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Last Half a Stone Challenge! any takers?!

well, this morning the scales said up yet another half a pound so i'm not feeling good at all.

I'm not technically eating enough calories to even maintain my weight so god knows how i'm managing to put on. do you think its because my water intake has reduced so much?

I have my wi tomorrow morning and then i'm seriously considering doing 4 or 5 days of SS or 790. I know i'm not supposed to but my body needs a real kick up the butt to get things moving again. I've got the girls xmas meal on the 7th Dec so I know i'll be eating that night but thought i might do a strict week up until that day? what do you think? Not sure i would actually have the motivation to stick to it but if it might do the trick then think i will have a go.

Finish work at 2pm today as i'm owed some hours. Then back home and taking ds to his girlfriend's birthday party - he is her toyboy as she is 3 today! lol. Supposedly they sit with their arms around eachother's shoulders at nursery! I shall avoid the party food! Then its back home to get cleared up and ready for tomorrow. Very busy tomorrow - dentist (for gums), horseriding, weigh in and then up to London for the Take That concert.

Gums are really sore now so hopefully get some antibiotics tomorrow. Luckily the ears have cleared up so that is something!

Hows things with you today hun?
Lots of hugs to you babes,
weight gain all be it a small gain and a sore mouth not a good combo at all, tbh think the water plays a big part hun,(says me who has been crap 2 days with water), maggie might tell you more re the water huni but i deffo think it plays a big part even where we are at now, so get glugging again babe

As for ss/790 for a few days,if it was me i think i would just to kick me back into touch again !!

Thats good your finishing early today hun, thats so sweet that ds has a girlfriend,how cute hope he has fun at her birthday party, and you young lady deffo stay away from the food!!! lol

Hope the denist sortd your mouth out tomorrow,but thank goodness your ears are ok now,

I am cold and sleepy today should be doing some housework but soooo cant be botherd with it today,so minis and facebook won lol



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
(((hugs))) JJJ, don't get down..you have done so well.

As Tara says you need to try and get more water down, it will make a difference. And no sweeties this week!,

You have got a busy afternoon, hope ds enjoys the party and no munchies for you..

Don't be too hard on yourself Jo, have a chat with your CDC tomorrow and maybe consider going down a plan for a week and see what happens..

Take care hun x

Thanks girlies - big hugs to you both xxxxx

Just got back from the party and ate a teeny weeny mini pizza, quarter of an egg sandwich and a mini samosa. Been good and added the calories in on my counter so hopefully will still stay within my limit for today by adjusting my dinner accordingly.

I am dreading weigh in tomorrow as my cdc's scales are sometimes half a pound to a pound more than mine which means i may look as though i've gained even more!:eek: Going to stick to my scales though from now on and update my ticker on Friday depending on what i weigh Friday morning at home.

Think I'll have a good chat with cdc tomorrow and see if i can do 790 or 1000 for a week. Now that I have the extra food i'm not sure whether i could actually restrict myself so much again but hopefully the determination to get to goal would get me through. I'll see what she thinks.

Will make a determined effort with the water from Friday as well. Wont be able to drink too much tomorrow due to being out and about and just not convenient at a concert!

Dont blame you for staying in the warm and being on the computer today Tara! horrible dreary day - glad i was at work for most of it!

Right, time to get a few things sorted and then a shower/wash hair i think.

Chat later hunnibunnies xx
Its not a bad idea to start going by your own scales now huni as once at goal and in proper maintenece it your scales your going to have to go by to keep a good check on your weight

Had some very sad news this afternoon, as you no my sister is pregnant well she had her 13 wk scan this afternoon and unfortunatly the baby has died,and it seems that it has been dead for the last 3 weeks!!,so she has to go into hospital tomorrow morning and go under a genral !!! as a day stay patient

BIG HUGS to you and your sister hun, that is so sad. I'm really sorry xxxx
Morning hunibun - getting excited about tomorrow??????

I am feeling sick! Think its a combination of illness and binging - going to do a separate post to exorcise those demons!:mad: I was a bad girl yesterday:mad:

Anyway, the good news is that i'm feeling super motivated today diet wise so going to give it my best shot over the next 6 days. (cant do it next Friday as girls xmas dinner out)

Got loads of housework to do and really need to go to the town but i feel so sick i'm still in my dressing gown:eek:

Weigh in - stayed the same for 2 weeks so not good but as i say, moving on this week! Going to drop to 1000. cdc wouldn't let me do 790 or ss so 1000 it is.
for some reason it wont let me look at the pics in your gallery Tara?! i can only see the one on your signature and i must say it is a lovely pic - you look gorgeous.

What you up to this week? Are you going away anywhere or just chilling at home? Has hubby got some time off?

I'm off sick today as my gum infection is really really sore and giving me constant headaches:( I'm off to see Take That again tomorrow nite so i've got to get better for that!

Food wise i'm doing ok. Nibbling abit too much this morning on the fruit but nothing naughty so not going to worry too much.

