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    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    I seem to have started these off for a few days!

    Not alot happening here today. Ironing of course, and a flick around the bathroom but thats it housework wise for me!

    The scale demons have arrived again. Not moved at all for weeks now. Inches have melted away, as in Dr Who, but nothing quite as good as watching those scales go down! Good thing is that I can now fitinto EVERYTHING in my wardrobe with no camels feet in sight!
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  3. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Morning BB

    Great feeling fitting into all your stuff I bet! Ignore your darned scales they aren't playing fair and deserve to be shunned!

    Nowt planned here either, was toying with going out but I will only spend money so maybe a lazy day with a bit of pampering. Might paint my nails, went to Nails Inc for a manicure last week and I am really chuffed, they look much tidier and a nicer shape so maybe have some fun with a screaming pink colour!

    I'm wittering now so have a great day BB and to all that follow. Anyone seen Clare (Time4Me) around she seemed down on her last post been a bit worried.


    LISACDVIRGIN Silver Member

    Morning All!
    Well im on DAY 5 now and still going strong!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!! :):):)
    I have family coming over this afternoon so i will defo have to do some house work :( infact by the looks of it.... A LOT of house work!
    Apart from that nothing eelse planned apart from playing with DS and looking at wedding stuff on internet! Going to up my water today as I struggled a little yesterday and think it was coz i wasn't glugging as much!
    Porgeous- i love painting my nails-- i have over 100 nail varnish's! wen i was young i used to paint them chequered hahaha oh the shame!
    And BB-- scale hopping? tell me about it. im going on everytime i got o the loo which is lots obv!!
    But v v pleased to report that 5 days in the scales r showing loss of 9lbs!!! Woooohooooo!!
    Have good dayd every1!!
  5. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Brillopads 9lbs Lisa that's mega!! Well done!

    100, did you say 100!!! I thought I was bad, I bought a nail polish box thingy from OPI which I have filled but that is nothing compared to your collection. What have I been wasting my time doing, nail polish shopping now on the agenda!!!! Enjoy your day with the family.

  6. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    A lovely sunny morning to you all

    Day 5 for me too Lisa and Im hanging in there, really quite pleased with myself tbh.

    Georgie, I love having my nails done and its my treat to me. I go every 3 weeks and have them french manicured. I love my hands looking good even if the rest of me is a bit iffy!

    Not sure what Im doing today yet will just go with the flow..

    Have a good one and dont spend too much time on housework it is such a chore ! ;)

    Catch youse later

  7. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Well done on reaching day 5 Maggie, go girlie!

    I know what you mean about having nice nails but I can be so lazy about filing them. Think I will take a leaf out of your book and make it a regular thing to have them manicured.

  8. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    **creeps in**

    I was in such a foul mood - I thought on my night out I would have a couple of drinks.... So thinking I needed to get out of ketosis I had some brown rice and salmon - well clearly it wasnt enough andthinking about it probably becuase that and 2 packs was all that I had eaten - I spent til 8pm last night in bed!

    I'm still in ketosis and dont think I actually came out of it - which is why I was so ill - still got a headache but can actually function which is more than can be said for yesterday!

    Needless to say - I will never ever ever do that again and the thought of alcohol now (as i really thought I'd missed having a glass of wine or a vodka and diet coke or 2) completely turns my stomach!

    I dont like drinking anymore, so apart from the occasional glass of champers I'm now tee total!

    x x x x x
  9. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Oh Clare, big hugs hun, sorry you have felt so awful but glad to hear you are okay now, was getting a bit worried about you for a moment there! Look after yourself today and take it easy... please!


    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    So glad you are back Claire. :D Wish I had done the alcohol thing, cos that is my downfall. Alcohol and cream and I am in heaven. TG I don't like getting drunk, but a glass or two of red each night is how I ended up the size I was!
    Georgie, you must keep up with the nails! When I have mine done, which is sooo long ago now, I just keep looking at them cos they look so fab. What with my job and the allotment, they are best seen under gloves now. Lost another one yesterday and all I did was water the greenhouse stuff! The alcohol rub that we have to use at work is really dehydrating and I think that is why they keep on breaking. I do use oil for cuticles, not nearly enough I guess.
    Off to PC world for a new graphics card and hopefully that is the computers sorted. Until the next time!
  11. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    I couldnt get online either yesterday - pc having a blip! I was gonna txt Sue to let her know I was alive (just) but by the time I located my mobile i felt it was a bit tooooooo late. I didnt sleep at all well last night - obviously due to the amount of time I spent in bed and the diet coke which is full of caffeine... Oh and assisted by the alcholo1 - bleugh............. Oh it makes me heave just thinking about it!

    So I am taking it very very very easy - I'm off all next week with the kids so I've not got to rush about today and I'm going to take them to see StepUp 2 this evening....

    Good to be back xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Good plan! Yes, Sue was asking after you last night so I am sure she would be pleased to hear from you.

  13. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    I'll text her now xxxxxxx
  14. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Gold Member

    Morning All

    Glad you are Ok Clare!!!!?
    Talking nails I managed to find the colour I was looking for yesterday...what I discribe as cadburys chocolate purple!
    Decided against going up to London to watch Marathon...too wet for me,but might pop over to see a friend later

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    A wicked colour Mrs Poppins. Where did you get that one from! I am trying to match up purple shoes!! Yes I will be that little old lady dressed in purple with the wicked purple hair, not giving a toss who thinks what, just wishing she had done it earlier! Starting with the shoes.....
  16. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    :ignore:..... I txt Sue earlier and pm'd her advising of my evening of drunken debourchery....

    :party0011:..... I was a party animal and actually remember EVERYTHING except for the bit of being collected and thereafter

    :beam:.... All I am saying is I feel very sorry for one of my best mates brothers who acted as chaffeur....

    :character00264:.... Even my kids looked after me yesterday

    :sign0137:.... I still had a headache this morning!

    Will I ever learn??????????????????????????????

    Probably not - but apparantly I am hilarious when I am pissed :D:D
  17. LizS81

    LizS81 Has been AWOL

    I never understand that!! I'm usually the same, can remember most of the night, except for how I got home!!

    not as bad as one of my old housemates though, he got kicked out the club so walked home, thought he didn't have keys on him, so he broke in through his own window then fell asleep with his head in his wardrobe, which was right beside the window, so he must have just flaked straight out... on closer inspection we also found his door keys in his pocket :D
  18. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Gold Member

    nikki-inglot no834-do you have an inglot?
    Went to the cinema.Saw 21.Really good!
    Off to a friends house as it is her birthday and her OH is away

    Hope everyone has had a good day

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    nooooo I don't have an inglot!!! Will try looking for one! What does it look like so I know if I've found one?
  20. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    I haven't got one either :cry:, check this out though BB Amethyst - Lena White

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    Thanks for that Georgie, I will look here as I can get opi locally. Inglot it seems is only available at the Bluewater centre for now. Shame cos I have found some great reviews for it!! I will look when I go to the States at the end of may. Mind you it is Texas and they are pretty behind compared to the majority of the states, so I won't be holding my breath! Great for cowboy paraphernalia though!

    ps, have got a new, smaller keyboard. My spelling isn't usually brill but it's even worse now! LOL!

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