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March Goals



Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Can I extend my goal for March to Sunday 3rd April? Pretty please??

I've got a big family birthday that day, and by that date I WILL HAVE LOST ANOTHER 7.5lbs!!
ooo good idea this :D can i extend mine to 5th april please as thats my next weigh in date :D
I'm in for 10lbs :)
awww thanks rach :D think i will go for a 6lb. i know its not a lot but rather go for one that i know i have a chance of achieving
not as much as some but a good amount for me :D we will all achieve our goals
Sall never compare yourself to others , we are all individual...what works for 1 person doesn't always work for the next !!

Your doing really well and i'm chuffed for you on your weightloss :):)
I want to get below 13 st. I started 11 days ago on xenical and weighed in after a week at 13st 5lbs. I lost 7 lbs. However this morning I weighed in at 13st 7lbs. I am thinking it could be totm, but feeling a little disappointed as I seemed to do really well last week. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I thought I might be eating too many carbs as I tend to look more at fat and calories. I know I need to exercise more and am still waiting for 30 day shred to arrive. Has anyone got any advice they can give me? I really need to lose the weight for my health.

Anyway I guess I want to try and lose 8lbs this month.
Make sure you weigh yourself only when you 1st get up ...as the day goes on you will weigh in heavier with foods and fluids in you !! make sure you drink plenty of water...make sure you know what amount of calories you should be having :):)
i think my march goal will be 10lbs, although i not had my 1st weigh in yet 13 days to go so then i will have a better idea x
p.s how much roughly is a good weight loss for the 1st month
Thanks. I weigh first thing in the morning and go off that reading. But I still seemed to have gained since Saturday. Maybe I am not drinking enough water, but I still seem to be going to the bathroom alot especially in the night. I try to eat around 1600 calories and watch fat content closely. I am thinking maybe I should reduce portion sizes of things like pasta and rice.
Thanks for the advice.
Kelly everyone loses different amounts of weight but 1-2lbs weekly is a good loss...
Diana make sure you drink plenty of water ....in the alli diet plan book if your having rice with say a curry you should have 40g dry weight
if I have pasta at lunchtime I have 50g and if its a main evening meal 70-75g

Scary we stick to 45g and under for fat a day....we don't go over the 5g rule (ie...back of packets 5g per 100g) you have to drink plenty of water ...for my height and weight I am advised to drink unto 4.3 litres.
when you have a snack it should really be fat free or as near as possible...when dishing up food your plate should have a quarter meat, quarter carbs and then the rest veg...hope this helps :)

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