How many points per day


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Can someone confirm for me the points allowed per day.

When I did WW before, if you were female and over 20 stones you were allowed 30 points per day. I recently heard though that you now get points based on your sex, age and weight, is that true? There is a difference in the points Id be allowed on each method, I dont want to start off eating more points than I should??
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lena L

Lena L
To work out your point allowance quiz

This was in last years book so hope nothing changed. Answer the 6 questions & add up scores for the questions

1 Are you :

Female score 3 points
Male score 9 points

2 How old are you?

16 - 20 score 5 points
21-35 score 4 points
36-50 score 3 points
51 - 65 score 2 points
over 65 score 1 point

3 How many stones do you weigh?
ignore the lbs only use the stones ie someone who weighs 12stone 3 lbs will score 12 points

4 How tall are you?
under 5 ft 4 score 1
5 ft 4 and above score 0

5 In you main occupation are you:
sitting most of the time score 0
occasionally sitting but mainly standing score 2
walking most of the time score 4
doing physically hard work most of the time score 6

6 Do you want to:
Lose weight score 0
maintain current weight score 6

Now add up your score & this is your daily allowance

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ok, I've just dug out my ww books, so if you tell me the answer to these questions then I'll let you know how many points you should be having (these are the questions it asks in the book to work out your points, it's not just me being nosey, honest, lol)...

Male or female?
Weight (in stones)?
In your main occupation are you...sitting down mostly, occasionally sitting but mostly standing, walking mostly or doing physically hard work most of the time?