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metrognomes back to basics food diary


is getting better at it
Saturday 1st may

Breakfast:~ 1 low fat sausage, yellow pot baked beans and mushrooms (mag)

Lunch:~ toasted cheese sandwich with rc cheese and mixed salad (mag)

Dinner:~ 50g sliced chicken, egg mayo, tuna mayo and salad with 2 ryvitas ( 350 cals)

Snacks:~ 100g fresh fruit salad, 1 banana, packet of walkers crisps

Exercise:~ extra rosemary class and 7979 steps, i have had a really good day today


is getting better at it
Sunday 2nd may

Maxwell House Unsweetened Cappuccino = 36

Laughing Cow Light Cheese Spread x 2 = 50

2 Warburtons Crumpets 6 Pack = 190

Asda Gammon Joint 80g =160
20g New Potatoes, In Skins, Boiled In Salted Water - 132 cals
Carrots, swede, green beans and low gravy

now comes the bad bit
Tesco Cheese & Onion S/W

Cadburys Snack Sandwich 6 choccie biscuits

had a grand total of 1911 cals whoops:eek:


is getting better at it
Monday 3rd may

Breakfast:~ 2 slices hovis 400g wholemeal, 1 dry fried egg = 185 cals

Lunch:~ 200g jacket potato filled with yellow pot of baked beans and mushrooms = 260 cals

Dinner:~ Tesco light choices beef lasagne, and a white crusty roll = 535 cals

Extra meal:~chicken and bacon sandwich and a packet of square crisp = 360 cals

total of 1340 cals

Tuesday 4th may

Breakfast:~ mixed kebab = 874 cals

Lunch:~ fresh fruit salad and 2 mini snack eggs = 196 cals

Dinner:~ 4 fish fingers, 150g rustic oven chips and peas = 392cals

total 1435 cals

Wednesday 5th may

Breakfast:~ 2 x crumpets and spread = 304 cals

Lunch:~ Bacon sandwich = 302
fresh fruit salad = 77 cals
Dinner:~ 2 wraps with chicken and salad filling = 393cals

Extra meal:~ pate sandwich, couple of pringles and a couple of squares of chocolate = 387 cals

cals used 1463
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is getting better at it
lost 3lb this week.

Friday, saturday and sunday have been really bad. need to get back into it otherwise i will have to give me stone certificate back lol


is getting better at it
lost 1lb last week and have not been to good food wise this week, have wrote it all down in my book and will transfer all on here soon

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