giving up shampoo? anyone done it?

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  1. Thisismytime

    Thisismytime Full Member


    Just wondered as the title says, if anyone has ever stopped using shampoo to wash their hair.

    My hair seems to be getting worse lately, really going greasy quick. I've tried different shampoos etc but nothing works and I had read about stopping using shampoo. You still 'wash' your hair with water, just as you normally would, but just don't put shampoo in it.

    I just wanted to know other people's experience, how they found it, how long it took for their hair to look good again .. is it worth it?
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  3. Thisismytime

    Thisismytime Full Member

    I've gone 2 weeks with out using shampoo ... longest I have ever gone is probably 3 days. Am wearing a baseball cap mostly! lol I've washed it a few times, just in water, and also used bicarb soda, then apple cider vinegar to condition. Really hope it works, am thinking whether it is worth it at the moment
  4. Deekabout

    Deekabout Member

    I attempted to go without shampoo for 6 months. After 3 months I ended up wearing my headscarf whenever I went outside. For me, personally, plain water washes were not enough to keep my hair in the fashion I prefer. However a friend has been using nothing but water to wash his hair for 6 years and it looks amazing. I'm putting it down to the fact that what works for some does not work for others. You can usually tell in 6 weeks if no-poo is suitable for you, so you're just short of the midway mark, your body just needs to adjust and hopefully you'll see some improvement to the condition of your hair soon :)
  5. Thisismytime

    Thisismytime Full Member

    Thanks for your reply. I'm 3 weeks in now. Never thought I would get this far. I washed my hair last Sunday, using bicarb soda on the top and conditioned the ends with the apple cider vinegar, then blow dried it and had to say, I was impressed. I wouldn't say it looked any better than it normally did, when I washed with shampoo, but it did look just as good. Then I did this again on Wednesday and it looked greasy again :(. I've put a little talcolm powder in it this morning, as I had to go to work and obviously don't want to look feral! lol.
    I feel because I've come this far, I want to carry on to see but .... I am due for a night out next week, so will have to wait and see how I feel then. I dont' want to get all dressed up and not have my hair feel it's best either. Think I might be too self conscious!
    When I've just 'washed' it, with just water, it does feel thicker and nice, but it doesn't take long to go back to looking greasy.

    Oh well, will have to wait and see how it goes. I will need to give myself a date and if I'm not happy by then, I'll go back to using shampoo :)
  6. BigBurd

    BigBurd Full Member

    I have really greasy hair due to hormone issues from pcos & feel your pain. I cant see how stopping using shampoo would make any difference, if your scalp is producing oil its what's going on inside your body not outside that regulates it surely? I get high lights regularly which dries my hair out and helps.
  7. Thisismytime

    Thisismytime Full Member

    It's supposed to help, by not putting all the false chemicals in your hair, your hair regenerates itself, producing natural oils etc and stops going as greasy. I had my first night out, since doing it and really wanted my hair to look good. I washed it with baking soda, then the ends in the apple cider vinegar, and it looked ...... GREAT! It was thick, NOT greasy and I was very happy. It's now 3 days since I washed it last and although it looks a little greasy it is no where as greasy as it would normally be, when i washed with shampoo. so maybe it will let me go a little longer, between washes, which is what I'm hoping for. I would love to be able to wash my hair (still not using shampoo) twice a week, instead of every day, or every 2nd day :) Here's hoping, but so far, so good!
  8. Plums

    Plums Full Member

    I managed about 2 weeks once, using the bicarb/vinegar combo but I don't think my hair is really suited to it. I have a lot of hair and it goes frizzy easily. I guess if I didn't want to use shampoo it would only work if I wanted dreads too.
  9. Thisismytime

    Thisismytime Full Member

    Plums, when I've googled it, people who have tried it, say that it actually helped frizzy hair become more managable. I think you have to do it for at least a month to 6 weeks, to notice the difference, but it's going through that phase, that is so hard ... though hats help! lol

    I'm 5 weeks in now, I washed my hair last Friday (as I was going out) and I was dreading it, but it actually come out really nice (using the bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar), I then didn't wash it again until Wednesday and again it looks good.

    I used to have to wash my hair every day, or at the minimum every other day ... at the moment, I'm planning on washing on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Before, I would wash my hair in the evening, the next day it would be ok, the day after I would need to wear it up, as it looked greasy. I washed my hair on Wednesday and was actually able to wear it down, on thursday AND friday and it looked good, Saturday I've put it up and tomorrow (Sunday) I will wash it.

    Sorry for the long post, but so far, I'm happy I stuck it out ...seems to be working, so far so good. Being able to wash it twice a week, instead of 5-7 is a big thumbs up for me. :)
  10. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    I'm fascinated by this thread! I must investigate this further. I have to wash my hair every day (ugh). I don't think I'd be able to go 6 weeks though :(
  11. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    mmm I wash my hair every weekend. I use some organic stuff but have to oil my hair and scalp alittle after washing.
    Once I used only conditioner in my hair but it started itching half way through my week sooo not doing that again. I try not to use really hot water either as it irritates my scalp.
    Good luck!
  12. Felix

    Felix Gold Member

    I can't cope if I don't wash my hair every day :(

    Have you tried the shampoo bars from lush? My OH uses them and says they are great. I think I might get one on payday as I've been using regular shampoo and its full of various different things that can't be good for my hair. I just wish my hair would grow too :(
  13. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    I tried lush shampoo before but didn't find it cleaned my hair enough (if you get me). I've got quite thick oily hair though.
  14. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Oh my gosh. I'm struggling to move down to 1 hair wash every 2 days after advice from my hairdresser. I've seen on other forums people swearing by conditioner only washing, that'd make you feel like you're washing your hair a bit better
  15. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    Do you use dry shampoo? It's brilliant - but you've gotta use it right. My friend has been using it for years but I saw her using it last week and she was doing it all wrong! When I showed her the right way she was amazed!!! It's the biz for volume as well.
  16. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey hun just a question I find dry hair shampoo makes my hair go funny!!! Am i using it wrong? What should i be doing.
  17. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    Make sure you're not overloading the product - hold the can far enough away so that it coats the area evenly. Use on scalp and spray a lil on the hair line too.

    Then - get your fingers in there and rub, rub, rub it in. Then ONLY use your brush to gently get your hair into "place". Basically you need to use your hair brush as lil as possible when using dry shampoo.

    Sorry - it's hard to explain! My friend was just spraying it on like hair spray instead of focusing it on the roots. She woul then just brush it through instead of working the product with her fingers (like a real shampoo) - it made for very flat and still greasy hair.

    Dry shampoo even when used right will still feel kinda weird in your hair. Experiment with it more and you'll find how it can work for you. Make sure to get one that "matches" your hair colour.
  18. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Ok honey will give it a go and well done with the weight loss xxxxx
  19. lucillepinon

    lucillepinon Member

    Haven't tried yet giving up shampoo but I tried to take a bath without using shampoo, though I use natural coconut oil, still like I am using shampoo, am I right?
  20. Junifer

    Junifer Full Member

    What is the right way?:)
  21. Junifer

    Junifer Full Member

    Oh sorry just seen it on Nxt page.. Thanks.

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