I'm NOT giving up, I will be slim!!!


Starting again...
After much thought and argueing and calculating lol IM STICKING TO THE PLAN! I saw my counsellor today and discussed this with her and she says that we all find excuses to get out of doing these things to please others but I got to do this for me! which is what most of you have said to me on my other thread!

Any way, I lost 3lb this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So 25 lb in total! OMG :)
Hi Ya

Thats the spirit. I really need to catch something of what you guys have!! lol

You are doing brilliantly. I was losing 1-2 lbs on weight watchers before I had a relapse. Now see how good your progress is compared to that!!

You will be slim in no time!!
Congrats to you.
I think when you are dieting for you and not to stop others nagging then you do become genuinely pleased with the results;of course it helps when other compliment too!
Hiya 5!

Just focus on something in the future and if that is Xmas Day putting on a super skinny frock and smiling to yourself then let that be your target.

Always look at the bigger picture with the diet in that you are going to be happier, healthier and live longer and never dwell on the crap days.

Eyes firmily on the prize and let nothing stand in your way!!
Glad you feel like you want to do it for you - Keep that in your mind and you'll soon be at your goal!! :)
Make short term goals as well as long term ones. This will help you keep focused. Trying to maintain focus on a long term goal is good, but can be difficult and uninteresting when the results are several months away.

Short term goals could be, looking forward to loosing another inch around the waist, or your clothes getting too big for you.

Well done on getting refocused - its a lot harder to do than it is to say to just to switch your brain back into the I WILL do it mode...

Well done on losing a further 3 lbs :D thats great!

Good luck for the rest of the plan - you can do it :)

Jo x
Just agreeing with everyone else really.

Well done for getting back into the swing of things and the weight loss
Well done for sticking to it, It must have been a hard decision to make and I am proud of you for thinking it through.

You will be so proud when the weight keeps dropping off x