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**@@***Helbels Mostly EE Food Diary **@@***

Hi all

I have done SW in the past, but only ever done Original or Green Days. Today is first ever day starting EE, so thought I'd start a food diary in case anyone spots me doing anything inappropriate!

Breakfast: Scrambled egg made with skimmed milk (HEXA), Bacon Medallions, Tinned Tomatoes, Wholemeal Roll (HEXB + 1.5 syns as it weighed 70g), 1 tbsp Ketchup (1 syns).

Mid Morning Snack: Sainsbury's basics choc ice (4.5 syns)

Lunch: Sweet & Sour Mug Shot, Raspberries, Meringue Nest (2.5 syns) and Anchor Light Squirty cream (1 syn)

Afternoon snack: More raspberries with Anchor Light Cream (1 syn) & 2 x Muller Lights.

Dinner: Very lean beef, jacket potato, cottage cheese and stir fry veg.

Pudding: Rhubarb 198g (0.5 syns) if I am still hungry.

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I will be a Princess!
Hi there! Just a quick message - 1 tbsp of ketchup is only 1 syn hun, and unless you eat the rhubarb raw it would need to be synned. Also, did you weigh the roll? It needs to be 57g for a HexB. Other than that it looks good to me! :D xxx
Yes, the roll I did weigh and allowed for the syns but forgot to put it on here.

Surely Rhubarb can't be synned? Its listed as superfree, and as its impossible to eat it raw, surely that can't be correct?
Oh ok, Rhubarb is only 0.5 syn for 198g so not the end of the world.
Grrr, I have just been invited to a party tomorrow and the only thing available to eat are monster cornish pasties!

Looks like I'll have to allow 30 syns for it, and then just eat 5 syns a day for the rest of the week. Why oh why do these things always happen when you start a diet?!!!
Ok, having read about Flexible Syns online today, I have decided to call today a write off and just get back on plan tomorrow without cutting down on Syns for the rest of the week. I think that way I should stay on track and have a better chance doing it that way.
Today's food diary - 24/5/10

Ok back on track today, doing EE:

Breakfast - Muller Light & 1 Alpen Light (half a HEXB)

Midmorning snack: Another Muller Light and another Alpen light (other half of HEXB)

Lunch: Salad of tomato, radish & cucumber, 1 sachet Ainsley Harriott Spice Sensation Couscous (1 syn)

Evening Snack (always starving when I get in from work and will pick if I don't eat then): Some leftover lean beef, 198g rhubarb, stewed with Splenda and water(1/2 syn), Meringue Nest (2.5 syns) and a Muller Light.

Dinner: Pork strips with stir fry vegetables, Half a sachet Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce (3 syns), 100g Cheddar and Onion Smash, made up (1/2 syn)

HEXA is skimmed milk which I've had in tea all day.:)

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Hmm... an odd day today. Was doing really well until tea time and then had a monstrous chocolate craving! So have gone slightly over on my syns today but think I've headed off the binge urge at the pass, so it's probably worth it!

Breakfast: 2 Alpen Light Bars (HEXB)

Midmorning: Muller Light, Salad of tomato, radish & cucumber

Lunch: Chicken & Mushroom Mugshot (2 syns) + Another Muller Light

Get in from work snack: Summer fruits, 24g Anchor Light Aerosol Cream (2 syns), meringue nest (2.5 syns)

Chocolate Attack (GAH!): Tunnock's Snowball (6.5syns)

Dinner: Pork, StirFry Veg, Half a sachet of Blue Dragon Sweet & Sour Sauce (3 syns) and jacket potato with pineapple cottage cheese.

Total syns: 16
Hello readers (if there are any out there!), me again.

Here is my food diary for Wednesday 26/5

Breakfast: 2 slices lean ham, and a Muller Light.

Lunch: Salad of tomatoes, cucumber & peppers, Wholemeal roll (HEXB & 1.5 syn as was 70g in weight), 1 tsp of flora Light (1 syn) sliced ham and a Dairylea slice (2.5 syns)

Mid afternoon snack: Muller Light

Get home from work treat: 198g stewed rhubarb (1/2 syn) and Muller Light

Dinner: 2 x chicken breasts filled with 56g Extra Light Philly (3 syns), herbs and garlic, with SW potato wedges. Followed by a Hartley's 10 cal jelly (1/2 syn).

HEXA: Skimmed milk

Hi there,
Your menus look good.
I see you're using anchor light aerosol cream, 2 syns for 24g, how much does 24g represent?
I would quite like to buy some to turn fruit into a nice treat but I wouldn't if 24g is a tiny amount...
It's quite a generous amount - I pop my bowl on the scales and squirt it in directly onto my fruit, that way I know I've measured right.
Here we go again, the results of the Norwegian jury (only joking - it's my food diary again!)....

