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My Extra Easy Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by imallebbot, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Hi all,
    I love reading everyone elses food diaries for inspiration and ideas, but I've now decided its time to do my own as well. I joined SW last Week and lost 4lbs,aiming for my half stone award on Tuesday! I will be doing EE for the time being.


    1X slice wholemeal bread (HEXB) topped with a slice of ham, fried mushrooms and spring onions
    1X poached egg

    Tesco Baked Potato (1 1/2 Syns) topped with cottage cheese with chives, salad and balsamic vinegar

    Lean sirloin steak, boiled new potatoes, fried onions and shwartz mild peppercorn sauce (2 1/2syns)

    hi-fi light bar (3 syns)

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  3. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member


    Slice of wholemeal bread (HEXB) topped with a slice of ham and 2 poached eggs


    birds eye rice fusions mexican style (3 syns...couldnt find this exact flavour but all other types were between 1-2 1/2 so have rounded up!)

    SW beef and mushroom cannelloni...really delicious FREE when using cheese as HEX A


    slimming world crisps
    vodka....(20 syns..woops!)

  4. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member


    Youre just up the road from me :) Im in South Shields.

    Just wanted to subscribe and say hi, Im always about on here if you ever want anything :)

    Your food is looking fab so far, maybe a little light on the superfree side and did you have your hex A yesterday? Don't want to be a nag just want you to get off to the best start possible :D .x.x.
  5. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Your not nagging that's why I decided to do a diary so I can get tips like that :)
    yesterday wasn't a great day to be honest I was rushing around and didnt make my usual huge side salad. My HEXA was the cheese on my cannelloni...going to make sure I get plenty veggies today :) thanks for replying x
  6. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Breakfast today was 2 poached eggs, 2 Linda McCartney Rosemary and red onion sausages, some Heinz 5 beans and a slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB)

    Then for lunch, a McCain jacket potato (1 syn) with leftover bolognese from last nights cannelloni, topped with 30g grated cheddar (HEXA) and a side salad made up of lettuce,cucumber, tomato and onion

    Dinner was chicken thighs coated in Harissa spice (1 syn) with baby potatoes and batchelors chicken rice

    Snacked on chopped melon with natural yoghurt today, and had a few vodkas...again! Well it is Saturday after all! (10 syns)

    TOTAL SYNS: 12
  7. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Good day today!


    slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) topped with a slice of ham, 2 poached eggs and a linda mccartney sausage


    Batchelors chinese rice with loads of chopped veg mixed in


    SW chicken kiev (2 syns when using philidelphia as HEXA)
    baby potatoes and red onion salad with french dressing (1 syn)


    a banana


    2 days till weigh in!!!
  8. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Wow looks like a really good weekend of food :) .x.
  9. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    I have been trying loads SW recipes that ive never had before and have to say I havent been dissapointed! weigh in tomorrow eek! hoping to get my half stone award so i'll be chuffed with 3lb off :) Todays food...


    mushroom and mixed pepper omelette


    'cheats pizza' silce of toasted wholemeal bread (HEXB) topped with chopped tomatoes, ham, mixed herbs and mozzarella (HEXA)


    'Big Mac in a bowl' shredded lettuce topped with mince and onion, light cheese slices (6 syns) and light thousand island sauce (1 syn)



  10. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    I LOVE the big mac in a bowl!

    Good luck for weigh in! :) .x.x.
  11. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    It was lush it'll defo be making an appearance most weeks, thank you :) x
  12. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    well I lost 2.5 this week, so close to the 3 I wanted but nevermind!

    Todays food....


    Slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) topped with heinz five beans snap pot


    Double onion and thyme frittata (using cheese as HEXA)


    Thai green chicken curry with boiled rice and SW chips (6 syns)



  13. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Thats a brilliant loss well done :)

    Youre food is fab for the day too, ive gotten into a nasty habit of having a 'treat' after WI, going to have to cut it out as one week in spiralled from friday lunch right through until sunday! .x.x.
  14. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    My 'treat' is a few drinks on a weekend so trying to save my syns for that! I haven't really missed chocolate or crisps as much as I thought I would, and I've just stopped buying them so I'm not tempted! Luckily my OH is trying to lose weight too so that makes it a bit easier!
  15. BugFace

    BugFace Full Member

    Wow, that's a great first couple of weeks and some lovely food in there! I'm always a bit put off with the Big Mac in a bowl thing. Just looks weird, a pile of beef and lettuce. I do adore a Big Mac though :)

    Have a fabulous week
  16. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    It does look really odd but it tastes amazing, just like a Big Mac!

    Today I had:

    Slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) topped with 2 poached eggs and a Linda McCartney Rosemary and onion sausage

    Wasn't really that hungry for lunch so I just nibbled on some pickled onions and ham!

    Dinner was mushy pea curry with some chicken in and batchelors rice

    Only syns I had today were a hi-fi light bar (3 syns)

  17. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Thursdays menu:

    For breakfast I had two poached eggs (again, I love them!) slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB) with two Linda McCartney sausages

    Lunch was a McCain jacket potato (1 syn) topped with cottage cheese and a salad with French dressing (1 syn)

    For dinner I had Cajun chicken rice (4 syns)

    Today I snacked on home made syn free hummus with carrot sticks

  18. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Another good day today!

    Open omelette topped with peppers mushrooms spring onions and mozzarella (HEXA) for brekkie with a slice of wholemeal toast (HEXB)

    Lunch was ham salad with 2 tbsp of kraft light thousand island dressing (2 syns)

    Chicken stir fry for dinner with plenty superfree veg 2.5 syns for the black bean sauce I mixed

    No snacks as of yet! Trying to save my syns for tomorrow as I have a friend comin round for drinks :)

    TOTAL SYNS: 4.5
  19. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Foods looking lovely how are you enjoying s/w ? x
  20. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Hello, you've got off to a brilliant start!
    I would love to hear your hummus recipe please. I have never yet found a recipe that tastes good.
  21. imallebbot

    imallebbot Full Member

    Thanks I am absolutely loving it! I've never ate so well in Ages, And I haven't had a bad meal yet :)

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