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jet's take on a diary !!!

hi ladies

i will start my diary from the day weight became a issue ....

22nd sept 1990 aged 22 i had my first child daniel (6lb 10oz),i actually only put a stone on then afterwards went straight down to 8 1/2 st and has life moves on i started to put a bit of weight on ending up at about 11 stone ,i tried WW a few times,then was pregnant with my second child aged 30 on 31st july 1998 (jordan 8lb 12oz),i actually put 2 stone on in this pregnancy so i eneded up 13 st,but lost the later when i had him so i stood at 12st 3lb and i decided i need to lose some weight i got a job ,bought a house then embarked on a diet WW i lost 3st 3lb on this and kept it off for 6 1/2 years ,then came the blow that was to tear my world apart my son was diagnosed with bone cancer,so i tried to embark on a new life trying to look after my son ,keep my weight down and look after the household ,i managed to do this until november but before this my son had been told his cancer was terminal and then i was just trying to do anything that made him happy ,so food was dan's happiness and i was doing wot made him happy takeaways more r less every other day because we was in and out of hospital most of 2009,then came a second blow dan's cancer had started to move really quick and the doc's where just trying to get him through xmas ,its now 17th december and dan is paralised from the waist downwards and is also catherterised ,and having to make the biggest decsion of his life, that does he come home are go in to a hospice ,so he decided to go into the EAST LANCSHIRE HOSPICE in blackburn ,he was so so worried that i would be upset but i was so proud of him deciding to go to the hospice and not home ,so he was settled into the hospice i was dying to see him he looked really well and so happy to be bak near home ,then xmas was ere and we had a great day having our xmas lunch in the hospice just dan,me and jordan and also a few visitor's during the day ,then before we knew it new years eve was ere and we all spent it at the hospice with dan playing board games.

before dan went in the hospice i had been chatting to a man on a dating site (i just needed a place to go away from all that was going on ) we got on so well so after a few month's we decided to meet he knew all about dan and didnt try to run a mile he has helped me a lot with dan and even know ),so it's 1st jan and i decide to get all dan's mate's togehter there was about 15 OMG and they all had a good day playing on the x box and eating pizza and chips ,then about 9 oclock we had to ask them to leave has they had been getting a bit rowdy they where not bothered (dan was though)i think he was enjoying himself that much he didnt want it to end, its now saturday the 2nd jan and i walked up from my house to be with dan coz the snow was still bad ere ,and it was this day that it dawned on dan that he was dying ,we cried for a while i hugged him so so tight but he wanted question's answered like want is going to happen to him ,is he going to be buried are cremated (i dont what went through his mind when he was asking this ) my brave boy ,so he decided he would like to be cremated ,so has the day went on he needed to be spoon fed of me that was strange and hard for both of us ,so has the day progressed i needed to call some family to come and see dan so a lot of our family turned up then a wasnt aware that dan's friend's had been called and thay all turned up to talk to him and to tell him they are going to miss him it was so so emotional,all the lad's broke there heart's that night and one girl was there too is beloved natalie (not his girlfriend,he had let her go at the start of there relationship unable to want her to suffer like he was ,he was so brave ),that night he asked for 2 sleeping tablet's he knew and he never woke up again has the night went on he was talking to someone saying he didnt know what the wanted him to do and also moved himself in a way that he had been unable to do since the 17th of december i was amazed at his strength but all this was done while asleep ,its 6.15 and dan's has taken his final breath's ,i miss my boy so so much but know he isnt in any pain ,then having to leave him alone in the hospice when i just wanted him to come home eventually i got him home and the funeral started from his home,that day was hard for everybody ,dan's mate's had wanted to carry his coffin and thay did ,the reading's where very emtional and then we all moved on to his beloved BLACKBURN ROVER'S FOOTBALL CLUB(where he has a stone laid in his memory),we had 19 blue and white ballons and we let them go on the pitch ,he will have loved that.....

so its's june and i decide i need to get this weight off once and for all , so 22nd of june i start on my dukan diet and to date i have lost 1 stone !!

i also like to thank JAQY'S for giving me a litte push in this direction !! thank you xxx

and also to all the lovley ladies who have given me there time !! thank you xxx

so ere starts my diary ........... there will be more to follow !!!!!!!!!!!................
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** Chief WITCH **
As you said Jet, no tears... I had to read certain parts vertically, as the detail too closely resembled my days in the hospice with my Mum... wonderful places aren't they... both for the family and patients.

I'm so glad that we can all help each other, and not only with this old weight malarky!
Hi Jet :)

Glad you've started a diary... had to admit to shedding some tears while reading your first post... as I've mentioned before it really does put things in perspective...we should all take note and seize the day....each one is so precious

best of luck hun xx
Well that was quite heart breaking, no tears but only because you said not to. That must have been very difficult for you all to go through and not something you expect to do.
Glad you are thinking positively now and it will be good to keep track of things in your diary x
thank you all so much !!

i think buying the daily mail that one sunday when the dukan diet was in and to me finding this site are all down to fate and im so pleased that fate sent me here !!

to be honest ive not eaten much today but i will make up for it later i think im still suffering from my saturday blitz lol

why do we never learn lol !!!!

oh and my spelling and writing are shocking lol !!!
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I wholeheartedly agree re: the Daily Mail....

I found the article online when I was on a low ebb and then stumbled across this forum and actually found people to talk to :) intelligent ones at that! :)
that is so true sarah very intelligent ,i am not one of them lol....

just waiting for OH to come home then putting on dinner ,no doubt he will want chips MEN eh !! but i will try and make mash !!!


** Chief WITCH **
Given that I read the Daily Mail online site for some light relief and entertainment(!), it's true that those articles on the Dukan diet were good!

Nearly home time. Strike here tomorrow too... Schools are back three days, and they're out on strike again, teachers too...

<Best Victor Meldrew voice> I don't belieeeeeeeve it
I find DM addictive - not exactly high brow but good for as you put it Jo " Light relief" :)

Jet stop putting yourself down - everyone on here is intelligent - you're a home owner, have a successful relationship, have brought up 2 children, and have passed your driving test!!

can't be too bad with the old grey cells :)

Right now back to my own diary for a whinge about clutter :S.... xxx
well dinner all done with !! they had chicken ,mash and mixed veg and gravy and a toffee icelolly for there afters .....

i had two chicken legs and thigh's yum yum and two sweet muffins !!!!!!!!

just chilling watching tv !!!!!!!!!


but real name's Rona
Oh Jet it is so hard and you are doing really well.
I lost my younger son suddenly in January 2008 when he was just 34. Like you, I was just 22 when he was born.
Every time I feel like giving up, I think of what he would say to me and that is to get on and enjoy every bit of my life and if being slim and fit is what we want then we can do it and they will be proud of us! xx
Oh Jet, that was so touching to read and I'm choked up now.

Fay, I'm so sorry that you too have lost your son. Life is so unfair.


** Chief WITCH **
Rona - I'm very sorry to read about your son...
Oh Jet it is so hard and you are doing really well.
I lost my younger son suddenly in January 2008 when he was just 34. Like you, I was just 22 when he was born.
Every time I feel like giving up, I think of what he would say to me and that is to get on and enjoy every bit of my life and if being slim and fit is what we want then we can do it and they will be proud of us! xx
thank you so much hunny and i can so relate to u and ur loss life is hard but we have to make the most of it

good luck to u too sweets !!!
laura thank you hunny !!

good morning all im a bit bog-eyed and im having a brew while i watch helicopter hero's ,jordan has made his own porridge again (not bad eh)!!

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