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my 50day 100% challenge

day 1 of my 50 day 100% challenge ill be updating every day to update you all on my progress and ill be doing my weekly weigh ins on saturdays ,
date 17th sep 2011
weight 11stone 5lb 8oz
its 11.45 and just sitting down with my 1st shake im of out for the day so be 100% while im out is normaly easier than sitting in doors bored with the cuboids full of food i will update tomorrow morning with my progress today aim to loss the last 33lb and get into a comfortable size 10 wish me luck xx
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Go for it I am sure you will succeed. Having read your blog I know what you mean about feeling fed up of being overweight.
You will surely get slimmer following this plan. I want to start as soon as my supplies arrive I feel my head is in the right place to do this and after trying all the other weightloss plans like SW, WW this seems to be the best for my personality type.

all the best
hello well i havent been on for a few days was down some friends over the weekend and didnt have any packs so ended up eating **** all weekend but im 100% for today so tis will be day 1 of 50 my weight this morning is 11stone 9lb 4oz i had me shake at 10 and i will be 100% for the next 50 days im going to hit target no excuses will update 2moz morning with my weight will be daily weight in i am doing this for myself no 1 else heres to day 1 , feeling very confident my heads in the right place x
well just sitting here having my last pack on the day hot chocklate my fav i had my bar at 1 so spaced em out realy well i aint even hungry starting to get a headache so plan to go to bed early once the kids are asleep day1 almost complete and feeling very posive will update tomoz morning after my weigh in talk to you soon peeps x
great to have you back hun well thats 1 100% day under my belt weighted in this morning an im now 11stone 6lb 4oz that -3lb down very happy with that it nearly 11am so going to have my 1st shake of the day soon very possitive today defently going to be another 100% day hoping the scales will say 11stone 5lb tomorrow cant wait to be in the 10's
Well done chicka!! I'm aiming for 10 9 tomorrow... Maybe even a 10 8..... Lol good luck we will get there! Xx
yeh we will hun n ur def see the 10.9 i bet u mite even see 10.7 feel it in my bones good luck hun ant wait to see what ur weight will be tomoz x
day1 11stone 9lb 4oz
day2 11stone 6lb 40z -3lb
day3 11stone 5lb 0oz -4lb4oz

well day 2 complete 100% feeling great day 3 will be another 100% day i need to get into the 10's by next sun thats my target i hope to see 11.4 tomorrow just taking it day by day and hour by hour i no i can do this i find i struggle more in the evening so been keeping myself busy and having early nite what ever i have to do to be 100% im not in ketosis yet but weirdly anoth im never hungry every single time ive cheated was the chew n feeling of food cause shakes and bars do get boring but its only 50DAYS and then i cn start introducing crunchy salad just textures will update tomorro morning with progress and weight x feeling great x
well today is a sts im due totm so as expecting a gain over the next few days im going clubbing to night strictly NO DRINKIN but im not a big drinker anyway it the food after the night out im going to sruggle ith but going to have my packs b4 so shouldnt be hungry but will be staying round my mates so wont be back until monday morning with my ypdate hope to be in the 11,3's woop im going to try be 100% cause i no i will have a gain over the next couple on days due to totm but will see you monday people i wish u all good luck on your journeys
well there the weekend over and done with i manage to stay 100% w.s over the weekend but havent managed to ddrink much water and its my tomt so my weight is 11,5,8 but i normaly gain around 5-7lb when i come on so i won't be weighting in till i come of due to my weigh changing threw the wk so will be back in 7-9 days with my weight after totm , hope to be in the 10's fingers crossed going to stay 100% t.s will talk to you soon peep's here's to hitting the 10's :-D

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