So want to get to 9stone by Friday but dont think i'm going to make it:( I know i shouldnt but i'm getting on the scales daily at the moment because i am so desperate to get to goal! I keep thinking maybe today is the day lol ! Anyway today certainly wasnt as i'd gone back up a pound again to 9st 1.5lb!! arrghhhhh!

Just dropped ds off at my Mum's and now I'm going to have a little rest in bed with some crappy morning tv and a big jug of water.:D

Chat later hun xx
Morning huni,

If you go to the happy wedding day thread you started huni i posted some pics on there xx

I Am having a chill out week this week hopefully Jo,and getting back on track with the diet after taking the weekend off, no we not going away any where honymoon wise and hehe Hubby has gone back to work today hehe, so after a fabby weekend it back to the old routine and boring normality lol

So sorry your feeling poorly huni shame the your mouth has been giving you greif just lately, how was take that the other night? hope they were good ,but hay they must have been if your going again tomorrow night!!

enjoy a nice day at home huni chilling out getting yourself all better xxx
omg i cant believe its been a week since i last posted on here hun!

The last week has been SO busy, what with going to see Take That twice, working, having a tooth infection etc etc! Also, laptop still on the blink so much harder to get on the pc.

Anyway, will hopefully have a chance to catch up on all the threads in the next few days.

Hope you are okay hun - seen your pics on facebook - gorgeous! Bet it all seems a long time ago now!?

I've been having a few treats this week - tonight it was 2 scoops of carte d'or vanilla icecream with my strawberries and chopped banana - pure heaven! Luckily my appetite has been quite poor over the past 4 or 5 days due to my tooth infection so dont think i've done any damage.

Had the girls xmas dinner out on Friday night. I was abit disappointed as it wasnt your traditional turkey dinner but fish!!! I have enough fish on cd, i dont want it when i go out as well! Anyway, it wasnt even just plain fish but fish in really rich sauces so i didnt enjoy it. Had a few drinks but nothing much. Wore a size 10 gorgeous sequinny dress from River Island so felt pretty good!

Got my work do this Friday night and I know for a fact that it will be a traditional Turkey meal. Got my outfit sorted - catsuit from Next arrived today at last. Had to order size 8 as they had run out of size 10 but it fits perfectly so, again, feeling pretty happy about that!:D

Had a gorgeous black dress which i was going to wear but i tried it on last Friday and it fell down revealing my boobs! lol Its a strapless number, really gorgeous, and it fitted a few weeks ago! Unfortunately I seem to have lost a load more off my boobs - really nothing left there now:eek: Will have to get it taken in I think.

Right, ds is shouting out so I'm going to try and get him off to bed now. Will do my best to get on here again either tonight or some time tomorrow to catch up with you hun.

Lots of love xxx
Gosh its been a week since i posted on our thread too!!!!

Think we have a lot to catch up on!!

I see your take that pics on FB looks like it was good, did you enjoy? you must have to go twice!?

How is your infection now? hope it has cleared up?

Thanks re wedding pic on FB, yeah seems ages ago now, this last 10 days or so seems to have dragged

Shame you was dissopointed with the girls xmas dinner, i dont think i like the idea of fish for a xmas dinner menu eithr,especially like you i eat a lot of fish anyway now,

Get you, you skinny minx with size 10 dress and size 8 catsuit
Shame about the dress but good idea getting it taken in

I nedd to go sort out my 10 yr old dd , she got sent home today from school,didnt even make it into morning registration as she hit her head on a locker door and now has a small cut and a rather big lump on her eyebrow!! so she milking it big style the little drama queen that she is!!, need to go talk her into going up to bed !!

catch up real soon hun

love tara xx
Hi Hun

Just popping in on my lunch hour.

Hope your dd is feeling better now, poor thing. I dont blame her for milking it, bet she will try for a few more xmas pressies out of this ! lol

I am still poorly with my teeth. Wont bore you with the details but I'm having them out (just the 2!) on Monday so should be feeling better by then.

Got to be brave - i know they are going to cut the gum and drill the bone so its not going to be pleasant but its double the price to be put to sleep so i'm going to stick it out:(

Hows the diet going? My water intake has been really crap, hardly anything at all. Food wise i've been ok, the odd treat here or there but seem to be hovering between 8st 13 and 9st 1 so i'm happy with that.

