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Im starting Mon 12th Sept

Hello All :D:D
Im startin on Mon!! Excited but nervous!!!
Ive lotas to lose! But im gonna try take it 1day at a time :sigh:
I am ragin with myself that ive let myself get so grossly overweight :( Ive tried this yrs ago just for a wee while and it worked a treat!! But i am so worried about stickin to it and most of all the BAD BREATH!!!
My pharmacist gave me strips!!!:confused: Im not so sure they r gonna b any gud? I saw on a post sumwhere on here that the person had used "Goldspot"? So i asked this morning when i got my shakes,she rang LP HG and they said NO!!! Just the strips :sigh: Im wondfering is this just to promote their own product?Or wud using Goldspot b a prob?? I wud also love to hear any tips how to get thru this!!! I wud ideally like to stick to this at least 4wks!!!
Please help me........
Thank you Ro
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Welcome, I wouldn't be too nervous, it'll just stress you out. The bad breath is contollable by drinking enough water and using original Listerine. You may have to scrape your tongue a bit too, horrible I know but as you detox and go into ketosis your tongue can get nasty.
Be positive, that's the main thing, this site is great and you can gets loads of advice and inspiration here.
Good luck.
Starting today (12th) too. Have used LT in the past and lost weight but piled it back on again. Was my own fault though. I also have a lot to lose but im taking it 7lbs at a time. Seems a little less daunting for me that way.
That's great of you all, how has day one been for todays starters.
I'm nearing my end of TFR but will always be here as I'II be refeeding for at least a month.
This is my second time doing it, between TFR and refeed I lost 5stone the last time and regained 3, nipped it sooner, rather than later this time.
Good Luck.
This site is so supportive.

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