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Jen's Food Diary - working my way through the Mag's recipes!

This time round i've decided to keep a food diary, to help me remember what i've done right on weeks with good losses, and see where i've gone wrong on the not so good weeks.

Yesterday: RED

Breakfast: Banana (Very bad, I know, just ran out of time and won't let it happen again!)
Snack: Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites (3 Syns)
Lunch: Wholemeal pitta (HEB) with Ham, lettuce & RF cottage cheese. Muller light & Grapes.
Snack: Apple & Glass of Milk (HEA)
Dinner:Baked Pork Steaks with Apple & creme fraiche sauce (onions, mushrooms, Apple, Pork steaks, stock & Reduced Fat Creme Fraiche - 2 syns per serving), Vegetable mash (Celariac, Swede & Carrots) & red & white cabbage
Snack: Muller light (cherry & choc)(2.5 syns)

Total: 7.5 syns

Even if I do say so myself, that dinner was delicious and well worth the 2 syns!!
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Today: GREEN

Breakfast: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) and banana
Snack: Apple & Hot choc (2 Syns)
Lunch: Jacket Potato with Egg Mayo (2 syns), lettuce, Cucumber & Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar dressing (2 syns)
Snack: Muller Light
Dinner: Bubble & Squeak with Baked beans, Fried egg, mushrooms & grilled tomato
Snack: Satsuma & banana

Total: 6 syns

Breakfast: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA), chopped banana and an apple
Snack: Satsuma
Lunch: Wholemeal Pitta Bread (6 Syns), Egg Mayo (2 syns), lettuce, tomato & cucumber. Muller light
Snack: Seafood Sticks & Tiny slice Panettone (5 syns)
Dinner: Roast pork, Jacket Potato (HEB) Cauliflower, Brocolli, Carrots, Gravy (1 Syn), Sugar Free Jelly with Raspberries (0.5 syns)

Total: 14.5 syns
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Breakfast: Weetabix (HEB), Chopped Banana & Milk (HEA), Apple
Lunch: Wholemeal pitta (HEB), 2 slices Roast Pork, Lettuce, Cucumber & Light Salad Cream (1 Syn), seafood sticks & Muller light
Snack: Apple, Satsuma & Curly Wurly (6 syns)
Dinner: Chicken Breast stuffed with cheese (HEA) and wrapped in bacon, Roasted veg (Peppers, cherry toms, butternut squash, courgette & onion + 1 tsp Olive Oil - 2 Syns), Lettuce & cucumber
Snack: Muller light (2 syns) & Apple

Total - 11 Syns

Breakfast: Weetabix (HEB), Banana & Milk (HEA)
Snack: 2 mini babybel (HEA)
Lunch: Wholemeal Pitta (HEB), Tuna, Mayo (2 syns), Lettuce, Curly Wurly (6 Syns)
Snack: Slice of ham
Dinner: Pork Steak, Roasted Veg (Onions, carrot, Butternut squash & courgette), Apple & Mint Jelly (1 tsp - 1 Syn) & Muller light
Snack: Apple.

Total: 9 Syns

Breakfast: Weetabix (HEB), Banana & Milk (HEA)
Snack: 2 mini Babybel (HEA)
Lunch: Wholemeal pitta, ham, lettuce & Mayo (2 syns). Pannetone (6 Syns), Muller Light (2 syns)
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Pork steak & Roasted veg (Squash, Peppers, Onions, Cherry Toms & courgette).
Snack: Satsuma

Total: 10 Syns
Bit disorganised today, in that I got up late, so my food diary is a bit back-to-front!


Snack: 2 mini Babybel (HEA)
Brunch: Bacon, Wholemeal Pitta (6 Syns), Mayo (2 syns), Lettuce, Tomato. Muller light, Apple & Sugar free jelly with raspberries (0.5 Syns)
Snacks: 2 weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & chopped banana. Kettle Crisps (7 syns)
Dinner: Jacket Potato (HEB), Prawns, Mayo (2 syns) & salad.

