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Miss Kassy Getting Sassy (Re-Start)


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Hi people. Like most of you, I hve went and hit a brick wall over the last few weeks with the whole dieting malarky (we are only human after all) and after weeks of takeaways and copious amounts of alcahol I have noticed the ticker on my scales going the wrong way again and those pounds are creeping back on. Grrrrrr. So, its time to take action and get my head bck into gear BIG TIME!!! Whos' up for joining me on this re-vamp?

I started my diet back in November 2010 and by the beginning of May 2011 i'd lost 3 stone. But after my forghtnightly blip I have gained 5lb :( I refuse to gain anymore and end up bck at square one. I was sooooo miserable and depressed I nevr want to feel like that again. So today is D Day and I am aiming to lose about 3 stone by my holiday to Turkey on 23rd September.


I'll be reporting on here whenever I can with weigh in's and food diarys and spouting out my feelings and frustrations to all who will listen haha. So lets support each other, share tips and get this weight shifted!!!!!!

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Sounds great to me. I've had a bad week and a half and if I don't put the brakes on now I'll be skidding back down fast. Have written a meal plan for the rest of the week and am going shopping. Good luck everyone.

Viva La Diva

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Hi MissK....yes I am stalking you....but only in a good wayyyy.....promise!!!! Popped in to wish you BUCKETS of luck for your restart !!! You can do it girl !!!!! I've restarted this week too, so I'll chug along with you as we drop the lard !!! Yay !!!!

I know you can do it!!!!

Diva x


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Yey!!!! The Diva has arived. Diva in da hoooouuuusssseeeee hahaha. Have a fab weekend and I'll speak to you after the bank holiday - Mite have to start proper proper after the bank holl hahaha. Too much drinking to be done.

Peace out xxxxx
I'm in :) I'm banging away at it again now! got down to within one piddly stone of my sort of possibly goal weight last yr but have bumped 2 bleeding stone back on! Looking to shift a min of 3 stone and finding it hard going this time round!!!

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Viva La Diva

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Drinking??? Drinking ??? I hope that is sparkling water with a slice??? Hehehe....or NOT!!!

Enjoy the long weekend, I've done all my gardening and am now sitting on the Deck, sunning it up with a Smoothie for lunch!!! Will be nagging you....sorry checking up on you on Tuesday !!!

Diva x


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Hello Miss Kassy i hope your restart is going well? I am day one again with CCing as i was struggling alot on a VLCD.. but determind not to return but to exercise and eat better foods..


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Hiya people, and a huge wlecome to Shanny, Legomom and Shelski. How are you guys getting on?

Shanny - VLCD's are sooo hard to stick to. Yes they work but as soon as you eat normal you pile the weight on. I know this as I used to do VLCD all the time but now swear healthy eating and exercise is the way forward. It dosent come off as quick but it does stay off a hell of a lot longer.

Diva - Thats great news. I'm soooooooooooo proud of ya. You are doing great. I'm jealous haha. Bet you are loving the weather. UIts okay here today but wont be a patch on your weather. We hardly have a summer here in the UK at all aymore which is so sad as I am a total sun worshipper. Infact, I'd go as \far as to say I'm solar powerd haha.

Legomon - We have almost the same amount of weight to lose so lets do this! hehe. I'm aiming to lose as close to 3 stone as I can for end of September. It'll be tough but i'm determined to do it. We'll drag each other through it day by day hehe.

Shelski - How have you got on over the weekend? Have you managed to put those breaks on? Its so hard o re-focus after a stint of being naughty. I find I am alot more hungry and crave junk food. You can do this too. I just know it.

Well, I have to admit, I aint been the best this long weekend. I havent ben terrible but not good at all, plus I aint been to the gym.

Its my weigh in at the docs tonight but I know I wont have lost as much as I have been. Just hope they let me keep prescribing me the Xenical. Then as it's 1st of June tomorow I am going to refocus extra hard and hopefully see some god losses again.

Speak to you all soon and looking forward to getting to know you xxx
God 3 stone by end of sept would be amazing!! I'd love it!! New wardrobe for Xmas paaaaarty season!!! Whoop di whoop!!! I'm 5 lbs down since my restart and it's looking good! Think it'll STS this week as I'm not very well so no working out for me :( but I've stuck to my cals ever sooooo strictly so maybe not!! Good luck with the docs! I'm sure he'll represcribe!

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Did well over weekend and sts. All my clothes are baggy, but the next size down is still too tight. Tried xenical but didn't do much for me. Have lost more in 6 weeks of sw. Good luck everyone x

Viva La Diva

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I know the body is what roughly 60 ish % water ?? But I feel like I'm around 90 % !! Sloshing around in meeeee !! Popped in to see if you'd been here Missy..... I am on yer back !! Come on.....chase you down through those stones !! Haha !! You will have to be super duper to get there by Sept, but IT is possible !!

My handy tips today are......
Try on something lovely and Summery but too small for slim- speration !! Hang said article or another gawjus slinky on a hanger in a room where you will see it regularly....and want it!!!
Blue tac up a fat piccy AND a slim piccy on the fridge, the bathroom wall, the bedroom wall, inside the kitchen cupboards!! Hehe !! No escaping from it...... Think 5 positive things about yourself daily !!

