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I have 11 stones to loose. 5 THIS YEAR!!.

i am 21.4lbs i want to loose about 11 stones to get down to 10 stone ish.. i know my ideal body weight for my height is around 8 stone but being 10 stone will be a dream come true for me...

i was 23.4lbs at the beginning of january 2009. so im down 2 stones but i need to loose another 5 by xmas.

i will post weekly any updates and i hope to make new friends along the way.

Goodluck to everyone else too.
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I am currenty taking Xenical and watching what i eat strictly hardly any fat....

Gym everyday alternating weights and cardio on seperate days.
Walking 2-5 miles per day
30-90 mins of dance//kickboxing workout dvds every day.
Drinking 2 litres of water every day.

any other advice will be recieved thankfully.
Thankyou Irene =].
i will , my scales say 21.1 and 3 quaters the gym scales say 21.4lbs lol.
:DGood luck - I'm sure if you stay focused (which I have trouble with:copon:) you will reach your goal.

Let us know how you are getting on. I'm too scared of the 'side effects' :eek:of Xenical to try it
Hi Good luck with your weight loss journey . I`m on Xenical as well until I get my surgery . My son is getting married Aug 2010 and I have to loose about 11st myself because I don't want to show him up on his big day . I know he luvs me but I want to feel good for it . Good luck and take care .
Scales !

Hi Kraze, you're doing great, keep up the good work. One little bit of advice (I'm dead good at dishing it out, if only I practised what I preached :rolleyes: !

#6 Don't get hung up on different readings from different scales. Try to keep to just one set - your own or the gym's. I used to find jumping on different scales had a really negative effect on my head. With me. it started to border on obsessive. At the end of the day it shouldn't matter if the set you use is lbs out, as long as that set keeps showing a loss which of course in your case they will as you sound super motiviated - Well done you xx
thankyou everyone im sooo tired today i just got back from the gym and a 3 miles walk .. going to do some dance workout now before bed..

its weigh in day tomoz im nervous.
my scales are saying

20 stones 10 and three quater pounds =]
just weighed at gym scales and im 290lbs now =]
thats 5lbs since i last checked =]
Congratulations hun, just keep going at it :)

what do you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner? are there specific things you can and can't eat (apart from being less than 5g fat?).

I have about 9 stone that i want to lose, and sometimes it just seems like a never-ending journey but we *CAN* do it.


Queen of the Damned
Sounds like it's going well - keep going :clap:
i have decided to stick to my scales like someone pointed out its depressing using more then one set , i keep mine in the same place all the time and weigh myself first thing in morning.

My scales are saying 20 stones 8 + 1/2 pounds. a week ago they said 21.1 so thats 6 pounds weight loss? ish?.. i have been working really hard..so thats so great..

i did have a big trouble with motivation because although i can tell im getting smaller i notice my skin becoming looser and i got a bit depressed.. but like some of the girls pointed out theres so many good points that outweigh the bad.. so im gunna keep it up and keeep going =]...
hey summer hun ,

what do i eat.. hmm i kind of try and eat things that dont have a lot of fat in them healthy , fresh stuff.. but i found that if you eat a lil bit of fat you loose weight quicker because your body works harder and faster.. i usually eat a few mixed nuts for fat .. but i dont eat chocolate :( the side effects would be too much..

typical day..

weatabix and skimmed milk.
soup or pasta and veggies.
then ethier ham salad or chicken salad.. or jacket potatoes and veg

thats kind of stuffs =]
hey hun

hows it going? :D

i have a bag of mixed nuts on my desk, u want?
there's a forum member meetup in london in june, d'ya think u might be able to come down? :D
hey summer , im doing good.. went back to the gym today after its been closed for easter so im feeling better and a lil tired which is a good thing coz ive not been sleepin very well.. ill have a nut but no more coz ive just had some.... and too many is too bad..

im not sure if ive lost weight today but maybe who knows... my boyfriend is making all these whiny noises ecause hes running out of rizlas which is good coz i dont smoke and he wont stink...


about london? its a loooong way from me so i will have to get back to ya on that one.. whats the plans? like where you meeting and what dates ect.. are people staying over ?

... =]

its midnight and im off to try and sleep..

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