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Lisa's diary

Day 2

Well I made it past the first day, had a stinker of a headache last night, but feeling ok this morning, will wait and see what the rest of the day brings!!! Oh and was up piddling 3 times in the night!!! Just made the kids breakfast and they asked for my favourite, smells deeeelish! But I shall now go and make myself a nice cold milkshake

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Thanks shanny! I had a nice hot choc lastnight, I'm a returner after two years if I'm honest, always have a hot chic before bed! The last time day two was my worst and by day 3 I was fine so I hope that's the case tomorrow as I'll be at work!!

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is Magdalicious
Breakfast is actually my favourite meal of the day. I always look forward to it so much. A nice mug of freshly brewed coffee and porridge with half a peanut bar crumbled into it! Yum! :)
Well done for making it through day one! This time on Monday, Tuesday the latest you should have a visit from the lovely ketosis diary! :)
After she comes it's all plain sailing ;)

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I'm so hoping it won't be rough!!! I feel great today! Oh andy last message should of read hot choc!!!! Not hot chic!!!

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Can't believe it, my sister popped over before, she's 37 weeks pregnant and asked to use my scales, I always think she's bigger than me especially heavily pregnant! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw we weighed the same!!! Ahhhhh!! Oh well not for long!

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glad ur finding the first week ok.... its easier after that! x
Day 3

Ok I think I'm going into ketosis, I feel awful! Banging head weak legs, nasty!!! I'm working in London today, so just got to my hotel room, got my painkillers and going bed!!! However they've upgraded me this week, when I came in there was a tray full of goodies and alcoholic drinks, I'm so not tempted but scared of what I might do in my sleep!!! So rang downstairs and they've kindly removed it!!! Right pack, panadol water and in bed to watch my soaps!!!

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sorry ur feeling poorly... it will subside soon!!! u going to Lurrrve the bars when u get them!
HAHA, Bless you. You really must have needed it to miss the soaps lol just want to say great will power with getting the staff to remove the tray rather than torturing yourself all night with them staring at you! Have you noticed yet how much life does revolve around food and how much of the day you actually spend eating it lol
Totally!!! My life revolves around food!! Ended up ironing all day yesterday instead of going out for dinner, also a few things yesterday made me instantly want to turn to food, but do nice tonight finishing work and coming straight to my room rather than worrying about where to go for dinner!!!

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Day 4

Feel amazing!! Loads of energy no appetite!!! But just nearly throttled my husband, really got on my nerves he's just sat there eating a bowl of something and the noise was going right through me!!! I didn't want what he was eating but boy he was noisy!! Chomping away violently, I've just left the room, is it jealousy?

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I think it is jelousy and annoyance that your not eating and yet he is. Without even thinking that it might be effecting you. I snapped my brothers head off last night for eating a lettuce leaf infront of me. Sometimes I don't mind it and other times I just get angry and think 'how dare you!' but it's bound to happen. I think this is child behaviour. You don't want it but because someone else has it you want it as well.
I've def been there so your not alone
MJ x
Day 5

I had to think how many days in I am!! Feeling good, lots of energy, not feeling lethargic at all!! Quite a stressful day so decided upon some retail therapy in ikea, stopped at the restaurant to refuel the kids, that was really hard! It smelt lovely, but never mind!!!! Sense of smell has gone through the roof!! Feeling good though!!!

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Glad your feeling energised. Long may it continue. Ikea would be difficult for me too. All these foods that you could be tempted to pick on! X
Day 6

Not quite sure today, I'm upstairs working, kids are home OH on day off, the smells are wafting up the stairs, I want to go downstairs but I don't think I can face what they're eating, don't think I've drank enough today, not feeling it!! : (

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