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Jam's official diary to thin!

Day one

Hey! well ive just got through my first ever day on exante, for breakfast I had the choc orange bar (gotta say it was ok, a bit like a rice crispy thing and not a flapjack which i was a bit sad about)

dinner thai chicken soup... was thick enough so pleased with that.

and when i got home I had a warm chocolate milkshake

Id be lying If i said i wasnt hungry, im ready to chew my arm off! but ive had no desire or temptations to stray! I know i have to do this!

Ive had a bath and but myself to bed... just need to get myself through the first few days an then my hunger will be nil!

Roll on day 2 ;)
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Day two

morning of day two.. i woke up and didn't feel starving and had a bloody good sleep! Just had a bar and am taking soup to work. Think ill try vanilla shake when i get in and ITS FRIDAY!! a whole weekend to myself <3
Hi! You are doing great!

I just had a vanilla shake hot with a spoon of coffee in and it was lush! Kinda like a creamy latte! Def one of my faves!

Enjoy your day and keep your eye on that oh so wonderful prize! xxx
end of day two

today hasnt been that bad... i feel alot better after a back but start to feel the hunger after a couple of hours, sitting here with my vanilla shake and its yum! wish i had tried the coffee idea! maybe tomorrow :) also the veg soup i had today was a lot nicer than expected! I think im going to find it a little harder over the weekend as im not busy with work! still determined to do this 100 percent!

im a diet coke addict and havent touched any in two days, ive heard something about coke zero but im scared incase i stop myself from losing the weight after sticking to it hm!!

Jam xx
You are doing great Jam! Coke Zero is fine, in fact I am sat with my big glass of coke zero now lol! I cram in loads of ice cubes to and it really does feel naughty ;) I am like you, a complete diet coke addict and the coke zero is hitting the spot! Well done a great day, don't forget to "honk" in the thread on the main part of exante for having been 100% today :)
Just to add Jam just dont overdo the coke zero. Try to use it as a treat rather than a habit if you can. Aspartame can slow weight loss - personally I cant touch the stuff.
thanks girls! i will be honking after this post! a proud one too!!
I used to go through at least a giant bottle of diet coke a day (how embarrassing!) it could make this diet so much easier but i dont want to get carried away and think i would do!
I might try to get some cambridge diet water flavouring, I used to freeze some in a bottle for an hour or so and then crush it so i had a slush!
If anythings going to let me down on this diet its going to be the water intake.. i just hate the stuff!

Jam x
Day three

Oh my days im tired! I havent really helped myself, decided to go for a shop in 6 inch heels and it dosent go down well with an empty stomach and big shopping bags. I thought i wasnt going to make it back to the car so bought a can of coke zero and had it, i feel so guilty and i hope it dosen't effect me :( i will get through this! The first weeks supposed to be the hardest and i need to keep reminding myself of that!

Ive had my toffee bar and about to have some soup.

Im addicted to the digital ones. Means I can know almost to the ounce what Ive gained, but then I am somewhat obssessive when it comes to weighing which is never a good thing.
You will get a good result! Just you wait and see ;)
ahh thats so good!
i have a shake left for tonight but trying to think how i can make it a bit more of a meal than a drink *scratches head*
Doing anything i can to keep busy... a night of face masks and films with mum, oh and were going to do each others nails lol x

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