will get into trouble :)
tara40 said:
When i read some posts on here i do genuinely wonder if they are true or just posted by attention seekers.
Does anyone else feel like this.

I am definitely real. you are quite welcome to come to Eastbourne to see my wobbly tummy :D
Omg I have ever had any thoughts like this, has never occurred to me? Now I'm paranoid & looking back over my posts! I luv this forum, makes me feel part of a team, would hate to think people are reading others posts and thinking unkindly, am I being naive :-(


adores posting
I'm useless at diets and flit from one to another my stats are genuine as are all my posts i dont get out much as i have a 7 year old and im a golf widow :rolleyes: but i find this site inspirational and my way of socialising im a bit worried now as i thought this site exsisted so we could support each other and not judge sorry if that doesnt make sense.bit worried what to put in future posts now.

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