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It's THURSDAY **Lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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Morning, I'm up at this stoopid hour....so I thought I may as well start the daily :D

I have got such stomach pains, if I've BEEN once I've BEEN a dozen times (tmi) If I haven't lost weight then there is summit wrong:eek:.

Hope everyone has a great day, will check in later I think I might go back to bed for a while.

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Awww Maggie! You poor thing :(
Not really much i can say here, you're te CDC genius..Don't suppose you've got that virus that is going round? Stay hydrated honey.
Well i woke up at 6.30 feeling great, tested for ketones - PINK PINK PINK!!! I also took a sneaky look at the scales which smiled back a nice little 4lbs down since my WI on tuesday....but i'm not changing my ticker as i said i'd only change it once a week. Great motivation to keep going though.

Sitting here with my ususal artic clothing on, sipping a glorious veg boullion...I think i't gunna be a good day.

Now to finish this essay :) xxx


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Morning everyone, been awake 1/2 hour, dragged myself out of bed 10 mins ago. Been up umpteen times for a pee overnight, that'll teach me to have a litre of water just before I go to bed again. Haven't had a coffee yet, but will do after I've dragged the monster out of bed, in about 10 mins.
good morning gang. sorry to hear about the dodgy tummy maggie. take it easy today.

well done on the 4lb BG. Not sure I could drink bouillion at 7am though..., but then I dont become human until after my 3rd coffee.

Caress I made the same mistake with you on the water the first night and was up twice in the night. Now I try to finish my water intake around 8pm if poss.
I drink the green one with the orange lid, it truelly is like soup. I swear i can see myself having it every day even when i'm off CD...I'm addicted.

I finish my water 2 hours ish before i expect to go to bed...otherwise i have to hurdle over OH to rush to bathroom at stupid o'clock :)
Morning all!

just a quick post.. I am LATE! youngest Dd decided to get into my bed at 4 am and I didn't have the heart to put her back in her own... had my own personal hot water bottle!!:D

Looking forward to a good day today.

Maggie back to bed later!:)

BG hope that essay is done;)

Caress get him out of bed or threaten him with his Auntie Nic lol:D

And Good Morning Sam!! :D

See you all later X


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Didn't need to Nicky, he got up straight away, no threats or water needed. He's on his way out the door to school as I type this.. LOL

Hope Tink's ok, she just woke up?
Didn't need to Nicky, he got up straight away, no threats or water needed. He's on his way out the door to school as I type this.. LOL

Hope Tink's ok, she just woke up?
Glad he got in gear!:D

T woke up turned half past 7!!:eek:
how sweet!!! xxx
Hiya everyone,
HM - so sorry to hear that you are feeling rough - please take it easy today
I'm feeling a bit better than I was last night when I posted my "wobbly" post!lol
Honestly - I should take my own advice and wait for the feeling to move on before indulging it sometimes. I just felt sooooooo hugely bloated last night and last thing at night is usually the time my mood goes down - reminder to self - go to bed earlier!lol
Spooky - isn't it just lovely when they're so cuddly - they grow up so fast but sorry you had a disturbed night.
Hope everyone has a great day
Loving goal number three Tansy xxx


MUST get a grip

I had a bad night! I went up to bed at 8pm as I felt awful with the yukky tummy, this continued and I woke up 12.30am tossed and turned til 01.30 then HAD to get up as I was feeling HUNGRY :mad:.... Had half a bar (yummy) with big mug of black tea (4got how nice it was) went back to bed and tossed and turned til 3.30, finaly fell asleep about 5am only to rush to the loo again! I've overslept and now nasty but tummy feelsmuch better this morning... Not sure whe I'll start the day with xxx
Morning all.

Day 1 of restart for me! I've pulled myself together a bit after putting on a few pounds over Christmas and now it's time to get it off and then more!

So today I will be mostly guzzling FSJ (I can't call it water or Leah will slap me ;)) and plan to have 3 shakes and plenty green tea.

I hope everyone has a good day.

Well i'm sulking. Not only have i been texting you, but doing everything possible to find out if you were dead! BAD MOCHA!

Last edited:
I replied to your text. I wondered if you hadn't got it when I heard last night that you thought I was avoiding you. I assume you didn't get it then? No sulking allowed :whoopass: :D
nope, didnt get it! anyhoo, hope everythings good. I'm on day 3, sticks are pink and i'm freeeeeezing! Missed you honey, lots xxx

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