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Last minute refeed

Hi all. I decided on Wednesday to refeed as I was due to next week anyway for my baby's christening. Last minute get to gather this Saturday for mother in laws 60th so I decided I would like one wine spritzer to sit over & feel socialable. I'm on refeed day 3 today & haven't gained anything yet please god I don't after 31 days on TFR & losing 23lbs.. Going straight back on 27 th October ...

I'll post up my diary in a bit...

Good luck to all here xx
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Day one;
B: 1 TFR vanilla shake
L: 1 TFR choc shake
D: I small chicken breast oven baked in tinfoil with pepper & spices.. Dry fried Onions, mushrooms & tomatoes
W: 3 x litres

[ felt very weird eating after 4.5 weeks.. Stomach felt bloated & so full.. Felt scared & apprehensive]
Day two:
B: 1 TFR choc shake
L: salmon portion baked in tinfoil with cracked pepper & spices. Spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes baked in tinfoil.
D: tuna 1/2 small tin, sliced tomato, onion & cucumber all on a side dish.

[ felt so unbelievably full after lunch.. Didn't want to have dinner felt I couldn't face more food.. But thought best to try follow plan incase metabolism slowed if I didn't so forced myself to eat very very small portion of dinner...]
Day three:
B: 1 TFR vanilla shake
L: 1 small chicken breast with cracked pepper, mushroom, tomato baked in tinfoil. 3 baby gem lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, onion. 1 spoon of mash with no added fat. ( cut up babybel light on top of salad)
D: salmon portion with cracked pepper & spices baked in tinfoil. Spinach, mushroom, onion, tomato baked in tinfoil.
W: 3 litres

[ was quite naughty today by adding a babybel, but figure it's protein & low cal! Also had about half a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce with dinner. Then earlier in the day I had a handful of popcorn at my friends sons birthday part & a chicken nugget! Not Feeling good about that at all :( ]
Hey Deezer.. I'm doing great so far.. Couldn't follow plan to the t' yesterday as it was hectic but I was very good. Weigh in, in the morning so we'll see. I weighed this morning and I was down 6 since Monday but think I was dehydrated from the half bottle of wine I had at other halfs mothers 60th yesterday. But even if I stay the same I'll be happy.. How are you getting on hun? Thanks for the message :) feel bit lonely over here ha ha ;) x
Lol... i'm good hun!! Counting down to xmas... as i worked out it will be exactly ten weeks today till re-feed for xmas!!! *Gulps*

Glad its working out for you hun!!! x
Oh jeebers!!!! I can't wait to get back on 100% TFR ... Back on it the 24th I'll be on it then 8 weeks till Xmas refeed. Bring it on ;) x
Got weighed this morning and suprisingly iv lost 3 lbs ...
i am chuffed.
Looking forward to going back to TFR on the 24th October.. bring it on x
Oh lord! I'm due monthlys on Wednesday I weighed this morning & iv gone up 4 since yesterday. First time iv seen weight go up.. I'm panicking :( christening Saturday then back 100% on Monday & I cannot wait literally. I love the 'in control' feeling! Iv started picking at bits here bits there, not terrible but still not just 3 meals!
Don't like this feeling at all. :( Monday can't come round quick enough.. Then bring on the Xmas challenge.. X
Thanks deezer. Weigh in tomoz :-/ you look fab in pic.. Go girl x

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