27/5/10 - EE

Breakfast - Muller Light and a bit of lean ham

Lunch - 1 wholemeal roll (HEXB + 1.5syn as it weighed 70g), 1 Laughing Cow Extra Light cheese triangle (1 syn), 1 tsp Hellman's Lighter than Light mayo (1/2 syn), lean ham, salad of tomato, cucumber & radish, another Muller Light. Also had 1 Fox's Glacier Fruit (1 syn)

Getting in from work snack: Summer Fruits, Meringue Nest (2.5 syns), 12g Anchor Light Squirty Cream (1 syn)

Dinner: Burgers made from Extra Lean mince, onion, chili, 15g wholemeal breadcrumbs (1.5 syns) an egg and seasoning with Baked Beans and stir fry veg, 1 tbsp ketchup (1 syn) followed by more Summer Fruits

HEXA is skimmed milk.

Total Syns: 10
Firstly :wave_cry: to anyone out there who might be reading this... not sure if anyone reads these or if they are just for your own benefit. If you ARE reading then howdy!

Here we go then, more foody fun and frolics:

29/5/10 - EE

Breakfast: Muller Light, Fibre Plus Bar (HEXB)

Lunch: Sainsbury's Quick Couscous (some debate from the online syn things if this is free - so I'm saying it is!), Salad of Tomato, Cucumber & Radish, 1 tbsp Heinz Light Salad Cream (2 syns) Tunnock's Snowball (6.5 syns, yum delish), Muller Light.

Danger Zone tea-time snack: 198g Rhubarb (1/2 syn) stewed with splenda & Muller Light

Dinner: 2 SW Burgers left over from yesterday (1.5 syns for bread in them), stir fry veg & SW Wedges. 1 tbsp Ketchup (1 syn)

HEXA is Skimmed Milk

Total Syns: 11.5
Here we go again 29/5/10 (think I put that date yesterday too, but its definitely 29th today lol!)

Today is EE

Breakfast: Muller Light, FibrePlus Cereal Bar (HEXB)

Lunch: Monstrous! I had a fry up: 3 x Sainsbury's Be Good to yourself Cumberland Sausages (1.5 syns), Baked Beans, Scrambled Egg, 4 Rashers of Bacon, a Mugful of Cooked Tomatoes, 1 tbsp Ketchup (1 syn) followed by Sainsbury's Basics Choc Ice (4.5 syns).

Mid afternoon snack: Raspberries, Meringue Nest (2.5 syns), 25g Anchor Light Squirty Cream (2 syns).

Dinner: Not really hungry after all that lot, so had some ham, a salad of tomato, radish, cucumber, a couple of spoons of cottage cheese and a Muller Light.

HEXA: Skimmed Milk

Syns: 11.5 total:D
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Food Diary for 30/5/10

Wow, today was HARD. I've been mega hungry all day and very tempted toward chocolately things. However managed to stay on track although I had to eat LOADS today.

Here we go:

Breakfast: Muller Light, 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB)

Lunch: 3 x Sainsbury's BGTY Cumberland Sausages (1.5 syns), Bacon & a Mug of cooked tomatoes.

Afternoon - nightmare - grazed my way through on the following : 2 more sausages(1 syn), Home made ice cream made with Quark, Muller Light, Options & Maltesers (4 syns), Hartley's jelly (0.5 syns), Tunnocks Snowball (6.5 syns) and 198g Stewed Rhubarb (0.5 syns).

Dinner: 2 x Salmon Steaks, Portion Onion Smash (0.5 syns) and courgettes.

HEXA: Skimmed Milk

TOTAL SYNS:14.5 - But although I ate loads, I stayed on plan, so I am proud!:D
Here we go again... food diary for 31/5/10 - fortunately not as hungry today as yesterday!

Breakfast: Muller Light, Fibre Plus Bar (HEXB)

Lunch: Spicy Sweet & Sour Mug Shot, 1 Ryvita Sesame (1.5 syns) with 1 Laughing Cow Extra Light (1 syn) and some ham, followed by Raspberries and a pot of Total 2% Greek yoghurt (0.5 syn) with Splenda.

Afternoon snack: 1 Chocolate Lime Sweet (1.5 syns)

Dinner: Pasta with Sauce made from Extra Lean Beef Mince, Mushrooms, Tomatos and a jar of WeightWatchers Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce (6 syns). Followed by some more raspberries.

HEXA is Skimmed Milk

TOTAL SYNS: 10.5:)
Hey I am reading!

I am interested in EE. I did try it and lost 4lb in my first week, 3lb in the second, but then it slowed right down to a stop!! So I am now on red/green days. I don't think I was eating enough superfree foods. Thanks for some really fab ideas! Good luck!!

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