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I'm joing LL April 20th


Strong women stay slim
Well , i'm now back to where I started in 07 , with alomost getting to goal by CD , tried so many times to get back on CD but failed ...
So now I have joined up with LL to find the reasons why I overeat and learn effective ways to deal with my problems .
Is there anyone else out there joining LL Total .
Unsure how long the group meetings are , does anyone know ?
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Strong women stay slim
Hi Shanny !!
Hey , thats great , how many points are you allowed , you've done well and your doing the right thing in keeping the weight off !
Thank you decided this afternoon lol gonna try 18 points a day low i know but need to stay in control now huh?

Y don't you start a diary hun will be able to chat to you more??

when is your group meeting? x


Strong women stay slim
I'll call it the life and times of Jackie lol
Ok will get back to you on the Diary , but yes good idea . No one chats in the chat room here , they never have .
18 points , will seem alot once you've been on CD . Right i'm off for now will return later , have a look what you can have with your points .


Strong women stay slim
Morning Shanny
My group meetings I guess will be every Tuesday at 8pm for 14 weeks , unsure at the moment how long they are for . Thats where you pick up your LL food and weigh and then sit in the group meeting , unsure how many she has for the meeting , there was a great site on here for listing all ww stuff if i find i'll pass it on . how are things going with WW ?
Morning well starting today and 18 points will be fine for me im down 2 lbs from CD.

So back at 10.4 this morning i was out last nite drinking up town with the girls i just want my social life back you see.
still i can have my wine and point them on CD not allowed alcohol really.!

Im glad your sorted for your meeting now you excited now?? xx
At my group we start getting weighed / getting packs at 6:30, class is from 7 til 8pm


Strong women stay slim
Hi shanny , I can guess you want your social life back , how many points are your drinks ? hey you will spend the points on drinks and no food lol . I was looking for that site , its a woman who did a blog years ago and wrote down everything you could think of on WW points , looked back on my threads but did not see it , but there were loads to look at . it took me back looking at them of all the people that have come and gone from here .
Sandrat , thank you for that info , how many in your group , I know my group starts at 8pm .Are you on the Total ? Waht flavours do they have now ? see so many Q lol

Are you talking about the wendie plan?? i member a website where all the ww foods were listed for you.!

i did ww last year before i started CD in May so got my books food diary, ww kitchen scales £40 they were lol and oil spary.!

so got them all back out now will start weighing my foods again i only drink when im out love baileys lol bout 2 points small glass.

I don,t know anything about LL it's good that they have a weekly class huh?

i loved my weekly class with ww chat to others help one another. x


Strong women stay slim
LL is now 70 pounds a week , I have to to wait for a class to start as for lots of money money is tight . It was 66 they put it up Jan this year .
I use that oil spray , one cal one spray . So your ready to go girl .
I can't remember if it wa the wendi plan , but she wrote her own blog and listed all foods , i mean all lol
I think with LL there has to be so many before they can start a group .
And its not mixed sex, I don't think .
A woman after my own heart Baileys , but a must have is the ice !!
It was selling at half price in one of the shops .
I used to do SW , I used to love the group there it was a big group , but I did try not to win the weekly biggest looser , as thats when you take home the fruit taht people bring in , and it was on the turn lol , I did take it home one week , and thought ho nooooooooooo lol
Hahahaha yep it's the wendie plan she wrote her own blog and listed all food company's points value for foods i know what you mean.

Balieys without ICE jackie lol love it thick, i did SW lat year March first week gained 6 lbs hahaha never go back again.

Only ww and CD have worked wonders for me, gonna miss CD in a way but can't stick to it and paying £28 a week for it im wasting me money.!

Im sure you will be strong on LL and loose all of your weight hun, can't wait to hear your wi's lolx
All the groups at LL are same sex. Mine starts on a sunday at 10am and doesnt finish till 12-half 12 most of the time - think we all like chatting too much lol!
When i first started my group there was only 3 other women but some more have joined now - i think theres about 9-10 of us but half of them dont really show up for groups proberly.
Good luck on your diets both of you!


Strong women stay slim
Ice ice baby lol
Yes thinks its the same blog .
You say 28 pounds for CD , how many was that for .Yes I guess you will miss CD , but now you will still lose and keep it off with WW .
If my head is in the right place i'll go anywhere lol , but for people who see me now and I don't see them for say 4 months they will have a shock lol
Yes roll on week one , we all loveeeee week one on VLCD don't we .
How does it feel shanny to be fitting into them lovely dresses ,love your taste in clothes BTW


Strong women stay slim
Wow thats a while , but got to get your moneys worth , no really its not really to long , after all its only once a week , wish mine was on a sunday at that time .How are you finding LL ?
Love the painted faces BTW .
You seem to be doing very well on LL , what do you think is helping you on LL mostly ?


Strong women stay slim
Calicostoneji , that is also my goal 140 pounds , ten stone .
shanny yes the weekly meeting is the spur on , how much is it now shanny ww
There were 11 in my group at the start but there were only 6 of us at the last group! All female.
Flavours I can remember are:

Shakes:Vanilla (lovely with coffee), Banana, Strawberry and chocolate

Soups: Vegetable, Tomato, Chicken, Mushroom and Thai Chilli

Other: Porridge, Chilli Con Carne (you'll either love it or hate it like marmite!)

Bars: Nut fudge (my fav!), peanut crisp, cranberry, lemon and fruit (about to be discontinued)
Hi will £5.50 a week oooh it's a great feeling to be lighter as this time last year i was a my biggest really.!

I have joined a gym too LA fitness a week ago and doing lots of classes for the toning parts of my body mainly my bum and thighs lol they are still big i reckon.

But having the sun out this weekend can't wait to wear smaller summer dresses.!

Im having brekkie soon eggs and toast lol x

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