So many people have told me in the last week or so that I shouldnt lose anymore, and that I'll start to look really awful if i do! At first I thought people were just saying it coz they werent used to me being slimmer but so many are saying it now that I think maybe they are right! lol I do seem to be a proper size 8 now and I dont want to be any smaller than that. Also, I took a proper look at myself in the mirror this morning and to be honest my face does look abit thin so i think i'm finally seeing myself for who i am rather than just the fat blob i was before! lol Still cant bloody shift my tum though! grrrrrr

Anyway, better get on with some work - hope to catch up with you later - i really miss you:(xxx
Hi Hun,

DD is feeling better now tho still sore, sent her back to school yesterday, lol she dont need much of an excuse to milk stuff for all there worth the cheeky little moo lol

Lots and lots of :hug99: to you hun re your teeth, :eek: 2 to be taken out with out getting knocked out first :eek: your a braver woman than me i couldnt let them do that much without knocking me out:eek:, will deffo be thinking of you babe xx

You n me both with crap water intake hun last couple of weeks been really struggling with it :sigh:

Its fab your a size 8 and maintaining at your current weight give or take a smidge:D, really shoud try on some size 8 but dont think they would fit me :sigh: tho the few 10's i have fit great :D

Well done with your head catching up and to not seeing the big girl anymore wish mine would catch up as i still see the fatty me :cry:

My diet is a bit poo at the mo am struggling a bit with it since the wedding ho hum i WILL get there tho and get this last little bit off

I too have missed you hun

Ooops, i had a bit of a binge last nite:( Bought my Mum some of those liqorice catherine wheels for xmas and thought I would try one:D I don't even like black liqorice - how mad is that?! Anyway, i ended up eating the whole lot - about 300 cals:eek: Then, if that wasnt bad enough, i ate 2 small bags of maltesers:eek: Despite the toothache, i managed to eat them on one side - lol!

Anyway, back on track this morning. Been for weigh in and lost a pound! woo hoo! On my scales i've actually lost 1.5lbs and as i'm going by mine now i shall take that as my official weigh in:D So I am now 8st 12!!! omg, how weird is that?! Definitely dont want to lose any more, bits of me are getting bony and that is not a good look with a pot belly! lol

I think you will catch up psychologically soon Tara. Its only in this last week that I have actually caught sight of myself and suddenly noticed all of the weight i have lost. I honestly just saw a tubby rolypoly looking back at me in the mirror up until last week.

Day off today but need to pop into the office to catch up on a few bits if i can. ds at nursery until lunch time and then we'll go to the town to get a few xmasy bits.

Started with the decorations last night but haven't got very far. dh is supposed to be bringing back a tree tonight but as he wont get back till very late we wont be able to decorate it until tomorrow.

Nearly done with the xmas pressie shopping - just a few more to get. Need to get on with the wrapping, posting and card writing though. Quite a few of my presents need to be posted so i must get organised over the next few days.

Right, i'm off to change my ticker! woo hoo !!!! xxxx
hopefully today has given me the lick up the rear and kicked my mojo back into play!!! had weigh-in this afternoon and have a 1lb gain so total pants 3 1/2 lb since the wedding which is when MOJO uped n left. Now weigh 9st 1/2lb

cor your binge sounds yummy well done eating it dispite the bad mouth hun

hope you & ds have had fun today with the christmas tree,
really must dig out our decorations!!

right better go add that 1lb to my ticker

Hi hun

I had the most awful binge last nite:eek: I had my work do and so knew I was going to be eating quite a calorific meal. I didn't eat much during the day so that was ok. Went to the meal and had prawn cocktail to start (quite a small portion so not too bad) turkey, roast potatoes, cauliflower in cheese sauce, and red cabbage with a chunk of brown bread. Then for dessert i had lemon and white chocolate cheesecake - wow,it was divine! Only drank water so saved cals on the alcohol. BUT then I came back home and started raiding the choccies - maltesers, mini chomps, chocolate animal biscuits, kitkats - omg it was awful!:eek: The cheesecake had just totally kicked off my sweet tooth cravings and I couldn't stop myself. Felt absolutely awful afterwards and today.

I really thought I had that side of myself more or less under control but now I think its going to be a never ending problem. I just cant seem to have "one" of something, or a "little bit". I think I was kidding myself to think that I had conquered it:(

Trying to drink loads of water today to flush out all of those toxins - only done 1 litre so far but will get another couple down me during the day xxxxx
Hi huni,

I havent posted for a few days on our thread !!

Dont worry about your binge hun, just draw a line under it,and hope your feeling better from it now

I feel like i have finally got back on track, so far have had 3 good days and have stuck to 1200 plan woohoo about bloomin time and all because i took the weekend off for the wedding, led into 2 weeks of mucking about!! gggrrrr, any way am back on track now so thats all that matters

Hope all goes well for you today hun with your teeth,and at least it will be sorted once and for all

very pleased to hear that you are back on track hun. You sound like me - a slight indulgence and then it kind of paves the way for a few days. Thats the thing that is worrying me about maintenance because i cant seem to have just "a little of what i fancy" now without it setting me off big time.

I am in so much pain - the teeth extraction was pretty bad. Half an hour of pushing, pulling, cracking, drilling, cutting and stitching..........but they are now out and hopefully I shall be feeling better tomorrow. At the moment I feel as though I've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! Still, at least it stops me eating so that is something:D

I'm going to have a bath and get to bed now, hopefully an early night will help.

Take care hun

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