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Hi everyone,

I joined SW 5 days ago and so far so good. I've been swimming and walking and also eating lots of fruit and veg. No crisps or choc and I honestly haven't missed it at all.

Well today I weighed myself (after my evening meal I admit) and It says half a pound HEAVIER than I was 5 days ago! Yesterday it said I had lost 3 pound :(

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Grapes
Lunch: Quorn sausage and mash
Snack: Watermelon
Dinner: Quorn burgers and boiled potatos

and all diet drinks + water.... plus a fitness dvd.

Maybe I would be better to have more syns instead of always filling up on fruit??! However it seems silly to do this if I can easily do without syns in the day (im a veggie anyway and don't like crisps/choc... put on weight eating too much cheese + pizzas + wedges!!)

Any suggestions/hints or reassurance would be lovely :) Thankyou x
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The first addiction we have to break is eating the food we shouldnt.

The second addiction is getting on the scales constantly.

You have to break both addictions. Just dont do it. Weight fluctuates normally during the course of the day, sometimes by up to 3lbs.

If you know you have stuck to the diet then thats what matters. The scales are just a meaningless number if you are on and off them several times a day at differnt times of the day.

If you cant stay off the scales, throw them out. Really.
I agree with Lynn get rid of the scales, just weigh at group, I also have to look at my weight loss over the month than every were as I can honestly say I do the same from week to week and some weeks only 1/2 a pound and others 3 maybe even 4 pounds so try not to keep jumping on the scales and if you know you have stuck to it that's all that matters :0)
I wonder if you've simply put on a little bit of muscle mass due to the exercise /fitness DVD? Muscle is super heavy. And if you have it's great, because muscle requires constant energy, and so the more muscle you have the quicker you will burn fat.

But I also agree with the other comments here, it's best not to worry about fluctuations day-to-day. If I *must* weigh myself now, I only do it first thing in the morning, after going to the toilet, with no clothes on!


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Alot of people say ditch the scales, but I have always weighed myself daily purely so I can keep in control. You do need to give you body time to adapt to it's new routine. The other big thing we all need aside from willpower is patience. Good luck with your weightloss
I have to agree with the first coupke of sdtatements saying to ditch the scales, once a week should be the most you weigh, preferably in a WI class (although I just can't afford to attend so I weigh at home, first thing in a morning once a week).

I used to weigh all the time and I used to get so disheartened, I had to stop because I was worrying so much about the little fluctuations that the bigger ones I wasn't noticing.

Good luck.


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depends what diet you are following. Most fruits are a no-no if you are low carbing for example, due to the naturally occurring sugars

Fruit is always good.:p:p
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Fruit and veg are free on SW so you are doing well by snacking on that, but you have to have your syns! I aim for around 10 syns a day, because I found that the weeks that I wasn't having my syns I either gained or stayed the same, and the weeks where I felt I had done nothing but eat I lost !!
Thanks for everyone's advice- much appreciated!! Weight in day tomorrow and I am hopeful that I have lost as much as my own scales say!!! Any loss would be amazing! Plan to try and up my syns next week! X


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Hehe keep off those scales! Esp after you have just eaten, my weight goes up 2 or 3lbs just after breakfast! If your sticking to plan you WILL lose weight!
hope you have lost when you get on the sw scales. ive been doing it since thursday and feel like ive eaten more than ive ever eaten!
i agree with the posts saying stop going on scales as your weight goes up and down daily :) x
hope you have lost when you get on the sw scales. ive been doing it since thursday and feel like ive eaten more than ive ever eaten!
i agree with the posts saying stop going on scales as your weight goes up and down daily :) x
Thanks! I know what you mean- i've never eaten so much fruit or yogurt, pasta and potato!! I'm always feeling full which is good and if i've lost weight definitely cant be a bad thing! :D I've avoided the scales since posting here so will find out tomorrow! Good look with your weight loss journey too! Xx

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