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Jen's daily blog

I decided I would do a daily blog to track my progress and keep myself motivated. Please feel free to read my ramblings....or not!!

DAY 1 -

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - mushroom soup
2nd lunch :D - choc milkshake
Dinner - 2 Peppers stuffed with bolognese topped with cheese

Drinks - Black tea x 2, water 2 litres ish.

Feeling good today, not as tired as usual, which might have something to do with being hydrated for a change. Struggling with all this water! :eek:
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Hey Jen - like the sound of your dinner - Im going to try that one !!!

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - vanilla shake
Second lunch - chilli food pack ( yuk didn't like this one)
Dinner - roast chicken with carrots, beans, broccoli and cheesy leeks

Drinks - 1.5 litres water and 2 cups of black tea

Had a harder time today, very tired. Not on track with my water intake but OH suggested getting a soda stream to make fizzy water fun!!

Roast is now on. I am doing roast pots and gravy for OH, but not too bothered. Just wish it would cook quicker.......mmm roast :)
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Hi Jen,
Thank you for sharing, I love to read what you are eating on LLL.
My group will start on the 14th of September.

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - chocolate shake
Snack - fudge bar (nibbled on this all day)
Dinner- Slow cooked lamb with roast carrots and courgettes

Leg of lamb, outside fat removed, handful of crushed garlic cloves, chopped onion, cherry tomatoes, handful of rosemary, salt, pepper and glass of water. Cooked in the slow cooker for 9 hours on low. Threw in some potatoes for OH, but picked them out of mine!! Also made some mint sauce.... It was lush, didn't miss gravy at all.

Drinks - 3 tea with milk (couldn't work out how to get dairy into a lamb dish!) and 1 litre of water so far

Spent the day at Dunsford air show. It was good fun and it kept me occupied so I didn't really think about food. I only nibbled a bit of meat when OH came back with a hog roast baguette with apple sauce!
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Thanks Summerscream. I used to do slimming world and got inspiration for recipes from other peoples food diaries and blogs.

I noticed that there were not that many recipes for LLL so I thought I would post what I was making and how I made it (if it was complicated).

Good luck on the 14th xx

Breakfast - Vanilla shake blended with half milk allowance and a big handful of ice. Came out like a MacDonalds milkshake......nice!
Lunch - peanut bar (made this last most of the way round the shops!)
Afternoon - veg soup
Dinner - steak seasoned with S&P, big salad and dressing made with 3 tsp olive oil and big splash of balsamic vinegar

Drinks - 3 teas with milk, 1 litre water.

Really struggling with the water, got to get my hands on some of those flavourings on Thursday. The rest of the diet is going well, not really hungry at all today!

I have been a bit emotional due to TOTM, OH has driven me nuts all day!


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Hey Jen - hope things going well for you still, ur doing good. Ive been off the wagon for a few days but back on track today & feeling more positive. Had yummy prawns in salad for dinner:D
Trying to get all my water in as well.
What have you been eating?

Hi Jen,
I decided to start my LLL journey today instead of the 14th. I don't know yet what to cook tonight, so I had a look around. How are you today?
Day 5

Beakfast - porridge. Made with 1/2 milk from allowance
Lunch - Chicken soup. Had to add salt as it was a bit boring
snack - Cranberry bar - stuffed this all in one go as it was so yummy!
Dinner - fish with pak choi and bag of carrots!!!!!

Drinks - tea with milk x 2 and at least 3 litres of water

TBH I am not sure how I survived day 5!!

We went out for my cousins 18th. I had been really organised and checked out the menu before I went so I knew exactly what I was going to order.

We met at the restaurant at 7, ready to eat at 7.30. Unfortunately some people got stuck in traffic so we didn't get any food until 8:45 :( In the mean time, people were ordering garlic bread and nibbles, which I resisted.

When we finally ordered they didn't have the dish I wanted so I ended up with a tiny fish fillet and the smallest portion of veg I have ever seen!

Then came the birthday cake, which I resisted! Shortly after this we had to leave as I was so hungry I was going to eat my own arm!

On the way home I managed to get a bag of carrots from a garage, sort of 1 meal but split into 2!
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Day 6

Beakfast - Choc shake Made with 1/2 milk 1/2 water
Lunch - Mushroom soup
snack - fudge bar
Dinner - curry from the lighter life book cooked in the slow cooker served with lentils.

Drinks - tea with milk x 2 and 2 litres of water

Today was much better than yesterday! Lots of work stress, but none of it made me hungry!! Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow :)
Hey Summerscream and Kik,

Thanks for your support. Really looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. I have been soooo good and think I have stuck to it 100%

Good luck with week 1 Summerscream and climbing back on the wagon Kik!
Really struggling today:( Dont know why but have not cheated, determined to stick with it this time. Hope everyone is doing ok - let us know how ur weighin went Jen:)
Day 7

Weigh in went well. 6lb off WOOHOO!!!

Stocked up on fudge bars and porridge, going for another 100% week!

Breakfast - Porridge made with milk
Lunch - veg soup
Snack - fudge bar (swapped the nasty chilli sachet!)
Dinner - Spanish omelette with salad

Drinks - black tea, 2 litres of water

Good day today and excellent weigh in. Bought some forest fruits flavouring for my water so it should be easier to consume more next week!!!
Well done Jen fab loss !!
Day 8

Breakfast - Porridge made with milk
Lunch - tomato soup
Snack - Fudge bar
Dinner - Bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes

Drinks - 2 litres of water so far with forest fruits and a VERY large vat of tea!!
Day 9

Breakfast - Choc shake
Lunch - veg soup
Snack - cranberry bar
Dinner - lamb curry (lighter life recipe) with yoghurt and lentils

Drinks - 2 litres of water and several cups of tea!!

Went out tonight for my friend's birthday drinks. Was all good, had my obligatory fizzy water and behaved myself!! Nibbled 2 gherkins when I got home, but hopefully that wont make a difference to the weight loss!
Day 10

Breakfast - porride with milk
Lunch - fudge bar
Dinner - Roast chicken (again!) with roasted veg with balsamic dressing, Sautéed leeks and asparagus.

Drinks - Not really kept track of this today. Probably not as much as I should, but I have had loads of tea!!

Strange day today. Got up with no real plan, but ended up in Ikea buying a new bin! Then an old friend stopped in for a cuppa on his way back from Cornwall and stayed for a good couple of hours. I was so occupied that its nearly 8pm and I still have another sachet to fit in!!
I've lost 6 pounds as well :), although the first few days were very, very hard :eek:
It is a little bit better now at day 5 but ..:rolleyes:

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