How often do you need to buy new clothes


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I am sitting here pulling at my bra trying to keep them (boobs) above my waist but all my bras are too loose now the back slides up and the front slides down. Then there is the case of the falling knickers (lol) its a good job i wear trousers to hold them up.

How does everyone else deal with this ? Do you keep buying new clothes everytime you feel them getting loose or wait till they hang off you.
Bras in my sizing are so expensive that I cant afford to replace them every few

So lets hear any funny stories of yours.

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Sorry to hear that you are have grundy problems, but the flip side is that you have lost so much weight to make them fall so!

I'd try ebay or perhaps 2nd hand shops to keep the cost down? The fact is that you do drop the sizes so quickly, it's a really expensive job, but I cant help myself at times, especially now, I'm becoming obsessed with shopping - I tend to avoid the shops because I know if I see something that I love, I'll be trying it on and getting tempted!

Anyway, hope you find a better bra soon :)


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This is a constant problem ! Luckily at LL our counsellor has a swaps clothes rack so I have had some jeans and a couple of tops off that to keep me going. I try to buy stuff in sales or as cheap as I can, just enough to keep me going. But I feel a whole lot better in clothes the right size rather than wearing baggy stuff. It can be a bit expensive but when I think what I am saving on food, meals out, take aways etc !!!


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So far its not been a problem cos I've only dropped one size. I was squeeeeeeeezing into 18s long after I needed 20s so 18's are now loose. I already had 16's (from when I was going to lose weight!!) and now I have I can wear them.

At the time I couldn't get my head round buying big sizes so only bought clothes in the biggest size I could bear to be - 16. Bummer at the time cos I never had anything to wear but now I've a whole new wardrobe.

You can buy bundles of clothes on ebay which should keep you going (obviously not undies!!!!!!!!!!) and if you sell your big stuff smaller stuff could almost pay for itself:D


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I bought a lot off ebay, but went once a month to Bravissimo and got fitted for a skin coloured bra. They are not the most glam of items, but go under every item of clothing you own! Cos I only bought one, it got a LOT of use (i did wash it, I'm not a minger!).


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Ebay and charity shops saved me!!!!! But with regards to bras, tesco do a fab range upto an f cup for about 8 quid


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I'm another charity shop fan: long gone are the days they were filled with tatty rags ... you can get some fab designer stuff in there now.

I started at a size 30/32 and am currently in a size 18 (would be smaller if it weren't for my buddha belly!) so it would have been an expensive exercise if I'd bought everything new every time I went down a size.

I bought 'some' new stuff of course (mainly in the sales) and Asda has been great for cheap knickers ( I wear size 12/14 in knickers because they sit UNDER that belly of mine! :) ). I also get cheap bras from there too ... but that's because I'm not well endowed so don't really need specialist shops.

I didn't want to spend a bomb on coats and jackets whilst I was shrinking so I bought three in my local charity shop (and when I say local ... it's literally a 1 minute walk from me!) I got a really nice camel coloured M&S fleece, an M&S black wool jacket with fake fur collar and a chocolate coloured padded jacket (looked unworn) and got all three for a tenner!!

As you shrink, put your big clothes on Ebay (no going back remember!) ... the big sizes sell REALLY well: I've made a couple of hundred quid so far and that has funded a year's gym membership and some Christmas pressies.

Don't walk around with your old clothes getting baggier and baggier: it's not a flattering look and won't show your new smaller body off at its best. Plus it'll be downright depressing if people don't notice you're losing weight because you're still swathed in what they're used to seeing you in.

Can't wait to see your progress pics!