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Jens in Hospital

aww hope she is ok poor Jen


Needs a kick
Hope you get some more news soon, sending (((((Hugs))))) xx
Please pass on my best wishes.
Got a couple of texts last night from Jen and she was back to her usual jokey self...so at least there's no lasting damage!

I am sure she will update us with her hospital tales later. x


Has the power of the horn
ah wow, you are all amazing! Just on briefly as on mega strong pain killers which knock me out! So will be sound asleep again in a few mins no doubt!
I began feeling a little ill about half two, bit sick and generally a bit weird, then felt like I was about to pass out so asked the student to dismiss the kids and I hid in the toilet till they were gone, then I was literally crawling around the floor, soaking from sweat unable to breath! Was so scary! I dont remember much else, all the staff were around me holding my hand apparently...dont remember! lol! I just remember the ambulance man arriving and calling me Jenny and I said...no no its jen! He hooked me up to ECG in classroom and did blood pressure and stuff and oxygen. Then I got to the ambulance to get a morphine drip but my skin had turned a funny colour so they couldnt get it in (not the time for jokes Rosie!) so I got gas and air instead...actually amazing stuff! I felt so drunk!! The ambulance man had Buzz written on him uniform so I stated saying...are you buzz light year?? is that woody driving...buzz light year...youre a legend man! ohh god! I think I should write them a letter to apologise! Then take that came on the radio in the ambulance and I started saying ah yeah take that turn it up!! So they turned it right up! So instead of the nea naws we had patience blaring out! lol
Got to hospital and had ECG again all the other tests, x rays etc and they couldnt find out what was wrong with me! I just wish they could have said ah its this and here are some pills or something, but nah! So have to keep taking my mentally strong pain killers and if it happens again I go straight in! Thank you all so much for your kind words and love. I was taken aback by the staff last night and all their messages and now I am taken a back from you! So nice to know people care! Thank you thank you thank you! back to bed for Miss Watson now! :p


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Glad you're back and feeling better. Must be awful not knowing what it is though :confused:

Haha, I bet they're used to people on gas being like that. So funny!

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