How did this happen?


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We went out to deliver some items, and all of a sudden there was a crinkle and a pop and bam .....
A mcdonalds with fries and coke appeared from nowhere !!!OMG:eek::eek:
I had a cheese and bacon burger(new one) and fries and coke......I didnt large it :whoopass::whoopass::whoopass::whoopass:

And you know what ???
It wasnt all that good. Considering me and OH used to have a mcdonalds really regulary, When I had that one today I was like ERRR !!, that wasnt all that great.
So I think I'm not gonna bother anymore with them .. I did say I would of preferred a bowl of salad from morrisons.
Listen to me ... a bowl of salad over a mcdonalds.. whoed of thought that I, Me would be saying that.

SO .. since I've started SW I have gone off-
double sausage and egg mcmuffin
cheese and bacon burgers
which is good cos We used to eat a lot of them.
Cant wait for the day when I stand up and me knickers fall around me ankles -
cos they're too big :8855::8855::8855:
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Never really liked McD's - smells funny. But Burger King......Ahem, now stop that Melanie.
My downfall was always crisps. Not 1 crisp has passed my lips since July, and to be honest, I'm not really that bothered anymore. Funny how your tastes change.


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LOL. The thought of you tripping over your knickers cos the fell down made me giggle.

We went to McD's and everyone had burgers but I had the grilled chicken salad with bacon bits but no dressing on... and it was really nice

Bit of a bugger that you didn't enjoy it, especially as it just appeared from nowhere


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mmm sausage and egg mcmuffin lol


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crisps and sausage rolls and scotch eggs and pasties and anything else i can cover in ketchup and mayonaise mmmmmmm burger king and kfc also make me want to not diet ever again.