LL Week 13 - But I feel ill!

Hi All
I'm on week 13 of LL, but this week I've felt light headed and dizzy in the afternoons, even after a shake or a bar.
On Sat I was nearly sick on the pavement, I felt so dizzy.

Anyone else feel like this or have any suggestions?

Also, with the side effect, I've read that perople lose hair, their period slow etc as your body diverts its "resources" to keep you ticking along, but has anyone else noticed their eyesight changing?
I wear glasses and have found over the last couple of weeks that my eyesight is changing.
Could this be a "side effect" of LL?

I'm not sure whether to fork out ££££ on new glasses or to wait a few more weeks.

PLEASE HELP!!!! :confused:

Love to all
Yvonnie xx
I felt very i'll about 4 weeks back, I went dizzy and couldn't walk because I thought I was going to pass out.

I turned out I was ill for about 4 1/2 hours and then chucked all the days packs and water up then felt immediate better :D

The upshot of this post is that although there are times where your problems may be a side affect of the diet you are on it may just be ill ;)

Talk to your LLC or doctor if you are still worried.