Total: 17.5 syns
Lost 3lbs this week - little bit disappointed as it was my first week back, but it was my star week, so overall i'm fairly pleased.
Lost 3lbs this week - little bit disappointed as it was my first week back, but it was my star week, so overall i'm fairly pleased.
Well done on your weight loss this week :) xxx
Back to work today, so changed my routine a bit.


B:Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & Banana
S: 2 Mini Babybel (6 syns) & Apple
L: Lettuce, beetroot, cherry toms, cucumber, cottage cheese & smoked mackerel & Muller light.
S: Walkers squares (5 Syns) & 2 Quality Street (5 Syns)
D: Chicken, stir-fry veg & udon noodles, chilli & black bean sauce (2 syns).
S: Sugar free jelly with raspberries (0.5 syns)

Total: 18.5 syns

A few more syns than normal today, but i've not been having all my syns everyday so I'll adjust my syns over the next couple of days to make up for it
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B:Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & Banana
L: Wholemeal Pitta (6 syns), smoked mackerel, lettuce, Mayo (2 syns) Muller light (2.5 syns) & 2 mini babybel (HEA)
S: Apple
D: Roast chicken, Jacket Potato (HEB), carrots, carrot & swede mash, cabbage, Gravy (2 syns), Yorkshire Pudding (Big homemade one - 6 syns)
S: Satsuma

Total:18.5 syns

Few too many syns today, as dinner plans changed after lunch. Will make sure I re-coup the last couple of days syns over the rest of the week.
like your diary hun, seems like your doing well, like the way you changed your plans to suit the days, think i need to do this more.

one question, whats a *star* week mean?
like your diary hun, seems like your doing well, like the way you changed your plans to suit the days, think i need to do this more.

one question, whats a *star* week mean?
Star week is when you have your period. It's known as a star week in class by SW so that you can discuss it without the men blushing. Well something like that anyway!

Think i'll make some soup tomorrow to take to work for lunch during the week.
aaah i see.. well, i am not sure whats happening with my star lol seems to be threatening to come along at the moment, which makes me worry that i will have not lost any come WI due to being bloated etc! Grrrr!!

and soz, another Q, your making soup, whats ur recipe? x
I don't use a recipe as such. I just use whatever is in the fridge! Generally there will be an onion that much I know, other than than probably carrots, leeks, squash, swede and then just stock and blend it when it's cooked.

I make soup all the time, it's just a case of slinging it in the pan with some stock - nothing to it!

B: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & banana
S: 2 mini babybel (HEA)
L: Jacket potato, Egg Mayo (4 syns) & Lettuce. Apple
S: Satsuma
D: Stir fry veg, with chicken (HEA) & Rice.
S: Muller Light

Total: 4 Syns
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B: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & Banana
S: Apple
L: Jacket Potato & Beans
S: Walkers Squares (5 Syns)
D: Mushroom Risotto & salad (Arborio rice, stock, mushrooms, onion, garlic, Olive Oil & RF creme fraiche - 3 syns)
S: Apple & boiled egg

Total: 8 Syns

B: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & Banana
S: Apple
L: Chicken, egg noodles, stir-fry veg & teriyaki sauce (3 Syns)
S: Mullerlight (2) & 3 chocolates (6.5 syns)
S: Boiled egg, 2 slices of ham + carrot
D: Chicken, roast veggies (carrot, butternut squash & Onion), Ketchup (1 Syn)
S: Satsuma & Muller light.

Total: 12.5 syns

B: Weetabix (HEB), Milk (HEA) & Banana
S: Apple
L: Salad with lettuce, cucumber, Cherry Toms, carrot, Ham, 2 Boiled Eggs & Mayo (3 Syns). Mullerlight
S: Apple & 1 Caramel (2 Syns)
S: 2 Mini Babybel (HEB), 4 Seafood sticks & slice of Salt Beef
D: Lemon & Parsley Chicken (Chicken Breast, Chopped Onion, Lemon Juice, Stock & Reduced Fat Creme Fraiche - 1.5 Syns), Carrots, Brocolli & Hasselback Potatoes (HEB + 1.5 Olive Oil)

Total: 8 Syns

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