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My last vlcd!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by nyssa88, 26 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've had a few diaries on here but never really stuck at the vlcd.

    I did great at the beginning of last year and stuck to s&s 100% for 11 weeks and had great losses, I took a break and never got back on track.

    I've been faffing about with slim and save for the last 3 weeks now I managed a few days then ate then went back on the packs then ate etc, it hasn't all been bad as I have managed to lose 2 lbs a week in those 3 weeks making almost half a stone but I have to be 100% and get the weight down a bit quicker.

    I am going abroad to the Middle East either at the end of feb or beginning of march so I need to get at least a stone off by then as don't want to be all fat and frumpy and finding that no clothes fit me like before!

    I've been on plan today and I am normally fine until I get to day 3-4 but I will get through the barrier.

    Although I have been on s&s for the past 3 weeks as I haven't been 100% I'm taking today as day 1 with a starting weight of 12stone 8.4lbs.

    I am going to take starting weight pictures tomorrow so I can compare at the end as I never did that before.
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  3. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Here to follow xxx
  4. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Day 2, I got through day 1 yesterday no problem, have had a boiled egg and a coffee so far, I know I will get through today with no problem.

    I may not be going away next month now but am not bothered by it as it gives me more time to get this weight off and know by being away for a month I would gain Lot of the weight.

    I made myself a big jar of pickled eggs the other day I love them! :)
  5. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Well done on yesterday and woohoo to today!!
    Awwww well never mind like u say more time to lose weight :)


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  6. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Exactly but the main reason is being over there without my oh will be very hard and having Lara with me and not seeing her daddy for a month wouldn't be nice for her or her dad, am just hoping my oh can sort his problems out soon so we can go there for a family holiday.

    I bought some bean sprouts the other day that I forgot about so going to use them with a curry pack, Im really not keen in the curry but need to use them up I have 15 of them!

    I hopped on the scales this morning when I know I shouldn't of but 3lbs down so really hoping I see the 11's by Saturday :)
  7. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Aww yeah would be very hard hun!!

    Ohhh im jelous !! Wish I was seing the scales go down, i miss s&s haha might have a run of it before the wedding if I need too!!
    I never got to try the curry pack, is it spicy?

    Any plans today hun? Xxx

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  8. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Its great as I know the 6lbs I lost before wasn't water weight.

    The curry pack isn't spicy atall is say its quite bland, if you ever want to try it I'm more than happy to send you some :)
    If you
  9. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    My phone on this site is annoying, won't let me type past the space on the screen!

    If you struggle if you do it again just do the packs for a few days eat normal then packs for a few days again, that's how I lost the 6lbs.

    No plans for today yet apart from Sainsburys to get some sugar lol

    It's lovely here today but we had to stay in unti footballs finished and he's not even watching it!

    Lara's in bed anyway so may just go for a walk once she's up, you up to anything today?
  10. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yeah that makes sence!
    Ohhhh men so annoying!!!

    Walk sounds lovely :)
    Just popping to the shops for bread and milk and then off to my mums for tea!

    I am so 100% back on track pointing tomorrow!! Xxx

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  11. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    I'm going to be seeing all the yummy good you will be eating!

    Well day 3 for me today of being 100% which is where my struggles begin, if I have to have extra protein to get me through the day then I will have that as I'm determined to do atleast a week. I take my little girl to a au group from 11.30-1 so I won't have my first pack untill I get home after then plus my oh is away tonight and back tomorrow which will keep me away from distraction.

    I put on a pair of jeans yesterday that I couldn't wear as it gave me a huge muffin top but they fit me great now so the 6lb I lost previously has really made a difference :)
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yay well done on the jeans!! Just shows the difference the lbs make!!

    Hope u both have a lovely time at the group :) xxx

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  13. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    The group was really quiet today but was good for Lara to get out for a bit.

    Came home have had my boiled eggs and am starving I could empty the cupboards! X
  14. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Awwww no drink drink drink :)

    Like u said earlier though great idea have abit of extra protien whn struggling, beats choc or crisp right!!! Xxx

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  15. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Just been reading your blog. I hope u manage to stick to it as I am on ll and when I started to get on and stuffed up on day 3 or 4 I regretted it a few days later because it would mean that it would take that bit longer to lose the weight. Good luck
  16. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Ive still got my 3 packs left for today, Im having a coffee at the moment, I am hungry but I am going to get through at least a week, I want to get comfortably in the 11 stone bracket and for my clothes to fit me before I stop or switch back to alternate eating days.

    Just going to have to keep myself busy tonight I also have about 6 2litre bottles of dr pepper zero so il start in that! :)
  17. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    I also went Sainsburys before coming home and bought all the Indian stuff they had on offer like the chutney, poppadoms, sauce, naan bread etc to make for tea one night, why when am on a diet lol
  18. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Oh and also a pack of extra caramel snickers!
  19. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Thank you and I'm determined to get through it, I know these first few days are the hardest, I have stuck to this before for 11 weeks so I know it can be done
  20. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Lovely to see you back! Hope you and hubs and L are ok!

    Check out the beck diet soultion blog should help you understand about cravings and things. Its super interesting xxxxxx
  21. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Ahhhh what you like!! It's just habit I suppose isn't it! Well never mind they'll be there when ur ready :) xxx

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