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  1. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Start Weight 16 stone 3 lbs (227 lbs)
    Start Date 22/01/2013
    Week 1 - 5lbs (15.12)
    Shocked but Im so delighted :)
    Week 2 Stayed the same (15.12) Disappointed but was extra munchie cause TOTM so it's my own fault
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  3. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Re: My weekly progress - Crispy

    Week 3 -1 lb 221lbs (15.11) Had a really good week with diet and exercise so I thought I'd be down more but at least the scales is going in the right direction I suppose!
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  4. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

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    Slimmers World
    Keep it going Crispy your doing really well, what plan are you doing mate?
  5. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Thanks :) Im combining slim fast with calorie counting I dont go over 1250 cals and for exercise im doing the couch25k How are you getting on?
  6. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Seriously went off track the last few WEEKS:( :mad: so I've been afraid to weigh myself!! I'm back on track tomorrow and will weigh myself Saturday 30th. Fingers crossed I'll have a good week.
  7. Flubber

    Flubber Member

    Best of luck. There's always the next week if u have a bad week.
  8. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Thanks Flubber :)
  9. Purple*Tortoise

    Purple*Tortoise Gold Member

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    Hi crispy

    popping into have a nosey after seeing you on my diary
    You don't seem to have a diary (unless I have missed it) is it worth trying? A lot of people seem to have more success when they try it
  10. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Know what you mean about having a diary It normally keeps me on track I write everything down in a notebook at home cause Im not on mm everyday I started off calorie counting then my friend told me about SW so I said Id try it myself at home. I was afraid to weigh myself after going off the rails but I checked the scales and was up 3lbs but Im down 2 of those now and my proper weigh in is saturday so Id love to lose 2 more and I'll be happy then :) Some people are a bit too strict when dieting and they let it take over their life too much but I see you still go out and have a good time and youre still losing weight so thats what I liked about your diary cause thats the kind of person I am :)
  11. ninjahippo

    ninjahippo Member

    Keep it up! If you want a weight loss buddy dont be afraid to ask
    I'm on my 3rd week now
  12. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Thanks Ninjahippo :) I'm just down a pound this week so that's half a stone altogether so far How are you getting on?
  13. micropiggy

    micropiggy Member

    OMG fantastic
  14. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Thanks micropiggy but unfortunately after a hen night and 2 bad days I've just stayed the same this week :-(
  15. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Time to up my exercise to shift this weight! Just back from a 5 mile walk :) I'm determined to be down 2 lbs by next Saturday Can't afford to be messing around as I'm a bridesmaid in a few weeks so I'm running out of time to get the pounds off so fingers crossed I'll have a good week!
  16. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Absolutely gutted :-( I had a target of 2 lbs loss this week and I'm up 1 lb Had such a good week with my diet Cut out all the junk and never went over my calories once and exercised 5 days in the week I couldn't have tried any harder than I did this week and I'm so disheartened now :-( I'll set my target for a 2 lb loss by next Saturday and if I don't reach it my scales is going out the window lol!
  17. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Normal weigh day is Saturday but I wont be home tomorrow so I had to weigh a day earlier and I'm down 3 lbs since lastweek :) That's 9 lbs in total It's taking it's time to come off but I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere I'm delighted :)
  18. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    I'm having a few drinks with my friend tonight so I'm just setting a target of 1 lb loss for next Saturday
  19. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Down a pound this week so that's 10 lbs so far :) :) Just looking for 1 lb loss a week so hopefully I can do that!
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  20. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Well done:happy096:
  21. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Aw thanks Mini :)

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