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Is that bloke feeding a cank??

Well refeed it is, proper job.

Gonna use up me shakes and then normal food i think, got nearly 40 shakes in a box so should last a while so......

All meals eaten off a sandwich/small plate for portion control meat/fish etc weighed.

Day 1

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Shake

Dinner - 5 oz steamed chicken breast and mushrooms/lettuce/mint/spinach/spring onion/red onion/tomato/celery/cucumber/salt/pepper and a dash of balsamic.

4 litres of water 5 black coffees and 1 light hot chocolate.

Day 2

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - 6 oz Steamed Turkey and mushrooms/lettuce/mint/spinach/spring onion/red onion/tomato/celery/cucumber/salt/pepper and a dash of balsamic. Bit like yesterday but twas so nice thought I would repeat.

Dinner - 6oz Steamed salmon fillet sprinkled with balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper before steaming. Served with broccoli, savoy cabbage, cauliflower, and Mange tout all steamed and season with rock salt and crushed pepper. popped the salmon on top of veg and squeezed half a lemon over it all. Lush but could only eat half :-( so the rest is in fridge.

4 litre bottles of water and 4 black coffees.
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well done on your weight loss so far , i'm sure your going to get to the end of that ticker !
Day 3

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Rest of salmon/veg from yesterday with a bit of salad and a small baked potato with a bit of milk to moisten it.

Dinner - Got a chicken breast and marinated it in a bit of soy sauce & fish sauce with some grated ginger/1 Finely chopped and seeded chilli and 1 finely chopped clove garlic for about 2 hrs. Then cooked in wok with a bit of water and added some thinly sliced Broccoli, spring onion, onion, thin green beans, carrot, cabbage. then at the end chucked in some bean sprouts and some spinach and put the lid on and the steamed cooked the rest lovely but kept the flavour. Very tasty but got some left in fridge so might finish it tomorrow.
1 weight watchers yoghurt

5 cups black coffee and 4 litres of water
what a chef!!!!!

After 17 weeks on TFR im sure your food tastes lovely!!!
well done mate
Damn, felt a bit sicky full after me tea and just chucked me guts!

Is that normal on refeed?

Might go back to 2 shakes and 1 meal tomorrow or make it something very plain and very light.

bugger bugger bollox


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You are doing fantastic mate. Keep it up. Hopefully you'll keep all the food down today.
Thx all for the support xx

Day 4

Breakfast - Porridge. Make me own with bag of oats then added some walnuts/bag of mixed seeds/dried apple/pear/etc then stick in plastic cereal tub and shake. dont need much to fill you. Chopped up a banana into it and make with half water/half skmmed milk. Lush :p

Lunch - Salad lettuce/babytoms/mushroom/onion/springonion/coriander/spinach/beansprouts/lettuce and a splash of balsamic with tin tuna flaked over top and a toasted wholemeal pitta. and 1 orange for pud :)

Dinner - Quorn Spag Bol. 2 cloves garlic/onion finely chopped and fried in splash of water then chuck in tin of chopped tomatoes and turn heat on to high. Reduce it down a bit then add sliced courgette, mushroom and Qourn, bit of balsamic and salt/pepper, turn heat down and cook for 5 mins then stir in couple handfuls of spinach and let it wilt. Served with little bit of brown pasta. This was lush :)

3 pieces of fruit today as well :p
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wow ur really going all out with ur fancy menus - my menu is sooo boring compared to urs and nics! lol

hope ur feeling well and feeling in control

lub u
Cheers babe x I do feel in control at the moment but I know its lurking you know. Going back to the gym tonight to start on the weights/cardio combo I got planned so that should give me the motivation I need.

I love to cook and cos I live alone I got time to mix it up a little.

Lub u 2 x


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Well done Cankster!
Day 5

Breakfast - Porridge.

Lunch - Prawn Salad, Just a tupperware container with bit of balsamic and a toasted wholemeal pitta eaten on a train between meetings.

Dinner - Saag aloo ghobi. Cauliflower and potato veg curry thing. Basically cut cauli up small then cut up potato in quarters then thinly sliced, sliced a thumb of ginger thinly then chuck it all in big fry pan with bit of water instead of oil. FRried off in water for 5 mins with lid on till was all a bit cooked then added 1 tsp cumin, coriander, tumeric, chilli. bit more water then stir it all in and steam/braise for another 5 mins (with lid on). Lush with a wholemeal toasted pitta and fat free. When this was made I grilled a bit of turkey breat sliced it and chucked it on top

Small bowl of sugar free jelly.

4 pieces of fruit today.

And went back to gym yesterday but forgot to put up. Did 20 mins on xtrainer and and a good session on the weights. Cant lift as much as I used to will soon be toned so happy days :p
Day 6

Breakfast - My special porridge with chopped up banana and 1 squirt of honey.

Snack - Apple

Lunch - My usual box of salad with tin of drained tuna and splash of balsamic and toasted wholemeal pitta. Had a nice orange for pud.

Snack - Orange

Dinner - Cauli/tato curry with a bit of turkey and popped some spinach in this as well. Also had a wholemeal toasted pitta.

Snack banana

5 litres of water

5 black coffees.

Had some sugar free jelly for a snack tonight as well :)

Gym went well tonight as well.

Had 7 pieces of fruit today, mainly after gym, need to calm it down on the fruit front.
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sounds awesome babe - u are doing so good - im really proud of u - reading ur thread makes me want to be succeed like u xox
Day 7

Breakfast - The now ubiquitous porridge :eek:

Lunch - Salad with tin tuna and a baked spud as off to gym after work.

Dinner - had the same Cauli/Tato/Spinace curry as before but chicked some croccoli in there as well, lush with a wholemeal pitta :)

Am a little concerned at moment though as I think I may of slowly upped my portion size to the point where it is close to previous. I'm still eating off a small plate so that makes a difference but I can feel myself slipping. Gonna have to give myself a beasting i think.

I also have the worst wind ever! I could fart you a tune upon request if I wasn't concerned for the state of me boxers. Feel windy bloated and am pooing for Britain. Cant win can you, your either bunged or or scared to fart, and believe me can I fart. Anyone else windy?
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