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Missing Maddie..Lets all pray for her safe return.


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Here we all are worrying about our bodies and weight!!!

Please let us all spare a few minutes for Maddie and the devasted parents and family of little Maddie who is currently missing in Portugal.

I pray that she is returned to them and very soon. My heart goes out to all the family and especially little Maddie. I pray to God that she is reunited with her family soon.
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I totally agree, Tracy - I've been scouring the internet and watching the news avidly to see if there's any news on the poor little mite. Been in floods of tears watching the tv footage of her poor parents - God only knows what they are going through right now. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

Bless them!



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Been thinking about them constantly. Can only imagine what they are going through. I hope there is a positive outcome soon and that she is returned to her parents safely
irene xx


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It is heart breaking and sending my thoughts and prayers for a happy ending with the safe return of Maddie.

Love Mini xxx
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S: 14st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 0st9lb(4.59%)
I know that when feeling fat/obese/over weight ect ect ect .........It is awful and very depressing........ BUT THE THOUGHT OF LOOSING ONE OF YOUR OWN is absolutley horrific. I feel sick to my stomach. There area always people worse off than your self. ALL of our problems are so insignificant in comparison.
God I hope that she is returned soon.


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this news is absolutley dreadfull lets all hope maddie is safetly returned to her parents shortly xxxxxx


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Thoughts and prayers are with little Maddie and her parents and little brother and sister , its one of those situations that you think it could never happen to you .

Hoping Maddie is returned safe very , very soon xxx


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gosh it awful...makes you realise there is more to life.......

please let her be ok....she is too beautiful and precious


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Yes, you are right. I feel so distraught and keep checking Sky News and their website. It's so upsetting and I've taken the story to heart. :(


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Maddie is an little angel and I hope and pray someone up there is looking out for her

Its heartbreaking and I do not know anyone who is not broken hearted by this unneccessary tragedy

Bless her and keep her safe from harm


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This is so sad and having a child the same as Maddie makes it really hit home, I pray to god that little girls ok, My heart goes out to the family .


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Poor lil Maddie,
have been thinking about her and the family since the story hit the headlines...
Hope she is returned safe and unharmed soon...


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You're all echoing my thoughts - I'm just adding my prayers too.


It is the saddest thing and I cannot stop checking sky news hoping for her safe return.
I hope that she is not suffering or has not suffered and that her family can overcome their tragedy!
How will their life continue?


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I really hope she is found safe and unharmed .... it's the not knowing where she is or why she was taken that must be the hardest...... whatever the outcome I hope she is found so her family will not be left wondering....

Having a daughter the same age I cannot stop thinking about this situation...... and cannot even begin to imagine how they are feeling.... it is just horrendeous... it makes my heart ache just to even think about it......


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I think we're all thinking about this awful event, praying, and sending loving, supportive wishes to little Maddie and her family.

Sometimes, there are just no words.

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