kandy's daily diet thread

Good luck Julie not that you need it.
I think WW is a fab plan that you can adapt to your life.
I never see it as a diet just a healthy eating plan.
Good luck Julie and keep us posted how you get on!
Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement much appreciated.

Water drunk:- 1 litre ooooh thats awful

Ok day 1 almost over !

Breakfast :- 2 weetabix and 1/4 pt semi skimmed milk

Lunch :- cheeseburger and chips with salad
( ok i know i know i was taken out for lunch and my dining partner convinced me to start tomorrow, which seemed a good idea until i got home! so i decided before i stuffed my face that it would be part of my counting so i counted it and i cannot eat until tomorrow and no it wasnt worth it so lesson learned !)

26.5 points so i have 0.5 points left if i get hungry later feel quite proud that i didnt totally give up on today !

Will be much more focussed tomorrow .........
Thanks bellybee,
I feels so stuffed i couldnt eat another thing but thanks for the food suggestions, i am looking forward to making some homemade soup should be lovely now the weather is turning colder .
Hope you are having a good day xxx
Hi All,
Well today has been not great ate chocolate and lots of i am very unfamiliar with the points in things and being all unorganised as i am i spent half the day not eating anything as i didn't know the points which then led to me eating loads of choccy firstly because i could (work in a cafe ) secondly it was mind numbingly slow thirdly in my quest to be saintly i actually made myself soooo hungry i lost all rational thought .
I have a healthy tea lined up so not too worried !

Tomorrow i have a couple of slimfast shakes to take in with me 1 for brekky 1 for lunch and chicken salad and pitta bread for dinner and carrot sticks and fruit for snacks !

Its a tester thats for sure , i have been contemplating CD again as my weight is not fixable unless i can shift the bulk but i need to be in the zone so to speak so i guess the slimfast will be a little starter to see how i get on .

I am not concerned about ssing through christmas i just need to get a good 2 weeks under my belt lol !

I am actually almost a stone and a half bigger than when i began ss in february this year so lost 3 stone gained 41/2 back i am quite sure its noticeable must be my i saw my cambridge counsellor in tesco last friday morning and said hello he didn't recognise me ! :eek:

Also people keep double taking when they see me which is understandable i was a size 16 in april i am 22-24 now ! :eek:

Ah well i will keep on plugging away at it

luv t,all be strong luv Julie xxxxxxxx
Hey honey

I joined WW last night and feeling very positive today.

As I go along and come across either different foods or different meals I'm writing them down and pointing them so I will have a quick reference guide if or when I get peckish and can't think of anything nice and healthy to eat (happens to me on every diet!!)

so i have an excel sheet on my pc for the list of food and then a separate document for the meals and how many points are in each.... i'm hoping it will be good for the times i'm stuck!!

i also made a huge pot of 0 point soup last night and i have had 3 bowls of that today and it is just devine!!!

Hope you have a lovely evening hun, you are not alone, I put back on 2 stone of the almost 4 I lost so I'm glad I caught it now :D :D :D


Gen xx
Thanks DQ for the positive vibes !

Hey there Gen,
I know your right ,i have to give this a chance i have about 8 stone to lose now omfg :eek: that don't sound too good !

It seems a long haul right now i better go and write out some points !!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care hun glad your enjoying the plan
luv Ju xxx
Well i have been slack with my thread as i haven't been counting my points although i have been good i think not what i would consider bad i have pledged some exercise time 30 mins 4 times a week so hoping that will spur me on !

Been shopping today and it was a big family shop which would usually have a few naughties at least but not today the whole family is changing in relation to what we are eating and they haven't really noticed lol ! PHEW !

I will be more on the ball tomorrow and point everything it certainly helps !

Love to y'all Ju xxx
Hey honey... just popping by to send ya massive positive vibes and hope you are doing well with whatever plan you are following... i see you were looking at 1500 cals??? have you decided to start that??


Gen xx
Hey DQ ,
Glad your doing well xxx

Hey Gen,
I am still not 100% sure what to do re the 1500 so rather than stressing about it i wil plod an as i am for a while.
If i start to pressure myself thats when it all goes t*ts up for me lol !
Hope your all having a great day !

Me although not fully counting its been a good day food wise so i am smiling xxx