Diva x
Hiya people, and a huge wlecome to Shanny, Legomom and Shelski. How are you guys getting on?

Shanny - VLCD's are sooo hard to stick to. Yes they work but as soon as you eat normal you pile the weight on. I know this as I used to do VLCD all the time but now swear healthy eating and exercise is the way forward.
Hello hun yep your right it such is hard going.. i have one more week left on it.. then im happy to say bye to it.!
Im thinking about weight watchers the new pro-points:) i exercise 3-4 times aweek and start bootcamp tomorrow evening which is three 45minute sessions a week.. so looking forward to seeing the inch loss again..:D

how has your day been? x:)

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi Shanny!! Yes I'm cc ing but that loss was after a week of illness and pizzas, I can comfort eat for England and my new adopted home America too !! Hehe !!!! I find it easier in the Summer to stick to, as I can guzzle water, plain, and pints of it and I'm constantly reminded of the flab in Summery clothes ( in Winter here I am buried in jumpers,etc and five feet of snow!!!! )
Your target of 140 makes me droool, that's a lovely number, 10 st wow !!! How tall are you hun ??
( I think I may tweek my target weight when I get to 168 lbs, will see how I look,as I'm older now and it's not zipping back in as it did 20 years ago in my twenties!!!! Hahaha !!! )

You are SO close, well done you !!!!

Diva x

Viva La Diva

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Missy K how was the Doc's, I hate the scales at my Doc's !!!! I even bought a similar set for home as the results are mega accurate and my old ones at the time seemed to just pluck a number out of thin air!!! Hehehe !! Did you get the tabs ????

Happy June !!!! The slimming clock is ticking down to your Holiday in Sept !!!!!! Yay !!!!!

Diva x
Hello ladies what a day I've had my hair cut eyebrows threaded now on my way to my first bootcamp session 45 minutes of misery lol.. But I need to drop inches and weight.

Viva I'm 5f5 chick I was 10 stone last year but gained a bit over the year.. So I'm well chuffed I will be back there soon.
Do u enjoy CC? I do as u are not restricted really, uve done really well to. Do u exercise ?

How's everyones day been? X

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Yep, trying to get back on track with my walking, I was doing 20 miles plus earlier this year. Not quite ready to thrash it like I was then, this virus thingy really knocked my socks off, so I have been just doing odd walks etc, nothing to write about I'm afraid!!! When I'm serious I am right there, tracking the miles, steps, etc etc with my Pedometer !!!! Hehe !!!
Cc ing is the only thing I can stick to, I've been such a diet tart over the years, at the mo I am shocking my body to HOPEFULLY part with another 2lbs this week. You know more cals one day then super strict and then two days higher, then back down again, etc. Means you can relax at the weekends a bit, and then be brill during the week, nice and flexible for me !!!!

Diva x


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Morning you's lot.

Right, first things first - Diva/Shanny - What is CC ing? Tell me more, as I need to try sumit new as I still have not managed to climb back up on my wagon :cry: Very dissapointed in myself. But more about that laster..., first I want to catch up with you all...

Diva - Yeah, you were doing fab with your walking. I bet its hard though in the hot weather. You sill going strong with your smoooooothies? Yum. Docs went okay. I'm up to 12st 12lb but thats still a half a stone loss from the last time I was there so they were happy and have gave me another 2 months supply. I agree 140 is a fab target weight. Thats what I am aiming for for my jollys and if I ever get under that it will be a bonous.

Shanny - How was bootcamp? Prepare to be in agony over the next few days hehe. Apparently your body gets used to it though so you will me less and less sore when you do it, but its supposed to be great. I'm going back next week. Only ever went once but could tell it will work if you stick at it. I'm aiming to be the same weight as you, so once you and Diva tell me more about CCing i'll give it a whirl. Your day of pampering sounded fab. What did you have done to your hair? I just dyed mine the other day - black red as it was bright red. I like to change my haircolour often - keeps me feeling new and diffrent haha.

Shleski - Well dne, keep it up. STS is aways a good thing. As long as the scales dont go up you are on the right track. Loads of people I know love SW.

Legomom - You are doing great. Wish my re-start was as much of a success as yours hehe.

Well girls, I STILL aint been good - I'm craving junk all the time and can't concerntrate properly. I'm starting o feel low and my self esteem dwindiling away. I have had such a good run aswell and thought I'd beaten the junk food deamons but they have come back with a vengance. Diva - you been with me from the start on this and you know hown depressed I was - I'm terrified I'm never gonna get back out this rut again and eat myself back up to a size 20.

I'm giving myself the weeken then getting back to he gym on Monday and gonna have to be mega strick. Get over that first week then I should be on my way to slimville again. I know I shouldnt beat myself up, but I'm feeling so down and when I'm down I eat. Its a vicious cycle. My heads not in it at all.

Ive already racked up 800 calories today ad that was before 9am. Not good. A weekend of drink and pigging out then its back to being mega good. Ihope I can do it this time xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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