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Mini Goals For W/e 27th January*****


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Ok folks, idea fron LL but a good one......list your Mini goals for this week only and tick them off as you get through the week

Here are mine:-

  1. To stick to each day 100 %
  2. to drink at least 4 litres each day:tear_drop:
  3. will not weigh until official weigh in day
  4. Will do 20min walk each day :eek:
You may have different goals from me but whatever they are write them down and we will get through the week.
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Great idea Maggie. My goals are:

1. Do some tummy and arm toning every other day
2. Get on my glider for 15 minutes on alternate days
3. Drink 4ltrs of water a day
4. Moisturise body daily



Fed up of being fat
I dont have many but these are my goals for this week:

1. Drink at least 3 litres of water each day
2. Toning exercises every other day
3. Do not weigh myself except on official day
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My goals for the week are:1, ss 100% all week
2. Keep up my water intake
3.Wash up!
4.Get more sleep
okay.....mine are:-

1. To drink at least 2 litres of water per day (this may seem a "trickle" to lots of you but i haven't drunk any water in AGES)
2. To stop binging
3. To research a suitable long term maintenance plan
4. To lose my 2.5lb gain and get back to 8st 12 AND STAY THERE!

As my little boy says to me when i get stressed in the car park looking for a space "YOU CAN DO IT MUMMY":D


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Mine are
1 Drink at least 3l of water per day
2 Use my bio oil every day
3 Stick to my diet every day (I have a meal at end of week so going up to 790 for a few days)
4 Eat sensibly on meal and have SS for brekkie/lunch
5 Go back to the gym

PS Liking the new piccie Porgeous, you are so much more attractive without the shower cap!! ;)
ok heres mine!!

1) stick to diet for whole week 100%
2) drink at least 3litres of water a day
3)keep busy
4)cook daughters dinner with a peg on my nose so i dont smell it!!!
5) to go upstairs and read a book if things are getting a bit much and relax for a wee while

i know some of these may sound silly and easy but its my 1st week!! :)
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great thread HM. My mini goals for the week.

1) stick to my diet.
2) Drink minimum 2.5 litres water a day
3) not diet related - but start spring cleaning and have a good old sort out and donate all unwanted items to charity shop.
Great thread. Some of you peeps goals have given me ideas:

1. Stick to sole source 100%. NO PICKING!!
2. 4 litres of water a day.
3. Bio oil all over morning and evening.
4. Go through wardrobe and donate or sell unwanted clothes.


One Day at a Time
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I love this thread... hopefull ywill keep me on track

1) To stick to SS 100%
2) To go to the gym three times this week (been this morning so 1 down)
3) To drink at least 3 litres of water a day
4) To spend as much time with my DS as possible


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Wahay, Day 1 and its going well, 2l of water dwon out of 3 and used my bio oil today! Just gotta get myself to the gym tonight. Talking of bio oil, how long does a bottle usually last? And how long do you need to rub it in for??
Just checking in folks to report that I am about to leave work and have already drunk my 2 litre quota so a pat on the back for me:D

Need to make sure i keep to the no binging rule tonight when i get home.

Hows everyone else doing?


MUST get a grip
My goals this week are:

1 To do SS 100%
2 Drink 4ltr water
3 Start wearing pedometer to see what I need to do
4 To go birthday shopping Sat for my daughter

1 = done
2 = done
3 = it was in my pocket and that was it :eek:
4 = saturday shopping spree arranged


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Mine are

1 Get through the week 100% ss
2 Drink at least 3 litres of water a day
3 Exercise at least 3 times in the week
4 Lose at least 4lb this week
5 Drink more green tea at least 4 a day

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