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Mocha & Blue_Grapefruit will be slim by Christmas!

Ok ... here goes :p

Blue_Grapefruit and I have a similar amount to lose and we both want to do it by Christmas! I want to do it in time for my 40th on Dec 22nd. Leah wants to get new sexy clothes for Christmas - both very good reasons to lose weight don't you think!

We've chatted on MSN and made a pact that we will slap each other if we cheat :rolleyes:

We've both had a bad day or two, so...from now on, new start, we are GOING FOR IT!

This is our new thread for making it happen! Wish us luck :D

Mocha & Blue_Grapefruit
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We've both had a bad day or two, so...from now on, new start, we are GOING FOR IT!
A bad day or two may be an understatement.

Mochaj and I are going to do it this time, we mean it! If she fails i'm going to give up - so she'd better not. I vow to do this, cos i'm not letting a good friend be fat and forty :)

Oh god....... here we go again!

Love Leah xxx
See, if I fail she will give up. So I really must succeed :p

Also if she fails, I will give up! So maybe this is the way to go, have someone to blame, then we can't/daren't cheat :D

Good luck you 2!
Well done for finding support in each other!
I talk to Spooky on MSN and she keeps me in line! I have had so many blips this week but luckily haven't taken a bit jump that has taken me out of ketosis!
Today I am going to be strict and stick with my 3 units and only that!!


I will get to goal .....
Good luck you guys .... you know you can do it!! Just make it through the first few days and you'll be well on your way!

Was wondering where blue_grapefruit had got to! Now I know she's been hiding :whoopass:, should've kept posting if you were struggling hun!!

Right you guys - back to it!!! :D
Good Luck you two:D

I'm sure there will be two sexy ladies at Christmas - you both sound sooooo determined and with the added bonus that if one fails, the other will give up! Talk about pressure.:)

Take one day at a time and I know you will succeed.
Good luck to both of you, great support for each other, bring on those party dresses eh,, :D:D
Good luck to you both!!!

You can do it!!! Just don't be a stranger on here!
If I can do this, anyone can!!!


Awww dobbie! truth is, i had a bloody awful chest infection so antibiotics were needed. Dr told me to come off CD till the course had finished. Been dying in bed the past week! Missed you all too though.
Ooooh, about to have first shake of the day......

What to have? xxx
Awww Leah. Hope that you are feeling better now.
We have missed you too!!

Personally stay away from the tomato soup - it is rank!!!! Nah, truth of the matter is I made it up with boiling water and it should have been warm.
See, i'm so serious i've changed my ticker. Now it looks like ive re-gained all that i had lost - not strictly true but if i see its on 0 i will bloody make an effort!!! WOOOOO

so, 2st 7lbs to lose by xmas! BRING IT ON!


I will get to goal .....
Easy peasy lemon squeezy ....

... well only if you put your mind to it!! You can do it hun ... woo hoo!!
Come on Leah -you can do it!!!

I would like to loose 3 stone for Christmas or there about! So, let's pull our socks up and get going!!!
Don`t forget

" Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

my cdc tells me that, I used to think it everyday !!!!!
and will repeat it everyday from now until I get to my goal !!!!! :D
Woohoo, day is almost over and I have stuck to it! Now I just have to stick to it through the rest of the evening ;) A long soak in the bath with a good book and a lush bathbomb should help occupy part of my evening I reckon!

4 litres of water and 2 shakes down. One more shake to have later!:D

How are you getting on Leah?
Good luck to you both, I have complete faith you can do this ladies and look forward to your sexy Christmas pics. Sorry to hear you've not been well Leah but hope you are on the road to recovery.

well well well, the job interview turned into an 8 hour shift - TOTALLY wasn't expecting that one. MEant i had to shove a tetra and a shake down my neck when i got home, and only managed about 3 litres of H2O (would have liked to have about 4-6litres)

Still, made it thru day 1 (again!) Now, wheres my morning "mocha" made from a tetra?? yummy :)

Thanks for all the support you amazing lot of people you!

WOO MOCHAJ! DAY 1 DOWN,a few more to go ;) xxxx

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