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So far I have been happy to have low gi snacks of fruit and yoghurt...

When the other day I discovered Ryvita Whole Seed Crispbreads which are low gi! Really tasty! However they are a little high on the calorie terms so I wouldn't have more than two at a time as a snack.

Has anyone else discovered any tasty low gi snacks?

Make the carrot cake from Rick Gallop's book for a snack - it's delicous, and VERY filling.
Ann x

Over the weekend I am gonna try out the Low GI Chocolate cake, going to test it on a non dieting friend too...

I will try the carrot cake too some time westhills! Need to test the chocolate cake because am hoping to make it for some friends, for our xmas dinner meet up. If its not good I'll make them a choc cake that I don't like (like choc orange) and eat something else...

Anyway enough waffling...
A small handful of nuts is great as you don't need many to fill you up, and they're so good for you, just watch how many though as they are high cal. I make Rick Gallop's muffin's, as they're yummy. Also like an oat cake with a bit of hummus, or very small amount of peanut butter (no added sugar of course!).
Just tried the Low GI Chocolate Cake...

It was horrible! Far too bitter and just not sweet enough.:mad::mad::mad:

My boyfriend liked it though - I'm sure he'll polish it off.

Oh well I guess the chocolate will have to stay off the menu until I finish this diet, only 56 pounds to go...

Yesterday I was feeling a bit crap about how slow the weight is now coming off and bought a galaxy carmel (sorry to those on SS). But on the way to my friend's house I passed a clothes shop and decided to try on some jeans. AND! I now fit into size 18 jeans - in a normal clothes shop! That totally redeemed me and made my day! When I got to my friend's house - I gave her the chocolate (she's trying to put on weight!).

Have been a bit slack lately about following the diet 100%, so will now be 100% strict and will attempt some more exercise this week...

Sorry for my ramble!

Luv and Hugs, CC xxx xxx xxx
Oh well Apple and Cinnamon tea will help. And being here is putting my mind off the evil stuff!

Cor. I really fancy that

Where did you get it? I don't remember seeing it about on my shopping trips.

hiya which yoghurts are low gi...
and can anybody recommed any low gi cereals or nuesli...i think alpen is one...thanks
hiya which yoghurts are low gi...
and can anybody recommed any low gi cereals or nuesli...i think alpen is one...thanks
Here are two sites you will find helpful.

The Glycemic Index

Food: Yogurt (low fat, fruit)
Glycemic Index: 14
Glycemic Index Rating: Low
Glycemic Index of Low Fat Yogurt, GI Value

Choose lower GI foods:
  • Rolled oats (not instant) or oat-based cereal like muesli
  • Fibre-based cereal likes All-Bran
  • Other lower GI cereals like Guardian, Special K or Mini-Wheats
  • Sprinkle rice bran or oat bran over your usual cereal
Go Grains - For Consumers - Glycaemic Index - How it can help you
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Hey i've just decided to try out low GI diet but dont really no much about it like what foods i can eat???
can anyone help me...i like most fruits and love yogurts!!

thank you.xx
I have done well on the low GI diet....would recommend Rick Gallops GI diet for busy people really worth a read and lots of things to cook....there is also a sticky of the foods that you can eat
I found a couple of Low GI cookbooks at the library and one of them had loads of snack-type recipes!

I made the chocolate and banana loaf (which I wasn't sure would be okay for me being in the weight loss phase, but apparently it's fine) and it was lovely. Not as sweet as I was expecting, although that's probably due to the fact that I used the 70% cocoa chocolate to make it and one less banana than the recipe called for. It freezes really nicely too, so I've sliced it, wrapped individual slices and popped them in my freezer (not a bad way of keeping them out of reach, lol ;) )