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Having an awful day....

One Blue lil grapey here today girls and boys. Don't really know whats going on, think its a combination of writing and reading some powerful stuff in my diary thread with the lovely contibution of some of you lot, and some issues in my life that are getting the better of me.

Please dont let this stop you writing in my diary (yes KD, talking to you here honey) as i'm finding the info and opinions invaluable, just mentally exhausting as they are raising some thoughts that i never thought would pop up.

Job wise, uni wise and other stuff wise - wish it'd all go away....

wish i could sleep too, had 1.5 hours kip tonight :cry:

Sorry to put a downer on things, just feel a bit crappy :break_diet:
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Don't think there is anything I can say to make it better babes but HUGE HUGS for you xxxxx

I will make sure I read your diary later to see what's going on with you lil grapey.

The ever perfect Oliver is being a little sh*te too - can you imagine?

Thanks for the hugs :)


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A big hug from me too
Hey honey :hug99:

We all have good days and bad days..like they say no two days are the same :) Focus on all the positive things in your life instead of the stuff that is not working out. I know sounds like a cliche but it's all in our head.

I used to be depressed ALL the time sometime last year (you know the type who is prisoner of thier own thoughts) but in the end I decided i had the POWER to CHOOSE what I thought about..I could either think about all the things that went wrong or focus on how I could be happier and feel good about myself and have to admit it has made hell of a difference.

Jump around..listen to some good music and think positive thoughts :bliss:



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Aw Leah ((huge hugs))!!! Hope you feel happier soon, dont let the shitty thoughts get you down.
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So sorry you are feeling c***.Huge hugs
I have had a couple of really bad days myself,but try and do something fun today and try and get some more sleep cause things are always much easier to face when you are not so exhausted.


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-gives you a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hug- aww Leah, I'm on msn now if you want to talk to someone. Try and get some sleep, cos that's going to make things worse if you're so tired.
Leah, just popping in real quick to give you a great big hug and prop up.

These days just come along, go with the flow today and i bet by tomorrow you'll be feeling a whole lot better hun.

I've started reading your diary and you know what? I've found it really helpful - there is so much i want to say so hopefully i'll get a chance to write something in there later.

Don't be too hard on yourself today Leah xxxxxx
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Leah so sorry to hear you are on a downer. I know how you feel. When I did LL last year we went through "proper" counselling and it made me look at all sorts of stuff going on in my life, stuff I had buried by eating in the past. I know it's hard and it hurts like hell but believe me when I say it is best dealt with so you can move on or it will only haunt you later. {{{{{ hugs }}}}}


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**HUGE HUGS** Leah! Hope you're feeling a bit brighter soon matey. Snuggle up in your jammies and get some sleep! ( i got some new ones earlier so will be doing the same this evening - such an exciting rock and roll lifestyle i lead!! lol)

I'm having a bit of a pants day - feeling really achey and tired, but know when ketosis kicks in i'll be flying so am hanging in there.

Went shopping thismorning and bought a few new bits to cheer myself up - also went window shopping for all the things i'd like to wear when i get smaller! Looking at the size 10/12 has really spurred me on. I'm sooooooo gonna be wearing them by the summer!


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Sorry i ran on, i forgot i wasn't on the daily!! DOH!
big (((((((((hugs))))))))) for leah, hope your feeling better soon pet. Usually when I dont get enough sleep i go for a little nap in the afternoon well whenever I can and sleep untill i wake I find it really refreshing!

becky x ;)


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Where is teeny weeny BG.... Hey Missy - come on, we're all in this together! You're having a down day - everyone does, its what happens to humans, you've got a great deal going on in your life and every now and then when you pull over the overwhelming feelings that are driving you subside a bit and you almost feel subdued!!!!

I'm here - sending you smiles, a bit of a dig in the ribs, bit of a toe punt up ya rear end, AND I'll put me arm round ya and tell ya - dont worry xxxxxxxxxxx

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