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I like MIM's....YES!!! I LIKE MIM'S!!!!!!

Ahh well done. Have you tried a flax pancake? Now they are yum.
have the same issue as you.....can we eat ice cream with them? ;)


Loves this site!
Thats what im hoping! I was very naughty today. No brekkie, lunch was also nothing as I was out and forgot to eat then dinner was 3 slices of turkey and lots of greens followed by 2 small pancakes with 1 strawberry between the 2 and cream. I didnt have any really thick cream so i whisked up some double. Yum. The only thing i would say is to use some cinnimon if you like it as they tasted a little savory
I adore MIMs. Can't be without them now!

it will become a staple part of my diet but i tried twice before with bicarb and was gutted....couldnt figure out what the salty taste was haha

(i am naturally blonde lol)


Loves this site!
Im still not 100% on them. I think my flax is the dark and not golden (someone had said this makes a difference). But the pancakes are a totally different matter altogether!
i bought linseed, which is flax already ground, its a golden colour and sold to me by a VERY helpful (if not over helpful) assistant who could tell you now wrong about it lol
*runs to kitchen*
*visited loo en route*

mine is.....

Organic Flax Sprout (Original)
5.1 carbs per 15g
34g per 100g
OMFG!!! the diff in carbs!!!

(binning this and buying a new sort)
lol...seriously wouldnt have been in issue if i had learned how to make them properly the other week!

i am seriously dumping what i have and buying new!
mine was from holland and barratt too :(

oh im off to bed....see you tomorrow xx
I got Linwoods from H&B as well and had a MIM for the first time this weekend, lovely! and so easy to make that I brought the mix in for breakkie today. Just need to leave eggs and butter in the fridge here
But Zim, you have to have your account to get to that link. LOL

here's mine, from the Freaks, Geeks and Weirdo's aisle in Tesco. :D


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