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.....I think something is wrong.

I am exhausted today. I struggled so much to get out of bed, and walking up the 3 flights of stairs for worked broke me. I had to sit down at the top of them. I'm sluggish, tired and actually a little hungry. I've been 100% faithful to SS for 4 weeks (today) and cant understand why I feel so crappy. I'm not due on, but I did play rugby in the week. Any ideas? or advice, or something because I just cant concentrate. x
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Was that the first time you played rugby since starting cambridge?

Maybe you are just coming down with something (swine flu??) ;-):)
I was like that all of last week and it had nothing to do with TOTM - I ended up needing to eat and thus put on 1lb which was really annoying as I'd been busy for days! I put it down to the fact that I was just doing too much. I hope you feel better soon xxxxx


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I would put my money on the rugby being something to do with it .... hardly an exertion free activity. On SS you are strongly advised to avoid any excessive exercise. I would put rugby well into this class.

I think you have just overdone it, and the body is trying to recover and SS just does not give it the input to do that quickly. Most people who overdo the exercise on SS suffer the same sort of "breakdown".

Maybe it is the bodys self-defense system making you feel so crap that you do not do it again.....



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Ha ha ha, yeah I think it might have been. lol. I had my weigh in yesterday and I lost 2lbs, but didnt cheat, could that be an effect of the exsessive training???



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Training does cause water retention so that the body can flush the lactic acid in the muscles and help them recover .... maybe you suffered because of that.


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Lets hope so aye! I started 810 today! I had soup and feel bloooooooooated! but loving the foodies! Chicken for dinner. this does scare me though I hope I have the will power. On the plus side more energy for the r ugby lark. x

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