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Inch loss after 6 weeks


This is the last time!!
Have just done all of my measurements ready for tomorrow's weigh in. Dunno if I am sad, but I made a little table and record my inches each week, kinda helps me somehow.
Anyway, in 6 weeks I have lost 30 inches from my entire body.
Here are my starting and current measurements:

Top of R arm ~ 15" now 14"
Top of L arm ~ 15" now 14"
R thigh ~ 30.5" now 28"
L thigh ~ 29.5" now 27"
Natural Waistline ~ 41" now 37.5"
Widest part ~ 54" now 46.5"
R calf ~ 17.5" now 16"
L calf ~ 18" now 16.5"
Over bust ~ 46" now 42"
Under bust ~ 40" now 37"
Wobbly bit between bust and natural waistline ~ 41" now 39"

I'm still ashamed of the fact that my thighs are bigger than a lot of people's waists, and that my arms are probably bigger that Victoria Beckham's legs :eek: but I'm hoping it won't be for long.

Anyone else care to share?
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well done - you have lost loads of inches already. I haven't measured myself yet but will do so soon so that i can get the same boost as you. Tried a skirt on today that was too tight 2 weeks ago and it now fits which was good news - the same for another jacket too.
wow that is so good

keep it up
Mine are in my signature :)


in this to win!..
my arms are probably bigger that Victoria Beckham's legs :eek:

Mate, that goes for every human being on the planet - lol;)

Your doing great. :)

Keeps me focused seeing people like you do so well.
wow well done hunni, i dont keep a note of my inch loss it all on my cdc comp all i can tell you is i lost 6inches from various places in the last 2wks.

well done hunni, keep it up.xx


Step away from the chips!
Thats a fab set of inch - losses Jan - well done! I only do mine about once every 2-3 weeks now but did them last week at the request of my CDC when i was a bit disheartened at only losing 2 lbs. Was very chuffed to find i'd lost an inch from each of my "bits" in just week :eek:

Anyway here's my inch-loss as of last Tuesday (at 15 weeks):

Bust: was 46.5" now 37"

Waist: was 46" now 34"

Hips: was 57" now 44"

Upper Arm: was 16" now 11"

Thigh: was 34" now 22"

Total inches lost: 68.5" :eek:

I'm still quite :eek::eek: by the inches lost - i was ironing a pair of jeans that my mum bought for me just after my first child was born (but that never fitted me - til now :D) and when i was doing the legs i thought to myself "these cant be mine surely - there's NO WAY my thighs could fit in those!" But they are & they do and this week they're even starting to feel loose woohoo. They might still be a size 18 and to some people they'll still look massive but to me being able to comfortably wear those jeans signified a HUGE change in my shape :D


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