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Is a raging thirst ok?


Me as I want to look xxx
Hi everyone.

The last four days I have had a really bad thirst, I think I am drinking enough, approx 3L per day but is seems more raging now.

I did test my bloods on my fathers blood glucose monitor and they were fine at 4.1.

Also I have been flavouring my evening soup with a little chilli, is this allowed? I can't see that causing the thirst as I don't put that much in.

Any advice always apreciated.

Love Merlin xxx
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Back on the wagon!
Trying to remember whether I had a raging thirst as you put it....I was so paranoid that I wasnt drinking enough so I always had a glass in my hand LOL....your body is effectively detoxing so you probably need the extra few glasses to flush everything out....
I always have a few twists of black pepper in my soup and it didnt effect my ketosis....once you continue to loose then it shouldnt be a problem....if it slows down then stop it and see if it makes a difference....best of luck!


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Hi Merlin, since I started getting used to drinking 3-4L of water a day, I am alsways thirsty!! In fact I am thirsty right now, and I had a large glass of water about half an hour ago!

I wouldnt be too concerned about it, unless you are starting to *need* to drink more than 4L or so....


Me as I want to look xxx
Thanks a lot,

I will drink a bit more like suggested, speak to you soon.

You will get more of a thirst as you go along , try drinking an extra glass of water when you feel thirsty , it wont hurt u !!!

Keep up the good work !


Back on the wagon!
Oh thats interesting....have to say am beginning to love water...how sad is that!!


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It certainly isnt sad I now enjoy drinking water......they say to try to drink around 3-4 litres a day but not to go over the top........as you can drink too much. I think anything over 6-8 litres is a bit too much.


Back on the wagon!
Oh thanks for that and the re advice re too much water which is a good point to remember....seeing lots of benefit of the water too...clear skin for one...really hope I keep it up post LT....

How is your diet going this week?

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